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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - {Character Profile] Daniel "Hotstreak" Allard

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Name-Daniel Oliver Allard

Codename- Hostreak

Age- 16

Eyes- Red

Hair- Black

Height- 172 cm

mass- 70kg

Generation- 3rd

Daniel Allard has always known that he was adopted, but in truth that never mattered to him. He's a Native of Southwest Louisiana, speciffically Lake Charles. His Adopted parents, Quintus and Megan Allard treated them as if he were their son. Quintus works for the FBI and as such isn't home all that much, but when he is, he provides a strong hand to guide the young Daniel. His Mother Megan is a school teacher at a local high school and always pushed the more athletically inclined Daniel to also excel at his studies as well.

He'd always been excitable and strongwilled, and his father decided that the martial arts would be a good avenue to try and channel his energy down. For eight years Daniel studied Jujustu and TaeKwonDo, exceling in his studies and earning several trophies for his natural ability. As he grew older he began to run track, exceling there due to his fleetness of foot.

While he's always been abit brash and hotheaded, he's actually easy to get along with. He's extremely blunt, preferring to air any issues he has with someone or something and resolve them unlike most of his peers. His success in sports has made him popular thorough his life, as he's always been picked first or second.

The manifestation of his powers however forced a few changes. There was an electrical short in some of the wires at the "dojo" he studied the martial arts at, and this went unnoticed until it was too late, and it quickly started a fire that grew exponentially. Several students tried to escape out the back, but that went horribly wrong when the burning roof caved in over them. Everyone else was leaving through the front and Daniel stood there, the heat making something click within him. Suddenly he knew he could stop it. "Vanish." At his command the fires diminished, He continued until the fires were gone. The EMT's and Firefighters found him in the back of the building, desperately trying to get to the people who'd been buried.

The EMT's hustled him away and told him there was nothing they could do. Crestfallen he was taken home by his parents, and later visited by the police. He gave his own recounting of what happened, which was corroborated by the other students and his sensei, but the fact remained, he was a mutant.

Knowing that this would get out, his parents were suprised when the next day A redheaded woman appeared at their doorstep. She introduced herself as Riva Douglas, and like Daniel she too was a mutant. "There is a school for him where he will not be ridiculed for being a mutant, where he can learn to fully control his gifts."

She provided a wealth of information on the school, along with her own credentials as a teacher, and thanked them for their time and left. Three days later after three days of scared looks, and at least 3 fights at school that Daniel didn't start, his parens with heavy hearts urged him to consider going with Riva.

Knowing that they were right, he nodded and made the call.

Riva brought him to the school and showed him around. The next day she tested his abilities. He had complete control of fire, and could generate small amounts.

Unknown to him, one of the people trapped under the rubble did survive. Michiru Akatsuki suffered burns to forty percent of her body. She has continued to study the martial arts, all the while plotting her revenge against the mutant that had destroyed her life.She blames him for what happened, believing that the story of the electrical short is just a coverup concoted because his Father is FBI.

Four years later, Daniel has matured nicely, easily one of the more handsome young men at the school. He still excels at athletic activity, even moreso than he had before. He's extremely popular, and known for his party animal nature. He's brash, excitable, and impulsive, and he's known to have an explosive temper. He's fairly flirtatious with most of the female students, though that's lessened as of late. His negative qualities aside, everyone knows him to be loyal, with a strong sense of honor and self. No one questions his resolve, and most who have tried have found he's very hard to control.

He has since mastered his ability to control and create fire, Thanks in large part to Riva taking him under her wing. He views her as a big sister, and occassionally will call her "Big Sis" to her chagrin. Secretly she's pleased with the progress he's made and proud that he's adapted so well to life at school. He's quick to defend her lack of power, some of the other teachers are much stronger, but Riva has an innate understanding of her abilities, something she's tried to impart to Daniel with little success.

The main reason this known ladie's man has "cooled down" as of late is Diana "Glacia" Madison. It's said opposites attract, and it's very hard to find a couple that this is less true for. He controls Fire, she controls cold. They fight like cats and dogs for the most part, but as a team they have an odd almost perfect synergy. She's Cool and calculating. She'd always been fairly isolated due to a quirk of her powers, no one ever wanted to be near her because she chilled the air by being present. With his inherant abilities, he was able to reach a sort of compromise. Even though they're a couple they bicker and fight, but everyone knows that they'll resolve it later, and almost resemble a normal couple, just in time for the next round of arguing to begin. Their friendship began at school but continued to develop into more after a trip to the beach where seeing her difficulties, Daniel used his powers to allow her to enjoy herself too.

Daniel is among the few people that have gotten past her icy exterior, and Glacia is among the only people that get past Dan's hot-headedness to see the real Dan beneath it all.

His red eyes are generally explained as contacts to normal people, or hidden behind sunglasses in public. They burn brightly when he uses his abilities, easily shining out from behind the glasses, identifying him as a mutant. His body always feels warm to the touch, regardless of the situation, as he radiates an aura of heat. In subzero temperatures he's warm, and usually those around him are too.

He wears a costume that was given to him by Riva for Christmas. It serves as a form of light armor and clothing, as it's fairly resilient and can change its shape into other forms of clothing. He didn't dare ask what it cost, but thanked her profusely and told her how much she'd helped him, how he couldn't have done this without her.

He's actually a very good cook for someone as young as he is something he credits to his Mother's tutelage when he was younger. He tends to like his food extremely spicy, though he tones it down when cooking for other people. He's proud of his Cajun heritage and specializes in those dishes and cooking game, and when truly upset he's been know to swear profusely in French. His parents have him on an allowance while at the school, and he drives a red 04 Jeep Patriot. The vehicle's solid, despite him not really knowing how to fix it. He's been lucky in that he got it in good condition and doesn't drive it too hard.

That was his life, until the day the dreadnaughts attacked. After a short fierce battle they called up the schools' primary warper for a ride home, and Sonja and Daniel were separated, ending up in an entirely different world.

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Str 5 strong arms

Dex 8 Fast

Athletics 5

Drive 3

Martial Arts 5

Firearms 1

Stamina 8 tough

Resistance 5

Endurance 5

Perception 5 observant

Awareness 4

Investigation 4

Intelligence 5 analytical

Academics 2

Intrusion 1

Lingustics 4 (Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish)

Survival 3

Wits 8 Creative

Rapport 5

Weave 1

Arts 4

Appearance 8 Alluring

Style 5

Intimidation 5

Manipulation 8 Persuasive

Streetwise 4

Subterfuge 5 Seduction

Charisma 8 Suave

Performance 4 dance, singing, guitar

Carousing 4

Ettiquette 2


Uniform- (Carbon-Fiber Weave) 5 (Armor 4, Unassuming 1)

Genome 9 (Node+nstage 4)

Attunement 5

Resources 5 wealth beyond Avarice

Cipher 3

Quantum 8

Quantum Pool 80

Initiative 33

Willpower 10

Taint 0 (Can't gain taint)


Mega Strength 1 precision

Mega Dexterity 8 omnidexterity, river fighting, enhanced movement, rapid strike, neural accelleration

Mega Stamina 5 adaptability, Regeneration, tireless fertility x2 hard body, health x2

Mega Perception 5 Electromagnetic vision, ultrasonic hearing, quantum attunement, High end scan

Mega wits 5 Quickness 3, Multitasking born warrior, lie detector

Mega Appearance 8 Seductive Looks, appearance alteration, Yin-Yang, almost live, natural style

Mega Manipulation 5 Persuader, tactful the Voice symphony of touch

Mega Charisma 8 Seductive politesse soothe, perfect guest, dreadful mien

Elemental Mastery 8 Reduced Quantum Cost (Alter Temperature, Lethal blast, Propel, Shield, Enhance/Diminish, Storm) mastery I, II

Invulnerabilty (Fire/heat) 6 mastery I, II

Invulnerability (Social) 6

Quantum Conversion 8 (Fire) mastery 1

Immolate 8 (fire) mastery 1

Flight 8 underwater

Hypermovement 8 flight em running Mastery 1

Bodymorph (fire) 5 (density decrease 5)

Quantum Supremacy 1

Warp 6

CrosstimeTravel 3

Psychic shield 8 mastery 1

Quantum shield 6 mastery 1

extra Health Levels -30 bruised 60 maimed

BP breakdown

+3 Flaw No Node(-3bp; Cannot detect other sources of Quantum, nor absorb Quantum points from large sources of Quantum energy, nor attempt Rapid Recovery; solely determines how much Quantum per turn can be spent, and Quantum Recovery rate)

+1 Flaw Abberant Eyes (as abberation) Irises are red, and change in intensity depending on his mood. When using his powers they blaze with a brilliant crimson fire.

+2 Eufiber Rejection

-21 Quantum +3

NP breakdown

35 Elemental Mastery 6 (Fire) extra reduced quantum cost (Alter Temperature, Lethal blast, Propel, Shield, Enhance/Diminish, Storm)

3 Invulnerability (Fire) 1

3 Invulnerability (social) 1

18 Mega Dexterity 6 (Omnidexterity)

3 Mega Stamina 1 (Adaptability)

12 Mega Appearance 4 Seductive Looks

6 Mega Charisma 2 Seductive

1 Quantum Conversion 1

8 attributes

6 abilities

4 willpower

1 Backgrounds

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+25 for Sep 01 10

+25 for OCT 01 10

+05 for thread completion

+25 for NOV 01 10



+25 FOR dec 01 10



+25 bonus

+25 for Jan 01



+25 for FEB 01



+25 for MAR 01

-23 for Mastery I (emas)


-104 Quantum +2 (8)

-56 Bodymorph 5 (density decrease 5)

-10 Msta-2

-5 rengeration

-6 Immolation 1

+25 for APR 01

+25 for May 01

+25 for JUN 01

-64 for Quantum +1

+25 for Birthday

+25 for one year anniversary

+25 for JUL 01

-72 for quantum +1

+25 for AUG 01

+25 for Sept 01

-20 for m-app 5

-25 for -mapp 6

-10 for m-sta 3

-05 for tireless

-06 for mstr 1

+15 for completed story (10-20k words) reflections of home pt 1

+15 for competed story (10-20k words) releftions of home pt 2

+25 for nprime reloccation

-15 for quantum supremacy 1

-12 for q supremacy 2

-21 for mega manip 3

-04 resources 2

+25 for OCT 01

-18 for resources 5

-08 for Cipher 3

+25 for NOV 01

+25 for DEC 01

+25 for April 01 12

+25 for May 01 12


First q supremacy roll September 11

[Long6] 7:20 pm: last 3 are mega

Long6 *rolls* 11d10: 10+2+6+1+2+7+2+9+1+3+6: 49

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 6: 6 =3 successes =6np

3np on atts

3 np on mega manipulation 4

Qsupremacy roll for October 11

[Long6] 10:30 am: last 4 mega

Long6 *rolls* 15d10: 7+3+7+2+9+1+9+9+7+9+3+5+8+6+10: 95

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 4: 4 12 successes= 36 np

12 np on mapp 10

03 np mman 5

03 np on atts

03 np on Mdex 7

15 np on enhancements- Yin Yang, appearance alteration, tactful, river fighting, almost live

Roll for Nov 11

Long6 *rolls* 16d10: 3+9+10+3+9+9+8+2+3+7+3+2+9+1+1+7: 86 9 successes 27 np

-03 Willpower +3

-18 for extra bruised HL

-05 Warp 1

-01 Psychic shield 1

Roll for DEC 11

Long6 *rolls* 16d10: 4+1+10+1+5+9+5+7+3+5+6+9+8+8+3+4: 88

Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 8: 8 10 successes 30 np

-15 for in vulnerability social +5

-15 for qp +45


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