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Aberrant RPG - Why I Love My Players


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I can't help it, I got to brag a little on my new Abie group. They RAWK! Each of them came up with great characters & playing them very well. So let's do our roll call.

Jamieson Smiley: This nova is a protege of Buendia & is quite adept with Eufiber. He is a supermodel. He was a rich drug addict before his eruption & is always trying to show his worth as a nova now. He avoids conflict now for moral reasons now, because he was very violent as an addict. His eruption granted him some minor psychic abilities & enhanced his human attributes. Basically the character has 1 dot in all Mental & Social Mega-Attributes, 1 dot in Hypnosis & Psychic Shield, as well as, Eufiber 5, the Eufiber Attunement merit, Weave, & Buendia as a mentor.

The Tin Man: This nova was a quantum physicist who erupted during an experiment design to prove the existence of ElectroMagentic particles. He gained a significant control over Magnetic forces; however he found all his hair falling out & his skin becoming the color of iron. Hence the nick name. BHasically the character min/max a bit by buying most of his quantum with freebie points & flaws ( he took a Dependent, his young daughter, which I dig). He has Mega-Intelligence 1, Magnetic Mastery 5, & a Taint of 5 ( he has the Hairless & Colored Skin Aberrations)

Static: This nova was a work for the local power company who erupted due to being zapped by a power line. The experience left him a paraplegic; however he may flood himself with quantum energy & tranform into his nova form which has massive power over electricity. He has Element Control: Electricity 3, Transmit: Electricity, Dormancy 4, & 3 Taint. He also has a dependent, his drug addict wife.

Canada Bob Smith: A professional Vegas gambler, Bob suddenly realised that everything was in the numbers & he could play with them. He has Entropy Control, Luck, & a little Mega-Manipulation.

Raze: This was the character I was the most worried about, but that turned out great. Raze was special forces for the Us military & was involved in lots of dirty actions. He erupted while being tortured. He gained a bio-energy force field that protects him very well & allows him to hit really hard. He has Armor 4, Mega-Stamina 3, & Claws 1. I was wondered the character was just going to be a combat monster, but the player took flashbacks & mute( due to the torture). He is very loathe to use physical viloence & is very repentant.

::rolleyes I hope I didn't people of too much by bragging on my players. Let me know if people want to know anything about the campaign I am running. I am just so pleased with how it is working out.

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not at all, it's always cool to see what other people are doing with their stories. and it kicks ass that your players all made such awesome characters. my group is currently running an aberrant game but set in an X-men like universe. no node, mutants are feared nearly universally, etc. the character break down is as follows.

phoenix a head strong young telepath with (so i like phoenix ::tongue ) a _very_ young phoenix entity in possession of her. she's truly compassionate and desperate to be the hero, but she badly overconfident and lands herself in more trouble than she can deal with. she also has some flight and pyschic shield.

Vincenzo a former history buff with matter creation, but with the limit that he can only "create" things from the 1930's. and he doesn't actually create them, he pulls them across time. most forsenic experts are baffled by bullets that match one of al capone's tommy's while other bullets match other guns that are safely in museums and literally have not been fired in over 60 years. otherwise he has no powers to speak of. on the run from the real mob, he cares only about his survival.

the purple guy blanked on the name. but the only obvious mutant of the group. he's a mega dex martial arts master, but with a respect for life that will not allow him to kill unnessecarily. he's shrouded in mystery and the "quiet one"

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I'm not the GM, but we have some nice characters in our group. It's a revolving cast, with 4-5 people involved per session.


A nova with powers of light whose wings complete the illusion of being an angel. However, her charitable works are never done without an OpNet crew to see them and she has an agent and a wide range of Serenity trademarked merchandise.

Chesney Hawkes

In the 1990s, Chesney Hawkes had a hit record with “The One and Only”. A lacklustre music career and a failed marriage later, Hawkes has erupted and uses his weather powers in a bid to further the ideals of Project Utopia.


A postman who went “postal” when he developed entropic powers. Process has subsequently devoted himself Punisher-like to getting rid of dangerous and unsavoury types. By his own reckoning, he’s a good guy – but not a nice guy.


A rebellious anti-system hacker, “Zenith” is not a nova name so much as an OpNet ID but the distinction matters more to her than anyone else. Her powers lend themselves to the control of machinery but she can also layer circuitry over herself as a defence.

The Amazing Alexis (adventure! character)

A top-hat-and-tails stage magician from Latvia, the Amazing Alexis delights in exposing frauds and charlatans in the search for “real magic”. Alexis’ abilities lend themselves to moving unnoticed and influencing the minds of the weak-willed.

The Member

An adult entertainment star whose powers developed while he was “on”. The Member has developed the ability to grow larger and also to telepathically sense the thoughts and feelings of those near him. The Member is also a DeVries social elite.


Arthur Jefferson was a BBC news correspondent who erupted during coverage of a battle. Whilst his nigh-invulnerability made him able to continue the report, the fact that he shows every wound he takes made it stomach-churning to watch.


Revelation is an Aberrant with views so extreme that even the other Aberrants look at her strangely. She believes that eruptions are caused by persons unknown with sinister intent and that these persons run Utopia. Using her magnetic powers, she will one day expose the truth.

The Volcano

A Hawaiian Baptist, the chap who would become the Volcano was kidnapped by a small cult and thrown into the volcano as a sacrifice. This caused him to erupt with volcanic powers and has since been viewed as the god of the Volcano, Kauna Loa.

Agent Black

Agent Black works for the Directive. All other information is classified at this time. We know where you live and we are watching.

Detective Grey

Detective Grey is a specialist in nova crimes and as such was asked to be part of Liberty City’s Nova Threat Response Team. What is not generally known is that Grey also possesses temporal powers and the power to see the past and future.


Chance owns the casino in Liberty City. Actually, she owns lots of casinos and lots of people owe her – financially or otherwise. Of course, with her empathic and telepathic powers, she really leaves very little to her namesake.

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