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Aberrant RPG - Cover Characters


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ok, this may sound wierd, but there are sites on the internet where you can find the identity of every character on the cover of the Crisis of the Infinite Earths cover for example, is there such a resouces for the Aberrant game cover? (Yes, some are obvious, but I'd like all their names *grin*)

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Ok, here is who I see on the cover and their names... Going clockwise from the top right corner of the front cover I see...

A figure before the moon, Duke "Core" Barron fighting a nasty sucker (that being either 1. Graydon, 2. A miteoid or 3. I have no clue who else it could be), the central figure is obviously Randal Portman (aka the Fireman), next is Mefistofaleez, above him is a partial figure (will detail that person as a Spine image) killing what I assume are unknown soldiers, next is Mal and finally Pax.

On the spine is Totentanz (with his gold mask and the spear we see on the front cover) and some woman with long red braided hair.

On the back cover (starting in the top left this time and going clockwise) are a red haired woman (possibly same as on spine), a cigar chomping dude (maybe Lance Stryker?), a butler looking guy, an angry oriental, Antaeus (much better pic than on p36), the guy in green with the woman in silver that Fred can't identify, Alejendra with adoring crowd, Splash of T2M, Corbin, lots of T2M (check below), and Slider being killed before a faceless crowd.

The T2M picture: bottom up....

A green guy (Ricardo Montoya-Bernal?), a guy with a red mohawk, a guy with a mask, Skew is in the foreground, a red haired woman (Psyche? aka Allison Pfaltzgraff), a bair chested man (Ewen Banks? aka 'The Apollo Kid')

So, anyone willing to fill in my missing ones?

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