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Trinity RPG - Absolute Zero Players Guide 2


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Hello there boys and girls.

You have probably noticed by now that there are several e-book projects underway here on EON, namely:

- Trinity: India Underground

- Trinity: UK Sourcebook

- Aberrant: Aberrant WAR!

........  and we also have the Absolute Zero Players Guide - whch was available a long time ago on the previous version of EON and can still be found in the EON: Trinity: Downloads section.

I'm in the process of bringing the look and feel of the current A-Z Players Guide up to date, which includes a colour layout, front page, back page, sidebars and the like - as well as updating (and correcting) some of the setting material.

The new pdf downloadable book will include inline links, contents page, index and the like as well.

What I'd like to know is, do any of you have any additional items you'd like to see in the new and improved version of the A-Z Players Guide?  Is there anything you feel I missed the first time around?

You get the idea :)

This is an open survey, feel free to post any and all comments, random or otherwise in here........

.....  the danger is that i'll just happily go on rebuilding the book otherwise, so now is your chance.


Thanks in advance, I look forward to reading your comments.

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The new one is well underway, and provided I get off my backside sometime soon shouldn't be too far away.  Other e-books being worked on by various people on EON will in all likely be out beforehand.

As there's more news about the AZPGr I'll let people know.  ::thumbs-up

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