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Adventure! RPG - More Wish Lists


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If we were to see more books for Adventure, he is what I would like them to concider:

Splat-Books: Not for the factions but the types of Inspired.  One for Daredevils, Mesmerists, and Stalwarts.  A look at both what it means to be that kind of Inspired.  

Book of Organizations:  Some more factions and allegiances, plus a more detailed look at established ones.  Would include some of the organizations that have appeared in other books (such as the Hellfire Club in Trinity PG) that are supposed to exist in 1920's but didn't make it into the main book.

Book of Knacks and Gadgets: One half  (or maybe third) would be a truckload of Knacks for the Inspired, the other half would be ready-made gadgets from the mild to the wild.

The Worldbook - A book on hotspots from around the world, with a focus on both the mundane and the fantastic, the fact-tional with the fictional.

The Aeon Society - More of Trinity-Aberrant-Adventure book, This would be the definative look at the Aeon Society from 1924 to 2121.  It would also attempt to reconcile Aeon of the late 20th century with that of the early 20'th Century and the 22nd Century.

The Plotbook - There are a great number of cool stories, plot hooks, etc. in the main Adventure book.  I'd like to see more of that.

Kay, this is my wish list.  Anyone else?

:Thumbs Up

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They shouldn't have a problem with Third Party expansions or Add Ons then.   :D

Since Plup seems to be gaining in popularity, some company should take this foundation and run with it.

(Like Pagan Press is doing with Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green.)

There is a lot of material that could be reworked from 'out of print' books and games that could be (re)published.  I see no Requirement for the background to be based on Aeon.  (It's not bad but, it's not all there is either.)

I think as more material is available, more people will join the genre'.  (Just as more people encourages more material to be created.)

(Hummm... which comes first?)


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