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Just Plain WRONG!


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::huh I have to admit that I was slightly confused (you monkeys are very perplexing) but I think I understand now.

Dear Din Maker Monkey, I know that you obviously attempted to place a picture of me in all my glory online for all to see (you are to be commended) but your pathetically small primate brain has failed you yet again and instead you have uploaded an image of a slightly tanned chicken, never mind better luck next time  ::priest

Just to show you how its supposed to be done please click on the link below

Teragen night out


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heh, i'd say that last picture looks like he's about to break down and cry!

cute mal, cute.....

...no, not you...the photo commentary... ;)

here....looks like you could use another.... ::withbeer

....oh, wait, maybe it's the rest of us who could use another...to make the pics look better...


:P  :P  :P

::hehe  ::hehe

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I hand't thought that until you mentioned it, Harle. See how easy you guys make it for me as an ST?  ::sly

As for you, Ani, I have more hair (and style) than either the rooster wanna-be, or than the rooster has feathers. Even if the stuff on top is migrating.



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