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Trinity RPG - What ever happened....

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So what happened to this book that was never published, is it in the same boat as Asia ascendant in being made just not published(except online, of course). or was it decided to be a bad idea?

I mean, with the importance of Africa in Aberrant, I was hoping to get a source book on them fo Trinity, and I'm alo incredibly curious about the new Psion group it was supposed to introduce, were they a resurgance of the Chibs, an amalgam of Psions from other orders(Perhaps Aeon Backed).... Or did they have a whole new psionic aptitude.

darn it, this is really starting to bother me, and it is also making me want India underground more....


-The Unstablist

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bright continent was never produced in any from sadly. in fact i doubt much pre production had even been done before the line got canned. the organization it was supposed to introduce was said to be something of an amalgamation of disenchanted psions from other orders forming their own group and not an order proper. if you have most of the other trinity books (at the very least the corebook) you can cobble together basic info about africa proper. unified governmental system with tribal councils implimented at various levels and that sort of thing, as well as being a new hub for all kinds of industry and buisiness.

as for india, the final edits process is underway, and i've asked joe to send me the latest text edit for some grammar and written tweaking. my fingers are crossed that we will have it to you soon. the art is finished (as of about a month and a half ago, kudos to harle and natwick for all their hard work) so all that's left as i recall is text and layout. anyways enough yammering about that, suffice to say you won't miss it when it goes up.


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