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Trinity RPG - Review Absolute Zero


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Ok,hello & welcome to my quick review of one of this websites "products". To start with I've been toying with a storyline for about a year.White Wolf has disappointed me with moving some of the coming books to never neverland.

 Abosolute Zero concerns a location in space & is very well done with some interesting Npcs.The file takes awhile to download but hey its free.For a game master looking for a place to start the Pcs off its great. In this reviewer's opinion the place reads like something that came from The Moon is A Harsh Mistress.There are all these plothooks & storylines waiting to be explored.Notice that I've not discussed the meat of the thing. Rather I'd like to let you read & print the thing. The illustrations are as good as anything else that I've come to expect from this website. Top Drawer really, if this is a preview of things to come here wonderful.

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huh - a review of the A-Z Players Guide?

never expected that one  :D  - thanks!

Time to 'fess-up' methinks.

The A-Z Players Guide came about as a result of reading the Zeronet website on the AeonSociety website.  I took the basic idea, fleshed it out massively, in order to start a campaign there  (which ran for 8 months in the end).

The artwork comes from all over the place - free sci-fi art websites and the like, so I cannot take any credit whatsoeever for that stuff.  

Also, I've got to go back and edit the 'book' as there are some typo's and the playtester credits need including - as the players of the 3 campaigns on my A-Z so far have defined the whole thing.

1) Tom (Senior Mal) Martin - Robin Teller of The Pulse Nightclub

2) Neil (Lo Mai) Harries) - Lo Mai of The Pulse Nightclub

3) James (Chambo99) CHambers - Dr. Alexander Bashir

4) Mike (EEFFDDKK) Yapp - The spliff dazed EK :)

5) Paul (Sid Blane) Bloxwich - The merc. Godfrey

6) Rich (Mini Mal) - THAT sneaky Norca bastard!

The above guys deserve nthe credit - as they made the game what it was - which in turn made the A-Z Players Guide what it was.

On a side note - the first campaign I ran is currently gettting a write-up in the Trinity section of this website - called 'Invasion at Zero Degrees' - so if you want more A-Z stuff - go check it out.

Needles:  Many thanks for the review - I'm glad you like, and welcome to the Europnet Forums.

If anyone else out there has downloaded the A-Z Players Guide and has any feedback - it would be appreciated.

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