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Trinity RPG - quantakinetic

Summer Sanders

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long time player first (or second) time poster.

I'm going to be running a pretty "epic" chronical soon for aeon. It's pretty big... aberrants with little or no taint... rogue biokinetics running around.... full scale warfare with lots of messy results...

but the one thing that i'm having trouble with is quantakinesis... you see in the game I have a old old old chib (NPC) and in the last game the players were met by him, he didn't show off any powers or anything (not that kinda game, yet) but he revealed himself to be a chib. Now i'm faced with a problem because i need to find a way to sumulate his awsome chib like powers... yet make it beliveable. I know about quantakinesis well enuff that it's like messing around with weak and strong nuclear forces, but to do so you use sort of a noetic glove. but i'm hoping someone on here could maybe point me in the right direction to help in creating just a general outline of what a pretty powerfull chib could do.

I mean could i give the chib something along the lines of a very weak mega attribute? Do they throw "quanta-blots" around? Or is it more subdued like energy convershion? Overall I guess i'm wondering just what can they do? I tried to look at the ebook india underground.... but maybe i'm missing something because it won't let me....

any help with chib info would be appreciated... thanks ::halo

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as far as i know, india underground is still unreleased, so they only allow those working on it to view it.

umm, also check out the trinity player's guide if you can.

check www.white-wolf.com and go to 'interactive' then forums, there's pretty much always a TPG watch going on, and i think there's currently a discovered copy someone posted on.

the TPG doesn't have much on QK, but it does have a base you can start from (basic technique, lvl 1 powers for all 3 modes)

dave out.

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