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Aberrant RPG - Elemantal Mastery/Anima


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I have a player that would like to create a character with the power to create/control sound. We was looking at EM/EA for this. But the problem is not all would be suitable from this and others, such as hyper movemnet (you the travel at the speed of sound), falls out side of EM/EA. Not problem with buy other powers to flesh out the character but for the 5 technics ..... what would be good technics for EM/EA?


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thanks Alex. What I could use though is some ideas for the 5 Technics to go with the framework. Not all of the tecknics seem to work for this theme. I see some of them working but I guess I am overlooking something. 5 Technics would be great so that when he advances in EM/EA we wold have an idea what complete the character.


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For a Sound FX I would normally Permit: EA(Enhance/Diminish, Blast, Elemental Shield (sound shield), Lethal Blast [destroys mind with hypersonics??],Movement (like Marvel's Banshee). EM( Attraction, and Storm) Though of course EM has access to all of the EA techniques. These techniques would cover most aspects of sound control.

Though if you are going more "super" than that you could argue Change Phase to make "solid sound". Though that ussually gets laughes from my group, who like the idea of crushing sticks and stone with words... ::blink



Oh and remember, that the techniques that th eplayer chooses is only the ones that they can use at normal cost, ALL other techniques that are permited are also available at double cost!

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Just a suggestion, but I think you might want to take two levels of dispersed organs as part of the bodymorph.... After all, if he's made of marshmallow, it's not like cutting off his head ought to kill him... Just my two-cents, though...

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Can a person take Elemental Mastery/Anima for a really non-traditional thing?  Like Marshmellow? 
Yes. Thus we have Dark Matter, Eufiber, etc. Mind you, \"Elemental Anima: Marshmellow\" is unlikely to be very useful since you can only work with the element you have at hand.
Also...can a person use Elemental Anima on themselves if they have Bodymorph?  Like...turn to fire...then increase heat and size of said fire?
No, you can't. Page 193, top right hand corner.

Now I'd say you can use the presence of your fire to use other Anima techniques, i.e. use the presence of your fire to generate a trail of fire for you Movement technique, but you can't enhance powers you already have.

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Here he is!

Birthname: who cares?

Nova Name: Sta-pufft Marshmellow Man

Eruption: Accident; fell into a vat of marshmellow stuff!

Nature: Hedonist (always having that marshmellowy fun!)

Alligence: The Sta-Pufft Company

Str - 4 (Lifting)

Dex - 2

Stm - 4 (damage resistant!)



wits- 3

App - 4 (looks yummy!)

Manip - 1

Chr - 1

Brawl - 2

Awareness - 2

Linguistics - 3 (modified so that he can say "Eat Stay Pufft Marshmellows in many different languageS)

Arts - 2

Biz - 2

Rapport - 2

Intimidation - 2 (marshmellow taunting)

Interigation - 2 (marshmellow starvation)

Subterfuge - 2 (Lieing about health facts)

Etiquette - 2

Perform - 2 (marshmellow dance)

Contacts - 1 (marshmellow baron)

Eufiber - 1 (his salior hat and scarf)

Influence - 4 (everyone knows the sta-pufft marshmellow man!)

Node - 2

resources - 1

Q- 3

T - 6 (Color skin: Marshmellow, Feeding requirement: Marshmellows, Perm Power: body morph)

WP - 3

M-stm -2 (regen, Durability)

Bodymod: Dispurced Organs (x2)

Body Morph (marshmellow) - 3 (Density control: decrease, Armor, Armor)

Sizemorph (grow) - 3

*note: I used the liquid bodymorph because he seems so marshmellowey soft!

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