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Aberrant RPG - Cult of Mal: 10 Things I Love About Me

Senior Mal

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::priest Friends, Romans, Zelous accolytes; lend me your ears (Translation: shut your chattering and listen up)

I have decided that as you, the little person, knows little of me and my ways that I would take the time and divulge the top ten things I love about me (Its not an exhaustive list, far from it). I'll be adding a new one every day or so:

so here we go, in at number 10:

I love my shadow, I debated long and hard (Look out for that phrase again in ten things I love about me number 4  ::blush ) as to whether my shadow deserved to be included in this list but then I thought that it looks so good all the time that I just couldn't resist the little fella

I'm lookin' nice, my shadows lookin' nice, what a team!  ::wub

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