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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - {Character Profile} Asche Lonn

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Name: Asche Lonn

Nova Name: N/A

Age: N/A. Apparent: mid to late 30’s

Gender: Male

Concept: Alien Benefactor / Exiled Power turned CEO bent on changing the world by influencing others.

Height: 6'10”

Weight: 260# Athletic Build, like a very tall Quarterback.

Hair: Dark Blonde/Light Brown. Worn short

Eyes: Gray

Nature: Visionary

Demeanor: Judge

When he is travelling casually he is usually wearing something akin to the avatar pic; light slacks or jeans, button up shirt and a vest or light coat. He rarely is seen to be carrying any items or weapons.


Asche comes from a time where Nova’s never existed. Where mankind in general had grown and populated not just the neighboring planets, but had colonized millions of worlds and systems. This galaxy and a few others had seen the determination of the terran empire and the ingenuity of the human race. He is not human himself but had always claimed a dear kinship with them. The last several centuries on this planet has made him closer to man and the rock called Earth than he ever had with his own people.

He originally come back to ancient earth for reasons unknown and lost to all save those he holds closest. At one time and on an alternate earth he led an organization toward protection of the earth and the timeline. Something went wrong long ago causing Asche to wander the parallel earths in search of answers. Some say he wishes to die and others say he is just wishing to pass time until his native era arrives. Then he will be returned to his people.


Asche is largely an unknown, even on his native earth. He always sets others up as the front man and seeks no glory himself. He tries hard to make sure that only true natives of earth and the residents of the timeline he is in get credit and recognition. He rarely if ever does something simply because he wants to and instead ties his interests to the interests of stability for the timeline. Perhaps this is his way of justifying the making uneasy decisions that seem to favor no one.

Where ever he goes, he seems to find three to five individuals in which to place his trust. In them he motivates change and implants desires for improving and protecting their fellow man.


Asche’s species is more than human on several levels. Having to stand on his own for over a millennia, he has channeled energies into improving himself to become a prime example of his species.

He has exhibited examples of all physical attributes being on par respectably with many novas. Asche takes much pride in his intellect being able to solve most of his problems and where that fails and people are involved, charm and manipulation are not beneath him; all of which are again on par with respectable nova levels. . His Perception so far has been without equal.

Asche has no need to eat or sleep but still engages in these activities for purely social interaction.

He possesses metafaculties or psionic abilities, mimicking telepathy, psychokinesis, and teleportation. He also is believed to have regeneration or some similar ability to heal himself

In combat he favors his swiftness and martial arts over ranged weapons. Rarely is he found without the precise item he might need for a given situation, as if he saw ahead that he was going to need that micro-destabilizer.

{{OOC}}If node-pinged, Asche will reflect the illusion, or false signature of having a node and a quantum signature rating of near 7 dots.


Mr. Lonn considers himself more of a thinker and plotter than most and as such had developed ties with Dr. Rachel Alinsky of Deviries and had pooled information with his own company, Lonn Medical and Securities, on many occasions. They parted ways when she began to head up development in harmful nanotechnologies against his fair warning.

He rarely will use his powers and abilities when he does not have to; he will not use powers out of convenience or for showy displays. Asche lives by a strict code that prohibits him from using unfair advantages against his adversaries to benefit himself.

In all, he gets joy from the simple things and not really needing anything (Food, money, sleep, shelter), will follow the most direct path to a goal without compromising his principles.


In this apparent new world, Asche will do what he can to establish a notable respectable income. Having lost centuries of development with his companies and Pax Con, not to mention that account numbers are changed and financial institutions are non-existant, he needs to find a means.

He will likely decend upon the typical lowlifes and drug cartels/gunrunners/etc. He cant build an organization and help people to grow without at least an apparent means of life.

Ultimately he simply wants to determine if the energies he detected were indeed the Rend and if this world is safe and not in the path of the disease. If this timeline seems stable, he will seek to remedy the malady and one day return to his native time.

Of course, discovering that Divis Mal and other malcontents are alive and well in this reality might alter his goals. The only problem then will be that Asche is without the backing of Pax Con.

Date: 2010

Timeline: Alternate (for now)

Events: Irrelevant as he is a new comer to this flow of time and space. Anything stated here could be taken as boasts or signs of weakness.

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