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Ok, so my characters in Trinity have finally gotten around

to meeting Max Mercer(I'm so excited!!)....I kinda left the game hanging at

that point. Now, I've read A! and I've heard some talk

about him in Abberant and Trinity. Please if anyone knows

anything about him..fill me in. I've got the basics but

details are always great and can really help flesh out the

character. Thanks!!!

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::tongue Well, I've been inside the guy's head for awhile writing for Trial by Fire, so I guess I can talk a bit about Max. Mind you these are just my impressions, your mileage may vary.

Max is easily one of the most decent and dedicated human beings on the planet. He's not perfect, but he's trying. Given his ability to bounce from past to future over a two hundred year span, he's learned a lot about where humanity is going and just how much potential our species has. As a result he's a pretty content fellow, genuinely happy about how things have turned out for humanity as a whole. Things like the Aberrant War and the reconstruction were his finest hour as he helped the Aeon Society/Trinity rebuild the world. Mind you, he's not exactly thrilled with certain aspects of the Trinity, and he'd be most definitely doing his damndest to weed out corruption in Aeon if given a chance. Trouble is he's kind of stretched thin over three differing time periods, and he's aware that certain things have to happen if the world is to be given a chance, so sometimes his hands are tied. Max isn't God after all.

For a guy who can travel through time and manipulate it's power beyond even nova levels, Max is a humble and down to Earth sort of guy. He should be friendly, erudite and well spoken, and completely open to people he encounters. He should almost be like a father figure, despite how young he may appear. He's got wisdom you wouldn't believe from bouncing around the timestream. Also, he should never quite look the same way twice. Indeed, the characters could be meeting him for the first time while he claims to have known them for years! And if you ever needed a jumping off point for time travel through the three games. . .well, who better to chaperone a trip through time than Max Mercer? ::tongue

Max isn't Divis Mal. He's not an aberrant, or a psion, but a hint of something beyond both. He's not omnipotent, but he's got power and heart. In the end, your players should feel both heartened that they've met Aeon's original hero, and inspired (heh) to carry on the good fight in their own time, knowing the past is in good hands. ::bigsmile

Just my opinion anyway.


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RESPECT ::closedeyes

After just reading Adventure! all the way through I can safely say Max is one of if not the coolest character in the AEON series! Still as open as he should be, as I see it he should always seem to have something on his mind that he won't share, just something for him to brood over, maybe abit of foreknowledge or some memory that haunts him. I think Mercer is meant to be a sort of enigma to everyone around him but his personality makes it an easy oversight to his companions.

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Old skool World of Darkness fans must have trouble wrapping their heads around Max Mercer.

"You mean, he's a genuinely kind and decent person? A good man? You mean, like a victim or something?

Not a victim? A... sorry, what was that word again? Herro.. Haro.... um, Hero??

Sorry, just not getting it."


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Old skool World of Darkness fans must have trouble wrapping their heads around Max Mercer

Uh huh. I remember my group being suprised that one of the 'NPCs' in our VTM game was actually not after anything at all, but was just actually a nice guy. It was sad to see him get completely screwed over. Although a group of Humanity 4-5s didn't really appreciate it. ::angry

As for Mercer - I always imagined a sort of 'Carmen San Diego' type edge to him. Y'know, a little mysterious and not byond stretching the truth but being a real stand up guy despite that. It's the not being perfect bit that really makes him a hero.

Like Chill.



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