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Trinity RPG - What are all the books?


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I got into Trinity when it was still called Aeon and bought a few books after that, The Legions, and Isra source books and the technology handbook. What are the other books and is it true that Trinity is no longer being published?

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Yes. Trinity isn't being published anymore... but it's not dead ::tongue

The books are: (off the top of my head)

Trinity Core

Trinity Players Guide

-Order/Location Books

Luna Rising

America Offline

Shattered Europe

Stellar Frontiers

Aurora Australis

Terre Verde - Ebook

Asia Ascendant - Ebook


Darkness Revealed 1: Descent Into Darkness

Darkness Revealed 2: Passage through Shadow

Darkness Revealed 3: Ascent into Light

Alien Encounter 1

Alien Encounter 2

Trinity Field Reports:


Extrasolar Colonies

Psi Laws

Oceania (Ebook)

Noetic Science (Ebook - available here (plug plug))


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Lets make this interesting and post in order of importance

1- Core book (obviously)

2- Player's Guide ( a must have, one of the best RPG books out there)

3- Luna Rising (since the moon is the commercial and diplomatic hub of the world)

4- Psi Laws (a great little book, this made me want Asia Ascendant more than anything)

5- The adventure series (give loads of world info as well as a very well made campaign..I usually hate pre-made adventures but this one's great.)

6- Terra Verde (has loads of info on the meta-plot and sud-america)

7- Asia Ascendant (for info on Asia, from the cryptic Nippon to the current superpower, the chinese government. Available for download on Bruce Baugh's website)

8+ I haven't read Aurora Australis but the rest of the order books aren't that great (they're good, just unremarkable). The technology manual isn't a must have either. Alien field report said too little, Media field report is too silly, corporate field report is ok and Oceania is too short.

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I disagree re: Stellar Frontiers...It's just above Psi-Laws...Basically, besides the teleporters, it also drops a good-sized bombshell re: novas. Also, there's a lot of good stuff in there.

Also, although I agree re: the import of the field reports, I don't think they're necessarily silly. All they were intended to be was background info, not deadly serious stuff, and I think they do rather well.


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I actually thought the adventures - darkenss trilogy - were appaling. Nice info, but you could have boiled it into one sourcebook. It's at the bottom of my list.

Have not seen the 2 alien ones though, and the sourcebooks (all of the big ones, not the field guides) were really good - especially the players guide.


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I thought the media manual was awsome, I though it painted a great picture of the world through the eyes of the general public. I have always thought that Trinity is a game about a world with an info overload, and while I have yet to really work that in any of my games I didn't the the media manual was silly.


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