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Trinity RPG - New Capaign Setting


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I am currently working on a campain setting for Trinity, which was originally just going to be for my game, but it has grown, so I think it would a pity if I didn't let anyone else use it...

I just want to se the sort of general interest for it...

The idea goes thus...

The year is 2258, the aberrants returned 66 years ago stronger than ever. The final push left Earth a barren wasteland, home only to aberrants and soldiers left behind.

The discovery of a wormhole a good few decades before between Mars and the asteroid belt had led to amazing advances and contact with highly advanced races in the Andromeda galaxy.

The human race has found a new home amongst its new allies, but has also found new enemies...

The setting will include-

  • 8 new races (and more to come!) with rules on character creation
  • *sort of* new character sheets (they're actually poorly modified ones...)
  • New allegiances
  • A small booklet detailing Earth after the final war, and its inhabitants
  • A 37 page (and growing) tech manual
  • New Aptitudes (sort of, they're actually put in terms of psi for pure convenience)
  • A setting spanning more than 3 solar systems in 2 galaxies
  • (hopefully) a small booklet on legends and lore
  • and more to come when I think of it...
If any of you want more details, just ask. But PLEASE tell me if you're interested... If I find interest a little too low ::smiley4 then I might just forget it...
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Worlds laid waste heh? It sounds like one of my races. Complete warmongers. Allied with the humans (only because of physical similarities and blood ties), these guys are each sadistic Darth Vaders. And they have built worse than death stars... Their 'Planet Destroyer', combined with the weapons aboard their War-Type (around 20 times the size of a Battle-Type) ships, is capable of wiping out an entire solar system (not all at once) in time for afternoon tea.

Try this for size...

Tsargonians are fairly human in appearance; depending on which type you are looking at. The general public, Darklords, and Marines are extreme humanoids, whilst the TTA is human in appearance; there is something about them that no one as yet has been able to pinpoint. The Tritus-Tsargonians are just what they seem- Gremlins. Little green things that enjoy all things mechanical, and in this case, anything with genetics. The Marauders are liquid; so don’t qualify as humanoid or any other –oid.

The Tsargonians have parasites in their blood stream that renders them immune to poisons or disease for a long time. However, this also means that Tsargonian blood is dangerous to any other life form. Which brings me to an important warning. DO NOT TOUCH TSARGONIAN BLOOD WITH YOUR BARE SKIN! The parasites give the blood qualities of a class three (restricted) corrosive. The parasites will eat away at your bare skin.

The Tsargonian public live in fear of their dictator ‘family’, known as the Darklords. The Darklords to the Tsargonians are like the Men in Black to a paranoid conspiracy theorist. If you anger them, you may never be seen again. The Darklords are rumoured to be immortal, yet no one has proof of that. The ‘Father Darklord’ is rarely seen, and when he is, he wears a cloak with the hood shrouding his face in darkness.

These dictators, while generally nice people, are the core of the violence in Tsargonian society. They now and again lead missions against entire planets, simply to watch as the race is wiped out. The ‘Father’, is the ‘Genius’ who designed the military. He designed the TTA [Tsargonian Territorial Army] and it is he who ordered the genetic modifications

Probably not the best example (it's a scatty extract), but it (like everything else) needs touching up.

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Don't take this personally, but that is exactly the kind of alien I have grown tired off during the years. The typical "evil, sadistic, ultra-powerful alien that wipes out solarsystems for sport" is a cliché that has been used before.

But to give you a fair chance - what drives these aliens? Why are the "sadistic Darth Vaders"? Or are they just evil because they are supposed to be evil? Compare this to the Aberrants, who are "evil" because they have been driven mad by their powers (with the notable exception of Eden, of course). They got a reason, but this just sounds like another race of NPCs that got no real role to play - except being bad company and generally powerfull.

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Actually, I think the Abberants are just as bad as far as two dimensional species are concerned.. Trinity might be more interesting (not that it's uninteresting, please don't lynch me) if the evil aliens were a bit more human.

"Why are they fighting us?" is to "Because they're crazy" as "How does it work?" is to "It's magic."

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The Tsargonians are not the evil ones. The race itself isn't evil, just ultimately loyal to its masters. The Tsargonians were intended to be part of the human ancestry, which is where the humans get their warring nature from.

The Tsargonians otherwise are naturally violent, as they descended from a race that has nearly destroyed itself. The Tsargonians have learnt from past mistakes, and now do not war amongst themselves. But now as they are all powerful (their technological advances make them the most powerful in the military department), they get bored with laughing in the enemies faces, and have become pretty much psychopathic.

They destroy solar systems for fun, only if the system has gone against the sector laws and thus should be punished. Or if, during a sector war, they decide to have a show of power, they go to a non-allied neutral race, and wipe it out completely.

Besides, they don't necessarily have to be the 'enemy', as they are generally allied to the humans (through physical nature and blood ties only however).

If your confused, it's probably because I've thought about the race for a hell of a lot longer than writing about them (about 5 years longer).

The true 'enemies', if at all, generally tend to be weaker, but have their own ways of becoming a significant threat. They are not your clichéd terrorist mega-group, and are not looking for 'intergalactic domination'. The enemies are sometimes only enemies because they belong to different groups, so the 'enemies' can be anyone, anything.

Even the allies may be the enemies. Each side has their faults.

Any more questions?

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Phoenix - I'm not sure about that. There is a background - the increasing madness of the Aberrants, the war against them and their final loss of what they considered to be their kingdom. Looking at the Aberrants only through the perspective of Trinity, I think they can become rather "boring", but looking at Aberrant and how they are portraited there I think they gain some additional depth.

SnakeEyes - I can't say that I am much more excited now, I still think they sound rather "flat". But then again, you have been thinking about these creatures for years - I have only read a few paragraphs. I'd love to see more when you have finished writing the stuff down.

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Well, maybe I should have a look at Abberant then, but I was under the impression that it was about the novas before they started going insane?

But the point I'm trying to make is that the Abberants don't need to be insane. It doesn't strike me as impossible that the Chinese might kick them off the planet just due to xenophobia, even if only a very few novas were actually insane. Once they were thrown off, they were bound to start attacking again after 50 years of stewing in their own juices, especially if they hadn't been particularly successful in finding colonizable planets. Wouldn't it be more interesting if the Abberants were perfectly rational beings? Making them insane was, in my opinion, just uncreative.

While I'm on the subject, the Mazarin-Rashoud node is a pretty long leap as well, but I usually give it the benefit of the doubt.

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Phoenix - I think you should. Looking at Aberrant, especiallty the parts of the Teragen, really added a couple of dimensions to my view of them and also how they should act in a Trinity-campaign. I understand what you mean about making them insane was a unnecessary extra, but some of the plotline is actually centered around the fact that all of them aren't crazy.

And after all - I guess that one could say that "insanity is in the eye of the beholder". Did the war really happen because they were all mad, or did it happen because some of them were and the rest became victims because of the acts of others?

I suppose that last post might be taken just a tad more seriously if the signature below it were something other than \"Why not go mad?\"

He he... ::biggrin

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Firstly let me say that I am D**N intersted in your setting SnakeEyes. As to the issue of the teragen & the aberrant issue in trinity. I don't think insanity is the issue, power is. The concept of the corrupting influence of power finds its fullest expression within the Continium in the Aberrant. The idea is you give normal individuals the power of gods then the restraint is gone & they will act on their basic selfish nature. Obviously there are novas trying to benefit humanity in the Aberrant setting; however with taint a downward spiral of the loss of the novas' humanity is thrown in.

I don't have a problem with villianous aliens if they more then one dimensional concepts, after humans can be pretty villianous ourselves.

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Thanks very much. I'm glad you like it (actually, surprised is more the word. Forever pessimistic, I am. "All I have is this homemade prozac. Hmmm..... needs more ice cream"- Homer Simpson -"Homer Badman"). I am currently filling out the Tsargonians as much as I can. I will post something new as soon as I find my mind (I had an open mind once, but it fell out) *Imagines the golden age when 'Procrastination' didn't exist*

But please, forgive me if the names for the races are a little crappy, I've never been too good with names.

This post confuse you at all? Now you know my almost constant state of mind...

Now if you'll excuse me, there are two men outside waiting to fit me up with my new straightjacket...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello- I've been going through the main solar system and increasing the decriptions of the planets slightly (they are incredibly short ::blink - as you'll see in the example below). I haven't finished it yet, but I like these two so I thought I'd show 'em I'll post the expanded version once it's done...

Tri Asteroid Belt Baltoreth

Inhabitants Human [Pop: 94]

Boltharaan [Pop: 359]


This Belt is a mixture of three asteroid belts, all with slightly different orbital positions, one above the other. The middle belt consists of what used to be part of Gora’Nolfret, destroyed by an asteroid storm from a nearby solar system. The other two are made from the giant planets Clichthe and Solhant, also destroyed in the storm.


Mass [Earth = 1] 0.95

Equatorial Diameter [km] 12,009

Gravity [Earth = 1] 0.80

Atmosphere none

Indigenous race none

Non-indigenous race Boltharaan [Pop: 127,403]

Rotation period 1,745 hours

Distance from Suns 94.69 A.U.

Primary Satellites none


Home now only to Boltharaan mining colonies, this once giant is placed extremely close to the Baltoreth Tri-Belt, where most of it’s original size now lies. The planet is slowly crumbling into the tri-belt, and thus mines are being shut down, one by one, every 50 years or so.

As I said- it will be expanded (it's blink-and-you'll-miss-it at the mo')

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