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Aberrant RPG - Density Control, Growth and Weight


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Okay...I'm really hoping I'm reading this wrong, but according to the main Aberrant book and the APG, characters with Sizemorph: Growth and the fixed-rate version of Density Control: Increase get really freaking heavy!!!

Say my character weighs 180 lbs normally.

Then he uses 1 dot of SM:Growth. Now he weighs 1440 lbs.

Then he kicks in 2 dots of DI. If using the fixed version of the power, he now doubles his weight three times. So, 1440x2=2880, 2880x2=5760, 5760x2=11520.

So now, this is a guy that is normally stands about 6 feet tall, 180 lbs; now he's approximately 12 feet tall and weighs 11,520 lbs!!! Gawdamighty! Is this right?!

If so, when this character transforms, there are very few structures, including the earth itself that can support his weight! He'll sink into the ground, won't he?

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