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Aberrant RPG - PROBE P.U. Meets Bond


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Hey all!

opps forgot to tell you that it's a possible E-Book

The U.N. wanted to create a security force who could be at the United Nations disposal 24/7 and are 100% answerable to the UN. Probe is made up of several novas who are as versatile as they are powerful.

The people at the top of this ladder are novas. ONLY novas are hired as agents due to the lethal duties as a probe agent. Base lines are hired in every other department, just to help keep the biz in working order.

As far as civilian law is concerned, Probes nova agents have a license to kill when necessary. The guidelines of this license is strictly adhered to by all probe agents. Probe agents carrying out their duties, can but are not limited to:

Infiltrate private/public installations.

Enter a persons home only with sufficient evidence against that the home owner/tenant, which is relevant to the duties being carried out at that time. Or in cases of extreme emergencies.

Probe works on a global scale to assist civilian authorities in eliminating crime, assisting in anti-terrorism, nova threats.

Probe also keeps an eye on nova related activities.


Project Utopia Teragen Aberrants Directive

Complete description can be viewed at:

the Quantum Continuum

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No baselines???

Sorry, but there are a number of situations where having someone with no nova ablities would come in handy. At the very least, they show up on the quantum radar! Give a baseline the right weapon (a Voss 93T with a grenade launcher) and armor (think: VARG!) and he'd be able to keep up!


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Even though baselines so not go out and actually does any of the hazardous duties, (duties involving haveing to fight novas)baslines are very important to Probe.

Baselines are other types of agents that 0do the field work for probe. Everything from steakouts to infiltration, to spying. if it is suspected that a pawn may come across a hostile nova, then they are given a web gun, much like the one in the Devries book save it is smaller, and it can dampen a novas power. (mind you it isn't disrupt or anything, but it would help cut a 30-40 np nova to about 3/4 or at best 1/2 power)

Baselines are incredibly important to the nova agents work. Some baselines are so adept at thier job that they get paid as much if not more than their nova counterparts.

"But there are a number of situations where having someone with no nova ablities would come in handy"

You are correct, under certain circumstances baseline agents can be put in the same group of nova agents for specifically that purpose.

I appologize that I had not put this part in, it is very important part of the faction.

(Much like press releases to T2M. ::laugh )

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