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Adventure! RPG - Michael Mercer


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Morning all, (at least for anothe rseven minutes)

I was wondering, Does any one know if Michael Mercer is mentioned any where other than the brief info in Adventure? I am hoping to scribble some stuff that has him in it and I don't want to grossly go against canon...


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Actually, I have noticed a very interesting blurb about him in an ABERRANT book.

Seeing as I am the only Aeon fan to notice this, my giant ego dubs that I must be intellectually superior to all others. :colgate

The blurb is in the Project Utopia book, where they mention that Michael Mercer was VERY influential in establishing Project Utopia and the Aeon/UN relationship toward Nova affairs. I assume he is also a top (if not THE top) member of the Aeon council in the Aberrant Area. He was also very influential in writing that UN accord (that I can not remember the name of) that said Novas are human, and thus fall under human laws and protections.

In short, he is MASSIVLY influential in the Aberrant Area. This might be the reason Divis Mal jumped the gun with the Null Manifesto. He might have seen Mercer's son's actions as just the works of Mercer's puppet (Mal is a bit paranoid and impatient) and thus was trying to counter Mercer's ideology. Intellectual sparing. I guess he did not know that Mercer was not around at that time due to his time powers, and that his son was probably acting on his own (I don't see Mercer as the kind of guy who would control his son as just some extension of his own power and influence).

Michael Mercer is in control of most of his father's resources in the Aberrant Area, and thus ridiculously wealthy and influential. He also has shown he knows how to use said resources subtly and effectively to set up the ground work for Project Utopia, help write a MAJOR historic document that influences international affairs and the future of a species, AND set up relations between a private non-profited organization and the UN. Very impressive feats. Don't #### with him.

An interesting note is THIS. IF Michael Mercer IS in charge of the Aeon’s current Proteus friendly policies, than Max Mercer WILL be apposed to his son’s ideals and leadership when he makes his move to take charge of the Aeon again! Father verse Son, in a fight where the only advantage Mercer’s time powers have is that he is not dead of age.

What do you guys think Michael Mercer is? Nova? Stalwart? Psiad? Mesmerist? Daredevil? Doyen half-breed?

Personally, I just hope he is a baseline, or at most a Daredevil baseline. It makes it so much more impressive to change the world that way rather than through “super powers.”

What do you think? Was this info helpful Pax’s_Pimp?

I’m still curious about who the mother is…

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wierd, for being such a notorios aberrant fan i don't remember ever hearing anything about michael mercer... i guess that's what i get for only skimming the utopia book... :sarcasm ah well...


:crysmiley can i cry because there's no upeo avatar? :crysmiley

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so i had this thought, maybe you guys could gimme a line on what you think.

ok, divis mal (aka michael donnigal aka dr. primoris) is this major player in the aeon universe for well over 100 yrs, and according to baugh, one of the upper level powers in the players guide is why he isn't around in trinity. now i hve this hunch, and thats all it is, that the beautiful continuity they have going really hinges off this guy, he is solely responsible for the nova phenomenon and is an integral part to the history of aeon and trinity in particular.

heres the thought, of the upper level powers only a few would take him completely out of the timeline, and personally i find universe creation kinda lame and time/crosstime to be mercer's little niche. so it occurs to me after rereading it that plank scaling is a power that can alter the mind and body of anyone inside it permanently, not only that, but when initially formed it can be outside the nova generating it, allowing him to see the reflections of his innermost subconcious will. ok, divis is experimenting with powers and all of a sudden he manifests plank scaling. seeing whats really motivating him alters his views and he steps into the bubble to gain further enlightenment (his reasons for this could be something else, i've thought of a few and this one is arbitrary) and when he steps out he's michael mercer, a fusion of the ideals and principles he sees as being important to humanity as a whole.

this being done, mercer finds him and somehow transports him back in time (or he may do it himself) to the time most pivotal in aeon's history, the aberrant age.

this is why the only person unsurprised by the youth claiming to be mercer's son is max himself. he's the only one who has seen the future. not only this but it also explains how the most (or second most) important man in the aeon universe "isn't" present for the grand finale. i think he is, he's just taken yet another identity, changed roles yet again. see, that way the timeline is sparred the "wtf? where'd this guy go if he was so damn powerful?" and allows for that little "divis mal isn't in trinity" comment to sink up.

just my thought, bonce it around in your brain for a bit and tell me what you think.


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*coughs offhandedly* which would mean its maybe in another scheduled release ya? ;)

so i'm bumping this thread a little, honestly i wanna know what people think about this topic, and hell, about the whole mal issue too. i know its not a subject for this thread per se, but i think it applies at least offhandedly. if mal isn't in trinity then why? is micheal there? and who/ what is mr. mercer jr. exactly anyway? only mercer wasn't surprised and theres no mention of a mother. wheels within wheels. i smell metaplot yet to be tapped.

thoughts anyone? thoughts please :)

thats all for me


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Not in there that I recall.

Oh, sure... go and make us all JEALOUS why don't you? ::smiley8

At least Bruce Baugh just smiles into his sleeve instead of rubbing it in.


Victor, the reason that the guy with the ARMS is not in Trinity is because the developers of Trinity and Adventure wanted those games to be about the player characters. Even Deird're Brooks, talented as she is, couldn't get Mal directly into a PC scenario without having to use the big guy from Kentucky. Mal is off the scale. Hatch and Blackwelder (especially Blackwelder) gave Mal entirely too much focus. The imbalance is not Mal's absence in Trinity, but his overpresence in Aberrant.

Is Michael in Trinity? He is if the ST puts him there. What exactly is he? Anything the ST wants him to be. The hard and cold fact is that a canon answer is not likely to be forthcoming if, as Ian says, there's nothing about him in AsAs. It's possible we might get some new Adventure material in light of the Origins award, but that's only a maybee. It's possible that another publisher could buy the line, but that's even more of a maybee. It's possible that we could flap our arms and fly to the moon in order to have tea and crumpets with MMjr and ask him these questions face to face (well, ok, so that one's not possible, but it illustrates my point.)

We should not look to canon for answers that canon has not provided. Much of what is in our books is intended as a launchpad for our ideas. It is we, the players and STs, who must finish the stories that the proffessionals have begun. That's the whole point to gaming at this level.

What would I do with Micheal Mercer? I'd have him be very mysterious, and just a bit uncomfortable. This discomfort and mystery would be just barely noticably greater around one specific female PC. He'd also go to any lengths whatsoever to save this PC. Later on, long after he'd made his mysterious exit and heartfelt farewells, I'd arrange to have the self same female PC in a romantic affair with Max. I'd make Michael the son of that same female PC! (And don't you think for a second that I couldn't pull it off. I know my players. I know their characters. The only trick would be to maintain the subtlety of the motivational stimuli.)

So, then, what would other folk do with MMjr?

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I agree that the cannon metaplot is mostly a springboard for ST ideas, it's also a story within itself, and one I don't think the creators would willingly leave quite so open (even if nothing ever comes of anything else, AS AS, the origin awards, ect, I think burce or someone else will give away some of the major ideas they had in store eventually)

In the A! book, Whitley mentioned a curiosity about the mother. they never would have so blatenly pulled that to the reader's attention without a purpose, at least I don't think so.

I think that jake's idea is an interesting one, but too, would love to hear some other opinions on the matter.

...any takers??

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see, i view the inconsistancy as being something of an overuse of the original idea. i can handle the idea that the creators didn't want all the focus on him in aberrant as you say, but i don't by that the dude simply dissolves from a timeline he practically created. while canon may never be finished i still hold that regardless of what is there now, there was more when the project started. considering the entirety of the trintiy books progress steadily up to 2123 without so much as a slowed pace, it leads me to believe that there were several revelations lying in wait for readers. (this is corroborated by the initial developer's chat on ww) they had plans. they had a story outside the pcs that the pcs could interact with or sidestep. its not like the whole idea was just for them to release books to tell how all this played out, but that is certainly part of the plan. there is simply too much data to think otherwise.

my 2 cents again


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hey dr. o, wondering where that passage on michael is in utopia, i had my hands on the book the other day and couldn't find it, found stuff on mercer and all but i wanted to look closer at that passage on mercer junior. if you got a page number it would be much appreciated. oh, and if anyone has new responses to this thread, i'm bumping it yet again ::ninja

but you didn't see me do it ya hear?


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K, apparently some of you know a lot more about WW's current administrative affairs than I do so, I gotta ask...

What're the origin awards?

You seem to say the developers had stuff planned...is the whole trinity line abandoned? Will As As actually be published some day?

As for Michael Mercer, couldn't he just be a younger Max time warped as older max's son? He wouldn't be surprised 'cause he'd remember having been there...plus he could always time warp back which would explain his knowing a lot of the future. Anyway, I don't have any of my books with me so I can't verify all the places that mentioned him and/or Mal.

My 2 cents...

::robotmonkey  ::saki  ::robotmonkey

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ezekiel my only argument against Michael Mercer being a younger Max is that the other members of Aeon would recognize Mike Mercer as being their old friend and the book never says that Michael is a dead ringer for Max.

I suppose that could be the case but for some reason i can't put my finger on it just doesn't seem to fit...Maybe I'm just confused...

Paxs Pimp

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..i still think i like jake's theory best (at least of what i've heard) and hearing it time and again just makes it seem more and more convincing.... :P

...but really, it does fit all the pieces, clues and hints we have....and i give jake lots of credit for figuring things out like that....crafty little devil that he is....he and slag both....

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Btw 'nin, I just noticed the big birthday news, congratulations! (Better late than never)

I'm still waiting for the answer:

"Love is the answer, but while we're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions." - Woody Allen

::priest  ::halo  ::devil

P.S. What about the Origin awards? What are they? And is WW still publishing Trinity, Abbie and/or Adventure books?

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:D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

ty ezekiel!!    ::bigsmile

as for origin, other than them being a gaming award, i don't know much about them, how they work or how much weight they carry...

from what _i_ know (again, is limited and could be wrong) Asia Asendant is still scheduled to be out...in print too unless that's changed, which could easily be the case... but i don't know of any other Aeon-line books (A!, Abby, or Trin) that are on the WW list..... people are hopeful that the origin awards will change that, but there's no confirmation one way or the other on that.

now, everyone feel free to correct me!  ::blush

(and btw....nice question...   :P )

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the orgin award from what i gather is the highest award a game, whether it being roleplaying or just related can win... it's big, i know that... it's awarded once a year, covering a vast number of catagories. this year, adventure won the best roleplaying game of the year award... beat out all others... huge news for the aeon line...

more reliable info: Origin Awards

however, what i have also gathered from various people's speculation is that white wolf will ignore the line from now on... apparently, ww drops games that win awards... *shrug* this last part is only what i've heard though, and may be as factual as roleplaying itself... ;)

hope that helps....

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blue means you are the token sidekick that gets killed in the first half hour of the film.....

either that, or you're wearing red underwear outside your pants and have a clark kent fetish, could be that one too..... ;)

hehe, jk joe

back on topic though, anyone seen dr. o? i really want to find that passage in utopia. my grand theories hinge on it!

ooh, and slight revisionto my last theory, to make that little continuity slip even more poiniant, and take out mall and mercer from the active timeline, thus eliminating the two main deus ex machina in the game, a future version of mercer (this being the ooldest version) knowing that he is nearing the end of his life travels back to the aberrant era wherein  mal is developing plank scaling (or they have a battle and that somehow manifests, whichever) and based off the predictions of both himself and the soon to be micheal mercer he steps into the plank bubble and merges with mal. he uses the last of his energy to send himself (now merged into a hybrid of the qualities that made both men great) back in time to aeon's doorstep. i also have a hunch that if it happened this way he would have eliminated his own powers for the ultimate betterment of mankind, realizing that even he is not fully fit to wield such power. more musings, tell me what you think, and someone please let me know where that section is on him in aberrant.


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First off, Jake, I want some of whatever you're smoking, bub.   ;)  Seems to be doing well by you.  ::smokin

Secondly, I'm not a big Aberrant fan, and only skim through the books to the good stuff (tech, powers, etc), so I can't really help with finding that passage. But the ideas you pose are rather thought provoking. I'd love to see a write-up of it with snippets from the books as support for the theory. (You're in college, you know how this is done, right? ... Right?  ::eh )

Sounds like it'd make for an intersting story. In fact, it gives me some rather evil ideas with which to inflict madness and agony upon the other Horsemen.  ::bigsmile

Here ya go, Jake. For them ideas, I grant you full use of robomonkey XTG6.  ::robotmonkey


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