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CHILL!!!!! I have the transcript here but I have been unable to save all the emotes. I'll post it here in an attempt to save them. I hope this works.

Awww... looks like it hasn't. Well I hope it's enjoyable either way.

Welcome to the EON Chat, LiquidMetal

Welcome to room Lobby

The topic in this room is: Chat away people

LiquidMetal: Heya

Iron_Angel: Heya yourself.

LiquidMetal: Yea. Same to you too!  

LiquidMetal: Is blackhammer here?

Come back soon, LiquidMetal

Lets get ready to Ruuuuumbllllllleeeeeeeee!

Welcome to room Monday_Massacre!

The topic in this room is: X! W! F!

[ EON: Chat: >>> Iron_Angel walks slowly into the room Monday_Massacre!. ]

LiquidMetal: hi bard

Iron_Angel: Hey there!

Iron_Angel: (Say, who is Bard?)

LiquidMetal: We thought you were blackhammer for a sec

LiquidMetal: (bard's from the forum. me and him game sometimes)

[ EON: Chat: >>> Black_Hammer walks slowly into the room Monday_Massacre!. ]

Black_Hammer: Grrrr!

Bard (private): bard, Gentleman for Hire and Mystery Archaeologist (what does he mean "who is Bard?"?)

Iron_Angel: Maybe another circle member or a volentier ST?

Black_Hammer: I was hoping to hit someone, but I can ST if required.

LiquidMetal: Bard, tell us about your fighter "no gloves"

Bard: Well...

Bard: ...Mike "No-Gloves" Jameson was a lower class black kid from a family of five in Phili

Iron_Angel: Yes, what are his weaknesses?  

Bard: He got into boxing in highschool as a way to escape the pressures of dealing with a sick mother and a deadbeat father. He found a talent for it

LiquidMetal: Wait... three sentence version plz  

Bard: And eventually made it into the Golden Gloves chamionship.

Black_Hammer: pipe down, you tentacled freak.

Bard: Ok. No-Gloves is the BEST boxer in the world, kicked out of the Baseline boxing circuit because he killed his opponent in a chamionship bout.

LiquidMetal: Which one of us?

Black_Hammer: Liquid Metal.

LiquidMetal: Dang. You, you must be a tentacle racist or something, you know that?

Iron_Angel: I thought I killed Liquid Metal.

Black_Hammer: Bard- we're listening.

LiquidMetal: Aaah. Almost, thank God for regeneration.

Bard: He's a tentaclist

Black_Hammer: He flatlined for a sec there, so technically you did.

LiquidMetal: Yea. Tis true.

Bard: You flatlined him?

Bard: Dude!

Black_Hammer: When I use the phrase "Tentacled freak", it's to distinguish you from the other 25 foot tall metal freak in the room.

Bard: Hey, LM, how about we bring in Yi and the rest of the Dynasty to the XWF?

LiquidMetal: I was seeing a light at the end of a tunnel. Iron Angel is /tough/!

LiquidMetal: No, I don't think we should, Bard  

Iron_Angel: Well thank you. Say did we make it to the end of the round?

Black_Hammer: rolls shoulders I'm sure he is.

Bard: Oh come on. Don't you want to see Yi beat Superbeast around the room with his bare hands without spending a quantum point?

Iron_Angel: Or was the fight stopped in mid round?

LiquidMetal: Black Hammer, just be careful eh? And good luck. If you beat Iron Angel I aught to buy you a drink.

Black_Hammer: "Round" in the boxing sense or the OOC sense?

Iron_Angel: OOC

LiquidMetal: Our fight lasted less than 20 seconds. I guess you were stopped before you landed your last "hit".

Bard: Wait a sec.

Bard: How come Iron Angel speaks in Blue?

LiquidMetal: He edited his profile.

Black_Hammer: I think it's in your profile.

Black_Hammer: jinx.

Iron_Angel: I set my color to metalic blue.

LiquidMetal: double jinx. no mercy. no take backs  

Black_Hammer: Iron Angel: as the victor of last week's Massacre, would you like to referee this one?

Bard: Ah

LiquidMetal: Okay. I thought Iron Angel was going to be fighting the Black Hammer. What's this?

Iron_Angel: I could, but I'd learn things about Black H and he might want to fight me.

Black_Hammer: OK, LM, you wanna ref this one?

Iron_Angel: That was the idea. Say, what circle are you in Bard?

LiquidMetal: Red circle, aren't you?

Bard: Well...

Black_Hammer: I have no problem seperating IC and OOC info, generally, but that's probably because I'm always GMing.

Bard: ...but if you let me bring Yi in he's the circle above black.

Black_Hammer: afk- one second . . .

Iron_Angel: What does "afk" mean?

LiquidMetal: He's away for killing... or soemthing like that

Black_Hammer: Away From Keyboard. or "Also F*king Killed"

LiquidMetal: j/k

Black_Hammer: I'm back.

LiquidMetal: Did you kill anyone while away  ?

Black_Hammer: No. I'm a Good Guy.

Bard: Guys, this chat is killing my machine

Bard: Lagging way too much

Bard: Between this and NB

Iron_Angel: I thought I was the Good Guy?

Bard: I'm gonna head out.


LiquidMetal: Ok. Later Bard.  

Black_Hammer: Wanna disconnect/reconnect?

[ EON: Chat: <<< Bard beams out of EON: Chat. ]

Iron_Angel: OK Black_Hammer, I'm guessing the choice of chalenge is yours. The 3rd can ST.

Black_Hammer: Well, if you win maybe you're the goodguy. I've got that low-Taint crowd pleaser thing going on.

LiquidMetal: I only came to watch. If I story tell, I'll be forever throwing away my character. I'm not ready to do that yet.

Iron_Angel: Hmmm. OK, this might still work.....

Black_Hammer: Let's see: Live, No-Ref - how 'bout this: We roll our own "internal" rolls, for things like Shapeshift. We tell the other person how many successes we got on attack rolls and what the base damage is.

Black_Hammer: We roll the damage done AGAINST US, keep track of our own body levels and the like.

Black_Hammer: Anything I'm leaving out for complete secrecy?

Iron_Angel: OK, That will have to do. Somethings we will have to whisper.

LiquidMetal: That's certainly possible. It only gives away how much damage of what type were doing.

Black_Hammer (private): test whisper to LM

LiquidMetal (whispers to Black_Hammer): I hear ya

Black_Hammer: Did you guys get my separate test whispers?

Iron_Angel: Yes, did you?

LiquidMetal: Yup. You got mine?

Black_Hammer: I got bothayers.

Iron_Angel: OK, the ring is the same as before, one month later.

Black_Hammer: I'm afraid this is going to have to be a really boring arena. Otherwise we're going to get into "need a ruling" territory.

Iron_Angel: Say, 30 meters by 30?

Black_Hammer: Oh, hell, it'll have the whirling deathblades and the chains and all. what's life without a challenge?

Iron_Angel: 60m by 60 then?

Black_Hammer: 60m by 60 works for me.

Iron_Angel: I suspect that we are both so tough that blades won't be a problem.

Black_Hammer: Hope so.

Iron_Angel: High roll steps out first?

Black_Hammer: Deal.

Iron_Angel: Beat a 2!


Black_Hammer: the dull thudding bass starts up as Black Hammer enters the ring. An obsidian sculpture of a man, with an anvil over one shoulder , stomps in.

LiquidMetal: I'll watch my competition from one of the private boxes.

Black_Hammer: "No Light Fantastic Ever Crosses My Mind. . .That Meditation Stuff Will Make You Go Blind. Just Crank The Volume To The Point of Pain. . .Why Waste Good Music On a Brain?"

Black_Hammer: Heavy! Duty! Heavy Duty Rock and Roll!

Black_Hammer: sorry, that should have been in theme-music italics.

Black_Hammer: The Black Hammer lightly puts down the anvil in the corner of the ring.

Black_Hammer: "Ladies and Gentlemen. . .weighing in at over a ton. . .He Slammed the Vore in Austin. . .He Pounded the Polyp in LA. . .BLACK HAMMER!"

Black_Hammer: the crowd goes sorta, kinda wild

Iron_Angel: Ref: And in this corner, weighing in at 35 TONS! The Iron Angel!!!!

LiquidMetal: "I can't tell who will win. Black Hammer looks tough, he's got a good record and I have no idea how invulnerable he really is..."

Iron_Angel: The sounds of Chant fill the air as Iron Angel Steps into the ring.

Iron_Angel: He pauses at the door, grabs a microphone (35 feet in the air)

LiquidMetal: "On the other hand. B.B Bartlett told me personally that only 4 fighters of the black circle could stand toe to toe with Angel... is Black Hammer one of them?"

Iron_Angel: And says "God grant me the strength to carry on here". "If I win, I swear I will donate tonights winnings to Catholic Releaf Services.

[ EON: Chat: >>> FrayedEdge enters the room Monday_Massacre!. ]

Iron_Angel: His halo brightens noticeably at that.

Black_Hammer: A lovely, Gothy woman in a widow's dress sits two seats down from Liquid Metal. Pale skinned, black hair, red red lips. . .Vanessa Van Scythe, Black Hammer's manager.

Black_Hammer: Black Hammer looks around, at the possible threat, or support. . .

Iron_Angel: And then, 2 steps into the ring, he holds out his hand and a massive flamming Sword appears in it.

LiquidMetal: "Black Hammer aught to donate his winnings to your medical bill" Mused Jacen with a dry voice.

Iron_Angel: Pointed upward, drops of melted metal drip down.

Black_Hammer: Black Hammer loosens his shoulders, and advances

LiquidMetal: "It begins, and the arena is watching with bated breath. Hell, so am I."

FrayedEdge: Watches, breath bated.

LiquidMetal: ((Are you in the private box with the watching fighters and managers, frayed?))

Black_Hammer: The enormous Nova charges, his feet hitting the ground like giant hammers. The seven-foot monolith stands his ground.

FrayedEdge: ((I haven't entered ICly, yet. I'm waiting to get an idea of what's going on))

Iron_Angel: Iron Angel runs forward, at almost inhuman speed, he attacks and Black_Hammer is ingulfed in flame.

Black_Hammer: One moment while I do some math. ..

LiquidMetal: ((Good luck Black Hammer! Show us what you got Angel!))

FrayedEdge: Is sitting in one of the crap seats, far from the arena's vitrium walls. He curses as his drink is spilled by the reverberating footfalls of the shootfighter.

LiquidMetal: ((A question is Angel actually made of metal?))

Iron_Angel (private): He doesn't look it. How do you tell?

LiquidMetal (whispers to Iron_Angel): Well that would be the answer.

LiquidMetal (whispers to Iron_Angel): What I meant was, "Does Angel look like he's made of iron?"

[ EON: Chat: <<< FrayedEdge sneaks quietly out of the room Monday_Massacre!. ]

[ EON: Chat: >>> FrayedEdge opens the door, looks around and enters into the room Monday_Massacre!. ]

Black_Hammer: The obsidian menace seems to duck TOWARDS the giant sword, rather than away.The blade reverbrates , rebounds, and the ground cracks under the smaller Nova's feet.

LiquidMetal: Jojo: "Amazing. Move from BlackHammer!" Bud:_ "Let's see that in super, super slow motion!"

Iron_Angel: Iron Angel's appearance is disquitely perfect. He looks like he stepped out of a painting.

Black_Hammer: Stepping out of his own footprints, the Hammer leaps up, trailing black blood, and drives a fist into the Angel's hip. . .

Iron_Angel: His flesh is white and angel perfect.

LiquidMetal: ((oops problem with my bold))

Black_Hammer: . . .but first. . .

LiquidMetal: Jojo: "Iron Angel is not only a firmly religious man, but a great fighter and quite the ladies man apparently."

LiquidMetal: ...he continues as they fight Jojo: "There are many opmails coming in every day; asking for more pictures of Angel."

Black_Hammer: . . .the Angel slides backwards six feet and swats the Hammer out of the air with his sword.

Black_Hammer: Jojo: That's gonna leave a mark.

LiquidMetal: ... *Bud interjects* Bud: "Yea there are a couple adult only opsites with pics of Angel. But let's see how he fights."

Iron_Angel: Angel strikes downward....

FrayedEdge: Spittle hits the back of his neck, ejected from the frothing mouth of the mark behind him, as the other 87, 995 attendees pop.

Black_Hammer: And the Black hammer is smote! He falls to the ground, a giant crack in his skin- the paraphysicians are going wild- the Hammer is DOWN!

Iron_Angel: The sword actually hits both sides of Black_Hammer. It then travels further down and partly vaporizes the floor.

Black_Hammer: He's flatlined!

Black_Hammer: His manager, Vanessa Van Scythe, pops into the ring, puts her hands on the gaping wound, and stares up at the alabaster Messenger of God.

LiquidMetal: The crowd screams Jojo: "Amazing an unbelievable finish by Angel!"

Iron_Angel: Iron Angel continues the sword motion for yet another blow and then barely halts as the buzzer goes off.

Black_Hammer: "Back off you oversized hypocrite", she snarls, as the wound visibly closes under her hands.

FrayedEdge: A flying hotdog smacks him in the side of the face. He wipes mustard off his nose as his vision is obscured by the crowd jumping to their feet.

Iron_Angel: Angel opens his hand, and the unreal heat fades, as does the sword.

LiquidMetal: Jojo: "That's the second near fatality in as many fights! The med team is following Black Hammer's manager out"

Black_Hammer: The Angel backs away under the inhuman venom of Van Scythe's glare.

Iron_Angel: Angel closes his eyes in grief, and turns away...

LiquidMetal: *IA's theme song plays and the crowd chants for him in a holy hymn.*

LiquidMetal: *Crowd's can be cruel like that.*

LiquidMetal: *The med team approaches Black Hammer... "are you ok sir"?*

Black_Hammer: The crowd roars for the Angel. . .

LiquidMetal: *Meanwhile... Jojo: "The winner... Iron Angel!!!"

Iron_Angel: Waying to the crowd, the angel can only try to think of the dozens of lives that will be saved... CRS does a good job.

Black_Hammer: . . .and in an ignored corner of the ring, three tons of broken stone croaks, "Do I LOOK OK?"

LiquidMetal: *"S-s-s Sorry sir."*

Black_Hammer: Yet, less than a minute later, the Hammer walks back to his dressing room under his own power.

FrayedEdge: Hack wonders for the umpteenth time what he's doing here. Remembers that its because he was going to meet a girl here, and she never showed. He gets up and starts forcing his way through the fervent crowd, flicking off anyone who glares at him.

LiquidMetal: ((  frayed))

LiquidMetal: ((Ok guys, I'll make a copy of the transcript anything else you'd like to add?))

Black_Hammer: He's the better Nova.

LiquidMetal: "Yea he's a tough one alright", says the tall man.

LiquidMetal: "I'm Liquid Metal. You put up one hell of a fight one tonight."

LiquidMetal: "on tonight."

Iron_Angel: (Are you talking to IA or BH)?

LiquidMetal: ((BH, right now. I'll be talking to you after, if you're around))

LiquidMetal: Hold's his hand out to BH to be shaked "Easy there. I'm in human form, eh"

Black_Hammer: I dunno, I thought I was pretty good. I am pretty good. He's just better.

Iron_Angel: (Gotcha.) Iron walks off to the dressing room as the crew cleans up.

LiquidMetal: Laughs in his usually hyper-energetic manner "Sorry. I thought the same damn thing!"

Black_Hammer: Good thing wee

Black_Hammer: we had a good opening act fight, 'cause otherwise a LOT of fans would want their money back.

LiquidMetal: smiles consolingly "Cheer up bub. You get 1/4 of the cash and you get the satisfaction of knowing you're one of the four."

Black_Hammer: Four what?

Black_Hammer: quirks mouth ironically

LiquidMetal: "Like me. You're one of the four novas in the black circle who can actually stand toe to toe with a holy monster like Angel. He's unstoppable so far."

Black_Hammer: "I saw the fight. I thought I had a trick for him. He's just a lot faster than I expected."

LiquidMetal: "Oh he's near unbeatable if you fight him one on one; balls to the wall. I noticed your manager by the way, you lucky dog  "

Black_Hammer: "Vanessa? We're just friends. I'm sure you know THAT song."

LiquidMetal: "She's one of the suits, like BB. But she's special. She's a nova isn't she?"

Black_Hammer: "She's a DeVries Elite. They won't let her compete. "

LiquidMetal: "Aaah. We should talk more. We might end up fighting each other, or standing side by side against someone. We might as well know each other."

Black_Hammer: . . . and the two novas leave the arena together. "I know a good place for BBQ around here. "

FrayedEdge: Hack gets punched on his way out.

LiquidMetal: "I'm going to pay Angel a quick visit first... one sec."

LiquidMetal: knocking on Angel's door

Iron_Angel: A small man opens the door. Yes?

Iron_Angel: "Oh, LM, its you. Come on in."

LiquidMetal: Angel's fight manager says... "Hey Angel, your rookie friend Liquid whats-his-face, wants to see ya. I sez he should get lost okay?"

Iron_Angel: "No, let him in."

Iron_Angel: How is Black_Hammer holding up?

LiquidMetal: "Oooh wait. You want him to stay"..... "Hey LIQUID! Get back in here!"

LiquidMetal: LM jumps back in, giving Angel's manager a wink that says "I told ya so"

Iron_Angel: So, I hope he is alright?

LiquidMetal: When LM sees Angel he seems to stop in fear for a moment. A most disheartening stop for a young and powerful man.

LiquidMetal: Black Hammer, he's seen better days. But physically the man is a tank and a half.

LiquidMetal: Did he work you up back there? I saw how you tore into him.

Iron_Angel: Good stuff. We did good things for the Lord out there. I would hate to think that his time had come.

Iron_Angel: (looking embarised) I'm afraid I over estimated his durability.

LiquidMetal: His face is still. He seems to want to say something, but swallows it back

LiquidMetal: (shrugs) He's good.

Iron_Angel: I forget sometimes just how much GOD's backing really means.

FrayedEdge: ((OOCly eats up the drama))

LiquidMetal: And you, how are you holding up Angel? I thought he got a few licks in...

Iron_Angel: Oh, I was done healing before the match ended. I never really got a chance to see what he had.

FrayedEdge: ((but . . . has to go, resolving to read the transcript later  ))

[ EON: Chat: <<< FrayedEdge beams out of EON: Chat. ]

Iron_Angel: A pity really, I really felt the power of GOD defending me.

LiquidMetal: steals a cigar out of the nearby managers pocket and lits up  Cool. I gotta get some of this holy power next time  

Iron_Angel: The way is simple. You could start by giving most of your winnings to charity.

LiquidMetal: Really, Angel don't you think you may be laying it on a bit thick... charity? "Gadzooks" my dad would say.

LiquidMetal: Well, I suppose you aught to know, Angel. That BB Bartlett has decided you're to be my "mentor". What ever that means...

Iron_Angel: Ah, my friend, true power is gained by living and doing what you believe in.

LiquidMetal: I suppose it has something to do with that "iron" part in your name. But you don't look all metalic so plz, clue me in.

LiquidMetal: eyes angel with one raised eyebrow

Iron_Angel: I heard. The main thing to remember is how to live, off the ring, not in it.

Iron_Angel: Many of our comrades have destroyed themselves, not out in the ring, but inside themselves.

LiquidMetal: Hah. Okay, but my manager ain't gonna be happy if you and I don't start some serious training bub. Now I gotta go get some bbq chicken wings, the good kind.

LiquidMetal: walks out, waving to angel. giving the manager a look

LiquidMetal: ((Sorry, BH. Didn't mean to put you to sleep.  ))

Black_Hammer: audible in the distance, JoJo saying, "This night's activities go out to Lee Cordochorea!"

LiquidMetal: ((Why did I say OOC that was perfectly IC? Pretend it is))

LiquidMetal: Some in the crowd chant "Lee! Lee! Lee!"

Iron_Angel: ((Who?))

Black_Hammer: ((Thingmaker.))

LiquidMetal: ((thingmaker)) Jacen approaches BH

Black_Hammer: How goes the night?

LiquidMetal: What's up. (it's not a question when he says it;-))

Black_Hammer: some kid runs up to Black Hammer, says, 'You got your a$$ KICKED!!!' and runs off

LiquidMetal: Sorry to put you to sleep.

Black_Hammer: I could eat. You?

LiquidMetal: to the kid #### off punk. Or I'll unleash my monster on your pretty preteen ass!

LiquidMetal: to himself Hmmm... I ought to put that slogan on a t-shirt.

Black_Hammer: Don't bother. There's a million of them, they paid their money, they got their blood, and. . .well, he's right.

LiquidMetal: Hah, she's just a mark... wait a sec did you say "he"? Aw crap.

Black_Hammer: And, y'know, they DO pay us enough for this shit.

LiquidMetal: Amen.  

Black_Hammer: OOC: time for us to all wander off into the night?

LiquidMetal: Alright. I'm saving the transcript...

LiquidMetal: ....booga booga.... 1... 2....

Black_Hammer: Night, all.


LiquidMetal: ....3.

Black_Hammer: Night, IA.

[ EON: Chat: <<< Black_Hammer leaves EON: Chat. ]

LiquidMetal: Saved


[ EON: Chat: <<< Iron_Angel sneaks quietly out of EON: Chat. ]

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Im posting the transcript on the site right now.

You will be able to find it in the same section as the other XWF transcript - and a link from the first transcript will be added as well.

I floated the idea of a league, complete with NovaPhiles and character art and the like with people (Thingmaker & Wookie I think).

This would be a complete new section of EON: Aberrant - anyone interested, anyone (Thingmaker? ) wanna help organise?  Anyone think I'm talking out of my arse?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Actually Chill, I'm already working on a nova phile for Liquid Metal cuz despite his silly no brain eruption he's damn cool and fun to play! I'm bad at all this character art stuff, but I'll improve (I'll try sending you the stuff after spring break when I have access to a scanner and graphics programs).

To get your character ok'd send a message to thingmaker3@attbi.com and explain what this character is for (The XWF game and which circle) and how you spent freebies and nova points.

To play as a player controled npc all you need to do is show up. Most matches are arranged before hand or on the fly via the White Wolf Trinity Forum. We ask that you watch the show and enjoy yourself IC, but please refrain from doing silly things like warping the arena to another planet or shrouding the entire fight. The year is 2008 and those sorts of mad sheninanigans are yet to come. :D


Professional walking carpet. Dragon of the North. Radioactive punk.

:I'm With Stupid

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