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Here is a sample of some of the home-brew Powers and Enhancements I have been working on. Review, critique and enjoy.


Quantum Integrity [ 5 points] - The Nova’s Quantum signature resists outside tampering. The Nova may spend a Willpower point to add 3 success to any attempt to resist powers that alter the Character on a Quantum level. (Disrupt, Disimmunize, Quantum Leech etc.) Must have Node 2 or greater.

Quantum Sensitive [ 2 points] – The Nova is particularly sensitive to fluctuations in quantum fields. They gain an additional die when using Node to detect power sources or other Nova’s.


Inefficient Quantum [ 3 points] – The has trouble using their energies to their highest potential. As a Result, the most quantum they can spend a turn is 4. This may be modified by Node, but only at half value ( 1 extra point a turn/ per point of Node.)

Low Potential [ 5 points] – The character is a nova…barely. They start with a Quantum of 0 and cannot spend bonus points to raise this score. Nova points are spent as normal to raise Quantum with a Maximum score of 4. Xp are spent as normal to raise Quantum


Mega - Strength

Assault – The Nova channels his Physical Might into a barrage of blows that overwhelm their opponents with raw force. The Nova Spends 1 Quantum to add dice equal to their rating in Mega-Strength to his Brawl dice pool. This enhancement lasts for a duration of one attack.


Encourage – This Nova is the one person you want backing you up. With this enhancement may bolster the efforts of their allies through sheer force of personality. The Nova spends 1 Quantum and rolls Charisma ( + Mega – Charisma). On a success, the Nova may spend a Willpower to give a automatic success to an ally. A Nova who uses this ability can take no other action that turn( even defensive!) The Target ally must be within visual range of the Nova using Encourage.



Level: 2

Quantum Minimum: 1

Dice Pool: Jinx

Range: ((Quantum + Jinx) X 5) meters

Duration: Instant

Effect : Successes achieved on roll reduce successes rolled by targets and cause mishaps.

Multiple Actions : N/A

Description: The flipside of Luck, Jinx allows the Nova to direct misfortune upon a opponent. Once per scene , the Nova may roll Jinx ( contested by Willpower). If successful, each success earned on the Jinx roll cancels a success earned by a target. Botching a Jinx roll inflicts the same penalties as botching a Luck roll. Luck can cancel Jinx. Each success on a Luck roll cancels a success on a Jinx roll.

Extra – Hex – Allows Jinx to be used multiple times a scene. Each extra use costs 2 Quantum, and can be used a number of times equal to the characters rating in Jinx.

Extra – Curse – Allows the Nova to inflict bad luck upon a opponent for an expanded period of time. The Nova rolls Manipulation + Jinx ( Contested by Willpower). If the Nova is successful, the target loses dice from all dice pools equal to the Nova’s Jinx rating for ( Jinx +1 turns).

Matter Consumption

Level: 2

Quantum Minimum : 2

Dice pool : Stamina+ Matter Consumption

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Special

Effect: Allows the Nova to Consume anything they can fit into their mouth.

Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: This bizarre power allows the Nova to eat nearly anything. Natural Organic Matter may be eaten without spending Quantum. Other Materials ( Iron, Plastic, Stone, Toxic Waste etc.) may be eaten by the Nova on a successful Stamina+ Matter Consumption Roll. Any Material with a soak less than Quantum + Successes may be consumed. Especially Large items may take several rolls ( and several hours) to completely consume. Items eaten this way give the nova 1 extra Bruised Health level / per success. These extra health levels fade the next time the Nova rests. As a bonus , the Nova also gains an additional (3 + Matter Consumption) dice to resist the effects of hazardous materials ingested. In combat, the Nova gains a wicked bite attack. While in a grapple/hold, the nova may spend 2 Quantum and make a Strength + Matter Consumption roll. On a successful strike, the Nova inflicts Matter Consumption + Quantum dice of Lethal Damage. This may be soaked, the victims soak is worth only half it’s normal rating ( round down). The Nova gains Bruised health levels equal to damage dealt to victim.

Extra- Gaping Maw – The Nova can consume large items in about twice the normal time. In combat, the Nova inflicts Matter Consumption dice in Aggravated Damage. On a especially impressive strike ( 5+ successes), Whole limbs may be severed (yummy!!).

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Here is a little something else to try on.


Level: 2

Quantum Minimum : 3

Dice Pool: Wits + Oubliette

Range : (Quantum + Power Rating) X 2 meters.

Area: N/A

Duration: Concentration

Effects: Banishes target to a “ Null Space”.

Multiple Actions: No

Description: A highly specialized Warp, Oubliette sends a target to a Spatial Micro-Pocket. The Target is perfectly safe ( if not comfortable ) in this Null Space , but the exact physical look of this place is determined by the Novas personal tastes( From a dark void, to a brimstone drenched hellscape). The Nova rolls Wits + Oubliette ( contested by Opponents Willpower ).On a success, the Target is banished for as long as the Nova concentrates on keeping the victim imprisoned. Each turn the victim may roll Willpower to escape, breaking free when they have earned successes equal to the number of Net successes earned by the Nova on the initial roll. The Nova may resist the victims escape attempts by spending Willpower to cancel the opponents successes. The Nova may only keep one target at a time imprisoned. Oubliette may also be taken as a technique for Spatial Manipulation.

Extra – Hazardous Environment – The imprisoned Target suffers ( Quantum + Oubliette) dice bashing damage every turn they are held. This may be soaked as normal.

Extra - Void- The Environment inside the Oubliette is a Vacuum. The victim suffers the effects of Asphyxiation while held.

Extra – Cell – The Nova may imprison a number of targets equal to their rating in Oubliette.

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