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Trinity RPG - Personal Sig Characters


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Most of us here have played in multiple Trinity games and played more than one character during our tenure as Trinity fans. But, which one was you signature character? Which character would you consider you favorite, the character you would return to at a moments notice. You know what I'm talking about, when you think, "My Trinity character" which one do you think of.

I myself am torn between two characters (odd from the same game) which seem to represent the extremes of my own personality...please don't read into this too much.

The first is UN investigator Xavier Sloane. He represents everything that is good and just about me (and oddly he's British...please don't read into that at all). He is your basic white knight character, driven to do what ever it takes to see that justice is done. While he demands justice he is no vigilante, in fact he always plays it by the book (I chafe under this at times).

Bitter sweetly the last game I played Xavier in will probably be his last. After being apperantly mortally wounded by a Quantakinetic in teh Australian out back (read blown in half), only to miraculosly survive and get tied to a desk for a year. He then under took one final globe hopping murder investigation before hanging up his gun and taking a teaching position at Oxford.

The second (actually he was my first charcter), is a much darker vision. Little more than a professional killer with a twisted sense of morality (it's done, but it's also fun). His dark spiral was only aggrevated by the psychological damage done to him by the Legion's prometheus chamber (wow, it sounds a whole lot darker when I say it like that). He made a great killer because he never really had a given name, having grown up bounceing from the streets to this FSA orphanage or that he at the same time had no name and dozens.

This lack of a solid self image was a professional asset and the source of his ultimate down fall. After being puppeted by this force and that, and amassing a multinational corporation under him, the man or group came to know as Daniel will die. This saddens me because I've always wanted another chance to actually play this character, and if I get my way I just my have a solution that can cover all the bases....I love Sci-fi.

So, after all that rambling tell me your stories. Some days I think I like the character more than the actual games, tell about yours.


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I only play Trinity as a keeper, but I do have Keeper's Sig Characters--people that will show up, one way or another, in all of my games.

The most popular (well, maybe that's a big word) are...

Jacques LaFleur --daredevil bush pilot and alcoholic, has been with us ever since we chanced upon him in a game of TORG in '93.

Basically designed to be a nuisance for the team but also the fastsest means for them to get from A to B, Jacques' finest hour came with Call of Cthulhu and Adventure!, but the reopening of some colonial activity in our Trinity games gave him the opportunity for some hard partying in way foreign parts.

In Adventure! he had some sort of Imbibing Heroic Knack, but that was never finalized.

In Trinity he's a blank. ::dontgetit

Keith Richards of Rolling Stones--when you need a rich patron or foil, look no further. Richards has been a financer and supporter of Aeon since the early '80s and is still alive and well (sort of) in 2122. He's living on Luna, growing... well, fat's not the word, anyway, making lotsa money off his royalties and living the life of the rich rock star (which sort of figures); the team once stole his private spaceship (but it's more complicated than that).

He's not scared of Divis Mal.::smokin

Antonio, Carlos and Jobim --began their carreer as signature characters in Trinity and later made cameo appearances in Star Wars, Cthulhu, Feng Shui, Exalted and Shadowrun. They are three cantankerous old men (stolen from Cowboy Bebop) sitting at a table in the local watering place and playing cards, complaining endlessly in the meantime about just anything. They are essentially useless, and a waste of time at best, but give the players a warm sense of familiarity. ::crazy

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I tend to use different geeks as trademark characters. For my Trinity campaign, I'm using Lt. Finbar Reilly , an Upeo teleporter/mechanic with a serious neo-caffeine addiction, or (officially) 7th Legion Adjunct on Detached Service to the Ngunzo (UWM).

He is basically a DDSR citizen who went to school in the PPK, then the LIT when he graduated from secondary school. At LIT, he majored in Biotech, with a minor in Noetics. While there, he made friends (and still corresponds with) Llau!!jhe Frau, a Qin dignitary, due to their parallel work on noetic helmet matrices. When he had achieved his BS in Biotechnology, he was recruited by the Upeo.

His Long Walk was to start in an FSA prison, then get to the New York archology, then the old Upeo base. He managed to escape from the prison (gaining Nightmares and a serious fear of imprisonment, but also Combat Veteran, which should tell you how fun an FSA prison is), then trekked through part of the LAST Zone (which had been okayed via contacts), and finally made it to the archology. He took a boat to the old base, and was ported to Ruan's World.

After being dunked, he asked for (and was granted) permission to join the Legions. Basically, he wanted to create a VARG that could 'port with its user, and felt that the Legions offered an unique possibility. After being assigned to the 7th Legion (as an adjunct), he has successfully invented the first stage of that VARG using Legion, Upeo and Norca bioapps.

For some reason, he finds himself to civilian ships headed to weird places, primarily as an observer; the Legions feel that if they can't scout the frontiers en masse, then at least they can send a rep along those ships that are. Given that a number of those missions would have involved Legion personnel if Aeon had not stuck its nose in, the Legions are very happy that Lt. Reilly was there...

He has managed to learn a smattering of other aptitudes; Thermal Screen and Image Projection during the Chromatic Occupation, and Subliminal Communication (arguably his neatest trick) from a clear on Far Nyumba. He is also well known to have a shock ring and seems to be able to find a Voss 93T High Threat Combat rifle anywhere, no matter how thoroughly he has been searched.

His favorite battle involved a chromatic attempt to take over a friend's ship, which involved himself, his shimmer VARG, and two teleporting chromatics on a fully-operational disco-style dance floor. He won.

On an un-related note, his beloved coffee maker has been the victim of at least one kidnapping attempt. Also, during a recent excursion to the past, he was distracted almost to the point of distraction by Starbucks, which seemed to lose several gallons to mysterious leaks. He did successfully plot his course based on coffee houses while there. Lastly, his cup always seems to be full, right up until some moron spills it, when the cup is then found to be empty and his cheeks full.

On a final note, he has served with distinction and sacrifice, ever-willing to challenge those Legionaires who think a brawling teleporter is a ******. Suffice to say, on one mission he managed to scare a Low Orbital Marines platoon by beating them to and securing a target before they could even make unaided visual confirmation. "If I had remembered my parachute they would've beaten me there," he said to the debriefing

officer as to what happened to his parachute.

He continues to serve as part of the HMS Orion.



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My first signature character is, unfortunately, not of trinity but I would like to play him there. I played him in a vampire the dark ages game and he is a mad scientist from the dark ages. His name is Lestat DeGaul (And no, I hade not seen Interview with a vampire befor I named him, strangely enough one other player character was named Louis). He was overinteligent, but unfortunately his parents died when he was seven, and therefor he was kind of underdeveloped emotionaly, among other things he acted very childish and was uncapable of hurting people. This was mostly brought on by the thought that if he "behaved" he would pleas his parents. He was also very naive, thinking that noone would wannt to hurt anyone else.

The other one is an Adventure character that I made of an old neotech character (swedish roleplaying game). His name is Alexander "Misjha" Puskin, a Russian General that would sacrifice everything for the motherland. He hates politices, once saying that the only good a member of the political party could do was to show witch way to shoot (namly at him). He is also a firm beliver that artillery strikes can solve all the problems in the world.

Well, that is my two cents...

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Mmm. Tough call.

For Adventure!, there's no question. My stalwart Nick Daring, The Unstoppable Man. I've been playing him ever since I picked up the book. He's a big, brawny, square-jawed, two-fisted man's man of a hero. Even before the Hammersmith incident, people knew there was something about him. He was much tougher and stronger than most people. When he went of f to fight in the Great War, he took a bullet to the gut and kept on trucking. But after the Incident, he found himself to be far, far beyond mortal men. He was Inspired during a safari in Darkest Africa--he'd always been a big fan of Safari Jack's exploits as a lad, and what the hey, he was already on the right side of the Atlantic. After single-handedly wrestling a lion to the ground, he realized that he was truly unstoppable. He was contacted by Max Mercer not long afterward, and invited to join the Aeon Society. Being the big-hearted, true-blue American he was, how could he not use these gifts of his? Since joining the Society, he's tangled with the fledgeling Nazi party in the exciting episode, "Fists Against Falcons", braved the Perils of Counter-Earth, courted Legionnaire Lt. Marissa Fairchild in the spectacular story "Soldiers From Tomorrow", and helped to bust up a drug-smuggling ring in "Horror From The Jungle". Since then, he's put in appearances in both Aberrant and Trinity sessions I've run. He makes a great plot device. ::cool

Aberrant's a little harder to peg. I've never actually played Nick. And by 2010, he's far too powerful to put with a team of starting novas. All the players in my gaming group were hot for me to run Abbie, but not to let me play. I think my favorite character I ever created for Abbie would have to be Mjolnir--a Norweigian black-rock death-metal musician who erupted while performing in the burnt ruins of a Christian church. He was struck by lightning right in the middle of the concert, erupting with the power to control the weather and to sway others with magnified charisma. He's since joined the Teragen as a card-carrying member of Pandaimonium.

I've got a whole mess of psion characters. We've been playing Trinity since it came out. Which of my psions actually became signatures.... that's a tossup between Johnathan Hardy, a retired Legionnaire turned rock-rat miner out in the Belt and Sir William Curtis, Upeo teleporter who broke with the order after the diaspora ended to join the Trinity. John was immortalized during our run through Darkness Revealed. I used him as the pilot that got the characters around during the series. We'd adventured together before under a different Storyteller. So when the invasion of Earth came down, he was out where the fighting was hot and thick. He was the one who was supposed to pick the characters up, only to be shot down at the last moment. Our clear had the Hardy agent constructed, so that he'd always be with the group. A stroke of genius on her part. ::smiley1

Sir William Curtis was one of the first blinkers ever triggered. Though he was born to British nobility, he'd dedicated his life to helping the down and out--the Trinity-era version of Princess Diana, without all the psychodrama. When the psions revealed themselves in 2106, he felt a particular attraction to the Upeo wa Macho. When he was tested, it was revealed that he had incredible psi potential. He could have easily been dunked in the quantakinesis chamber had he wanted. But it was to the Upeo that he went, and he helped Rebecca Gould lay the foundation of the Long Riders in those first years, becoming a Translocation specialist. He and his clairsentient partner, Maiko, became romantically involved and eventually married. Even becoming a husband, and later a father, didn't sway Sir William from his first duty to mankind. 2114 changed all that. While the Upeo were making preparations to leave, his wife had been posted by ISRA to the Esperanza station. Rather than run away with his order, Sir William chose to face the Aberrant threat with his wife and daughter. But Bolade Atwan refused to lose one of her most powerful teleporters. She plucked him out of the station just as a wall of fire was rushing up towards him and his family and routed him to Ruan's World. For a time, Sir William dared to hope that his wife and daughter might have survived. Upon returning to Earth and learning what had happened destroyed what little faith he had left in the Upeo. Partly out of spite, partly out of a need to atone for his own failure, he quit the Upeo and joined the Aeon Trinity's Apollo branch of Proteus division. The other gal in our group has promised that she'll run Trinity once my stint in Exalted ends. I'm looking forward to playing Sir William again. ::biggrin


"May I take your order?"

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I wasn't to keen on playing Trinity at first, since our game group would introduce a new game every 3-4 weeks. If we weren't playing a new game then several players had a new character every week. It definitely destroyed game continuity. I went along with it anyway, and boy was I glad.

My one and only character was Alexandria, an EK with Orgotek. She was a lab rat who continually got sent out on assignments much to her displeasure. Her first assignment was investigating the disappearance of a Trinity agent who was keeping an eye on an aberrant cult. Fortunately she started with a PSI of six and had a mode natural in technokinesis, so she was able to use more psi than anyone else. We ended up getting caught by members of the cult (outnumbering us 2 to 1) who were to escort us to the cult leader. We went along with it until we could make a break for it. It was a spectacular fight. We had a legionaire in the group who attempted to jump two of them at the same time I attempted to stun two others. We both botched. Since he rolled first, he fell on my character. She botched (her only time ever) and ended up stunning herself, him and another EK in the group. Only the other EK failed to resist the stun. So I blamed my botch on him. This was typical of our fights ::blink , the enemy would fear us knowing that if we were willing to inflict that much damage on ourselves, we'd be willing to inflict even more on them.

After several run-ins with the psycopathic telepath in the group she developed a biotech shawl that added dice to resist attempts to mind reading and mental control. She also invented armor that was nearly the same as the Chameleon Bioweave in Aurora Australis. It didn't have camoflage capability, but it did add a die to dex and stamina when it was formatted (storyteller's idea).

She was eventually thrown back to the Nova Age to, of all the worst things, save Divis Mal from getting killed and altering the time line. Evil storyteller. ::sneaky2 That's okay, I got mine back when I got thrust into the ST's seat. ::halo

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