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Trinity RPG - Seeing the Admister sweat like a ----


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If your reading this then I've gotten your attention, good. So there I was going through the motions of seeing if there was a review of the new "e-Book" in the WW forum. Yes there was alot of hype. Its wonderful, thegreatest thing since the Second Coming, etc. Posts are good but I want the lowdown on something then I like to get into the mind of a raving fantic. Since none were around then i came here. Kidding, no really. Mal put the blunt instrument down..

 Needless to say that I down loaded the book on this website's recommendation. How does the thing shape up? Well am very hard to please. Since I like KOE, the artwork struck a cord with me. Does the text convey the feel of South America ? No of course not this is a Rpg Supplement not a Travel pamphet. Terra Verrde captures the feel of the "new" South America just fine. The  Bioapps are exciting to me. Do yourself a favor & download the book.Since it was Chris's first review, it was fine. See it made me buy the product.   :notify

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