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Trinity RPG - New Char sheets


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Well, from my brief period of absence, I am back...

I have been busy thought, and I have made some printer friendly character sheets, if you wannt them you can email me at madcat82@sverige.nu

I sent a copy over to chill so hopefully he will put them up soon. I have also made a new martial art for trinity (using the rules for creating a new kung fu style as discribed in players guide) and a new weapon, as stated below.

Zero-g Streetfighting

Zero-g Streetfighting, or Zero as it is more commonly called, turns a human in zero-g or vacuum into a living weapon, even when encumbered with a vacc-suit. This style was developed on Karroo mining station when the upeo was still up and about as humans and chromatics clashed together, often out on asteroids and on the station and its outposts itself. While it was moderatly effectiv against opponents who could shot laserbeams from there eyes, the ide got a grip and spreed from Karroo to the rest of the human colonys, almost allways to the criminal areas such as the pit. Zeros technices consists mostly of dirty tricks and cheating, with an emphasize on puting enemys in helpless situations. A trained Zero fighter can throw an opponent in zero-g in such a way that he will follow a vector (such as a corridor) or leave him hanging helplessly in mid-air. On the surface of a ship or station such a throw can send a foe without thrusters on a one-way tour of the galaxy. Clinches and grapples are also an important part of zero, as it is often used to gain enough momentum to break bones. All in all, it should be noted that there is no style nor any masters that you can go to to learn Zero, as it is more streetfighting than anything else. A person wishing to learn this had better try to learn it on his own.


Zero is a brawl technique. A Zero practitioner gains two dice to accuracy on throws, one on clinches and holds and two dices to resist clinches and holds. It should be noted that when using Zero a street fighter is not subject to the penalties that follows when you fight in zero-g. On the other hand he or she suffers a +1 penalty when fighting in a gravity enviorment that is 1 g (normal earth gravity) or above.

Ultech TW08 Sonic Shuriken

Designed by Ull-tech, Sonic Shurikens appears to be small plastic disks, but when they are activated and thrown they "sprout" blades of sound, similar to the blades of sonic knifes. Due to its small power source, the sonic blades only lasts for a few seconds, but this is usualy enough time to hit the intended target. The disk in it self is very easy to conceal, which surprisingly have made it a favorable weapon among the Norqa.

Tech: Hard

Accuracy: 0

Damage: 4 B or L *

Concealability: P

Mass: 0.2

Cost: *

*: Ignores armor not designed to soak sound

Well, I hope that you like this, and feedback is allways appreciated.

See ya all.

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