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Aberrant RPG - New power set

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I was watching X-men evilution (sic) last night and rogue had an interesting thing happen o her powers. As im sure most of you know...she absorbs a bit of the personalities of each person she sucks powers/energy from. On the show they all were vieing control of her body. The real interesting part of this was that she absorb Mystiques powers(!). She was actually shapeshifting into people as their powers started to manafest in her. Eventually it got to the point where she could control it enough to not have to shape shift...but she was combining powers like you wouldent believe. Weather control with optical blasts...then Multi-forms with telekenetic, optical blast and weather control...from all of the forms!

My question is this...does any one think it would be possible to make this kind of power (or have dots in many places linked together). I think that it may not be possible as even the power sucking power (Leech I think) stops working after a while. Do you think if you took perminant power it might do that?

I havent sat down to create this (yet) but I dont know if it would be possible or even worth the time to make. Something like that would suck a tremendous amount of q points up.

What does everyone else think of this?

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Me being me...

I'd actually write it up as a High-Powered aberration (what happened to Rogue) :

Quantum Imprint, always on:

1) WP roll, with +1 diff per 10 Quantum Imprints (resets when activated);

2) Any power used since last activation is fair game; and

3) See Eclipsidol for problems.

Sorry, I fail to see the advantatge in all your powers going off at once...

The Memories: Telepathy, Always on, No Conscious Control


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Its not really an advantage as much as just a good RP opportunity. And a fun ability...as for the advantage? The ability to make many clones of yourself (per a master clone person) and have them all smack someone around with someone who pumped their Mstr or Q-bolt with all the clones. Very useful if you dont consider the consiquence of not being able to touch someone.

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