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Hey everybody!

If you have a character with a cool backstory post it here!

Wazai Kayasha was a Japanese-American male who grew up in Georgia and joined up with the FBI at 19, and took extensive combat training in 1997. Soon after the Galatea explosion and the eruption of the Fireman, riot was ripe in NYC. The FBI recived a tip that international terrorist Johan Brichen was trying to escape NYPD detectives in the confusion of the riot. Wazai and his group of NYPD, CIA, and NSA agents cornered Johan in Times Square. The ensuing firefight covered up Johan's eruption. Suddenly bursts of hard radiation were emanating across the Square. Wazai erupted in response to the bombardment. He was able to suppress the radiation with his own bioenergy and escape. Sensing that his intelligence was skyrocketing, and that novas were not recieving a warm welcome, he escaped to his homeland of Japan.

Once there, he took the identity of Kazun Friexen, an up and coming scientist with brilliant ideas. Unfourtunately, he had no money for materials or research. So, he turned to crime. He took the guise of Vulcan and hired underlings to raid labs for the materials he needed. He also used his cyberkinetic powers to raid international bank accounts for billions in cash and left the blame on certain Utopia employees.

Finally, he fashioned the QEDs and made billions more selling them to world governments.

When he got wind of nova sterility he had himself tested and found that he was above normal. Upon checking, he found that all sterile novas belong to or have had contact with Utopia. He then obtained an illegal sample of adrenocilin from drug kingpins in Argentina and tested it. He then found that it was laced with contraceptives. He then cyberkinetically hacked into Utopia's security net and discovered everything about Project Proteus.

He then began developing bioweapons and AI to assist him in his quest to bring down Utopia. As Vulcan he has become an influential member of the Teragen and created a rigid Teragen gang in Japan. He secured a seat on the Japanese Directive reps.

He is also the only known person who speaks in public support for the Aberrants and has organized an Aberrant army using bioweapons and unknowing gangs and Teragen members.

He now awaits the time when he can expose Proteus to the world.

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My fav Spacial manipulator....

I cant write very well so I will give you a rundown;

He was 14 when he moved to Alabama...father decided he was a michalite and they had a large congregation there.

he was thought to be gay becasue he was quiet and a bit effeminate

Town ruffians decided to skip church to drink one night...and saw Andy (thats his name) walking home from shool where he was doing a project. they decided to have some fun with the gay guy...

They tried to run him down with their truck once, before stopping and chasing on foot.

the chase ended up next to the churh where Andy was hoping for help from the ruffians...when a large tanker truck carrying some chamical nearly hit Andy. the only thing t hat saved him is when a large warp open up and swollowed the truck...

Unfortunatly the other side of that warp opened up right in front of the churches door. You can imagine the screams of pain as the church and everyone inside was destroyed.

he joined utopia for a bit after that...(i never got to use him so he dosent have an official offilation...if pressed i would make him a teregen, leaving utopia soon after entering it for his own reasons...)

the ruffuans did see that and now seek to hunt him down.

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First part sounds a bit like Andy "Ironskin" Vance, but then it turns in a realy NICE story. ::biggrin

Here`s mine now.( I´m telling in character)

I´ve been born in Germany. East Germany for that matter.

My name is/has been Friedrich, Prinz von Magdeburg. My family is old German royalty but as I said I´ve been born in a land ruled by the Communist Labor Party called SED.

As a member of an imperialistic family, Ive been sent to Russia for Re-educationing.

There I studied Sciences Chemistry and the likes, and of course military procedure.

Graduating Magna cum laude, I found myself in the hands, and firm hands that were, of the Russian Secret Police.

After seving for a while, I managed to slip away from the troupe and returned to my, now free, home in Germany. After This I´ve been out for some time travelling the world meeting the rich and the beautiful, as I´m member of this group.(being rich AND beautiful.) During one of my travels something went awfully wrong. My companions and I were kidnapped by some Kali-cultists in India. We were held as slaves by some nova named Kali and we were forced to mine for copper. After a time I fell in love with another slave imprisoned in the slave camp.

I became the nova I am, after those bastards raped her.

Vengeance bloody vengeance.

Now I joined the Teragen to show them that being a nova still means being responsible.

This is the background story of my currently played Character.

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My name is Psychon. I was born in Australia, in 1983, to two loving parents, as Issac James Felaro. My the only other member of our family was my younger sister, Erin. I lived with my parents till I was eighteen. However, they were killed in a car crash. I took up a job as a counsellor, to help pay for a small apartment me and my sister could live in. Two years later, I came home one day, to find the apartment wrecked, and my sister gone. I heard screams from out on the street. I looked out the window, to see a THING, a giant, muscled mass of flesh, carrying my sister like a rag doll. I couldn't think. I just shouted "STOP!" My forehead burned, and the thing... stopped. It froze in place. My migraine escalating, wondering what had happened... then I saw a blue aura surrounding my body, and the thing. I climbed onto the windowsill, feeling my mind holding the thing in place. I concentrated, and let the aura pick me up, and fly me to the ground. Once down, I surrounded my sister with the aura, and pulled her out of the inert giant's grip. She was out cold, or just unconscious with shock. I turned to the giant, who started to move again. I concentrated, and picked the thing up with my mind. Panting, my head burning from the effort, I attempted to focus the aura into my hand. It started to collect, and hum and glow. I looked at the thing, what little expression on its face showing shock. I forced the energy out of my hand, blasting the thug into nothingness.

I've devoted my life to saving baselines from the threat of novas like these. I can't stand Team 2Morrow, and their high-and-mighty attitude with their giant salaries and licencing deals. I save for the sake of saving. While to the world I am Isaac Felaro, counselling novelist and empathetic master, to the baselines being attacked by rogue Novas.. I am Psychon.

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