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I've decided to buy the book to a new RPG, but I can't decide between Adventure! and Aberrant. I'm leaning towards Aberrant, but that could change in a matter of hours. So I need help.

I'm buying whichever one for mostly fiction purposes; I don't know anyone else who's into RPGs, although I'll play occasionally on EON. Bearing that in mind, which is the better game?

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Which one is the better book?

Thats a toughy. It depends really on what your into.

The power levels are very different in the two books. it all depends on what you would like to play the most.

Adventure! is pulp. Think The Shadow, Indiana Jones et all. a more down to earth game.

The powers or "Abilities" are more realistic to the point of If you were stronger, you would be stronger that human but still not able to juggle tanks. If you were tougher, bullets (might..i think) bounce off of you.

Aberrant is more like playing a character who has the power(s) of a god or

(Dare I say it White wolf?..yes I dare ::biggrin ) playing a superhero.

In Aberrant when you are strong you are (ussually) VERY strong, tossing busses, juggling tanks. when you are tough (again ussually) you are VERY tough. Bullets bounce off of you and you can have a car dropped on you, and you can get up again.

Which one is better is a matter of perspective. I think Aberrant is the better game , but I do enjoy running Adventure!

But if I were buying it for fiction purposes, I would choose Adventure!

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both are great games. adventure leaves much more to the imagination, although aberrant is cool for a twist on modern life.

adventure fiction is over the top, real life attacking dinosaurs, talking apes and death rays from the moon.

aberrant fiction is much more media based. many of the pieces read like entertainment news or interviews.

both are great fun though, in your situation, i'd go with adventure, but that's just my opinion.

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