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Aberrant RPG - Build the Colony


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Heh... bet you guys can't build my version of the Colony.

It goes something like this.

The Colony is in fact a Virus from the Warp dimension which infected a few aberrants during the exodus. The virus terraformed these infected aberrants to pass itself on through their DNA.

The virus is not sentient per se, but because it exists in Warp Space it connects each infected host and out of the subconscious of these first infected abberrants a hive mind was born... a hive mind infected with a vast amount of taint making it highly unstable. The only static thing about it is the virus's imperative to spread - this has led to the Colony's desire to conquer and infect.

Thankfully the Colony virus is not entirely suited to our dimension. Free Psi levels are too high in many places here and so it cannot pass itself on as easily as it might like. Even most of the first aberrants that passed through the warps during the exodus were resistant to it.

However it has progressed. Any of the Colony's aberrant hosts can attempt to infect a baseline with the virus and that baseline has a 25-30% chance of becoming fully infected over the course of one week. During this time the victim will likely run a fever as his/her immune system tries to shrug off the infection. If infection is successful the fever breaks towards the end of the week and the baseline becomes a sub-aberrant mutant and its dna is slowly rewritten by a proteus virus designed by and carried within the Colony virus. The course of this rewrite can be quite well controlled possibly just opening the baseline's mind to the hive (for intelligence work) or restructuring it bodily as well. This process can take weeks to months, but the baseline will be one with the colony during this process. A Subaberrant mutant's lifespan is dependant on how modified it has become. Strangely enough the genetic rewrite causes the body to resist the taint on it more and survive longer. Unchanged hosts tend to die within a few years of infection.

Should the baseline manage to reject the Colony virus he/she will possibly (60-80% chance) still suffer the effects of the carried retro-virus and trace taint... quite possibly driving him/her mad.

Psions infected with the Colony virus tend to either shrug off the disease if their is minimal exposure or else suffer a long and painful death.

Aberrants become infected only 1% of the time and most of them shrug off the retro-virus without too much trouble. All those infected however gain the ability to pass on their DNA - generally through a new aberration but sometimes by such methods as asexual reproduction.

Infected vessels are not entirely minions of the hive mind - rather their strings are pulled by it making each vessel a 'Child of the Colony' as well as being part of it.

The more vessels the colony infects the more intelligent it becomes with each infected aberrant contributing one tenth of his/her intelligence to the hive mind and each infected sub-aberrant contributing one hundredth its intelligence.

The Colony cannot be harmed per se - it must be exterminated like a disease.


There... build that ; )


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It's just a bug ::sneaky2 ...


Has Dominate (10 dice)

Subtract Target's Psi or Quantum

If target non-psi successfuly Dominated, then target gains 10 NP (Physical Powers and

mega-atts only) and Domination is permanent

If a psi is Dominated, then takes 1d10 L Aggravated each day; requires Algesis 3 (Shield) to be applied before any healing can take place

Sound good?


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Looks pretty weird to me. Personally I wouldn´t be found GMíng with a Colony like that. I´d take some Nova and give him double or triple Mastery Clone, and an almost infinit amount of Q-pool. Same Effect basically( you can´t beat him by simply stomping everything that looks like even a remote part, because there is always a clone on another planet lightyears away), but it leaves a bit more leeway for the PC´s.

`Cause they can feel like heroes beating the colony, and not for beating up some poor sucker who simply got some desease. only IMO. I`m talking about the APG Clone Power.

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