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I have heard mention of him in the books and on the forum, but beyond his name and his being a mover and shaker in the Aberrant movement I know nothing about him... can anyone share anything about him with me?

Thanks in advance.

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Your best resource for info on the good doctor would be Expose: Aberrants, as he gets a nice char writeup in there. My copy is in my house in Alberta, many moons away from my apt here in Halifax where I'm taking school, but I'll try to jot down what I remember of him.

-He's the head of the most anti-Utopian, pro-nova faction that don't mind getting a little proactive in giving the "fascist" Project a bloody nose every now and then.

-His taint has manifested into some kind of hideous tentacle in his abdomen he does his best to conceal. . .unless you're on his bad side of course. . .

-He's an eloquent and erudite speaker, one of the most charismatic of the current triad of Aberrant leaders (Sophia Rousseau, Andre Corbin, and he being the most vocal/powerful).

That's all I can remember for now. . .I'll try and post more as I remember it. Hope this helps.


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Doctor Worm rocks my world and is by himself enough reason to buy Exposé: Aberrants. The rest of the book wasn't very interesting in my opinion, but I've ranted about it on another thread somewhere around here already so I won't go through that again. The doctor was however quite interesting and a funny personality to torment players and their characters with.

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"...some kind of hideous tentacle in his abdomen..."

I suspect that the tentacle comes from right below his abdomen... if you know what I mean.  Not a good place to get "Face of Terror".

The good doctor also has "find weakness", mega-Str, and there is a picture of (I think) him flying.  I suspect that he also has mega-dex (flexibility) and some mega-stam.  He also has Dorm.

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