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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [Character Profile] Sonja 'The Valkyrie' Bahaar

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Date: 2010 (For now)


-Native: Ultimate Aberrant Universe

-Initial Incursion: Alternate, Terra One (Near Canon)

- 2005 - Terra sent back in time by a nova with Time Travel power

- Matures physically at an increadible rate, is fully adult in 5 years.

- Scripture & Divis look upon her as a student, and somewhat, Adopted Daughter

- 2008 - Terra was present for the Teragen meeting in 2008

- 2010 - Jan 7th, Matures fully.

- 2010 - Jan 10-13, Speaks with Anteaus

- 2010 - January, After speaking with Divis and Scripture, Terra makes her move in Teragen

- 2010 - January 19, Geyron is killed in battle with Air Rat.

- 2010 - January 26, Terra begins gathering others to her faction of Teragen

- 2010 - Febuary 1, Terra and Air Rat meet and speak with one another

Personal Information:

Birth Name: Sonja Saffira Sigrún Bahaar

Identity: Valkyrie, Super-Barbie, She-Hulk Barbie

Occupation: Athlete and High School Student/Unintentional Dimensional Traveler, Leader of Teen Tomorrow Europe

Legal Status: Nothing that merits mentioning, it's LA and celebrities and all...

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Oneca Bahaar (sister), Rahim Bahaar (father), Asa Yngveldurdottir-Bahaar (mother)

Concept: Super-Powered Amazon/Skjalmo

Nature: Explorer liberally sprinkled with Thrillseeker

Allegiance(s): Lawrence High Academy (for now), her family

Eruption: None, born a mutant, descended from several generations of mutants (roughly equivalent to a 3rd Generation Nova)

Physical Traits:

Height: 7'10''

Weight: 376 lbs

Age (apparent age): 18

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Scandinavian (and a tiny bit of Iranian thrown in)

Nationality (place of origin): American/Icelandic

Eye Color: Vivid Purple flecked with Gold

Hair Color: Metallic Silvery-white

Handedness: Left

Appearance: A genetically-blessed bombshell! Sonja is a towering, young woman with a tautly curvaceous, powerful, heroically muscled figure, incredibly long, strong legs, and firm ass. Her heart-shaped face is absolutely stunning; large majestic, purple eyes, pearly teeth, sculpted cheekbones, and lush, naturally red lips perfectly framed by a thick, silky mass of metallic silvery-white hair that falls short her impressively broad shoulders. Her creamy, tanned skin is flawless and her very abundant, yet firm, breasts are spectacular, emphasized by her tight, slender waist and rippling abdominals.

She moves with preternatural smoothness and fluidity, her enticing grace and beauty drawing all eyes. Her voice is a sexy, slightly accented, alto. Prefers casual and athletic clothing, though she does dress up at times, always of the best quality and usually tailored - it's so hard to find stuff that properly fits a figure like hers.

Her size, beauty, and obvious strength combine to give her a dominating presence.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:

Known Powers: All of Sonja's physical capabilities, including raw attractiveness, are far beyond human limits. Her endurance is astonishing, grace and agility amazing, strong enough to bench press over 16,000kg and able to sprint up to 1000kph. And her limits are increasing. To date, no mutation other than purely physical enhancement has been detected.

Abilities/Special Skills: Despite her youth, Sonja is an Olympic caliber athlete, mastering all kinds of sports, track and field, and physical fitness. This has trickled down into more than competent skill in martial arts (notably Jeet Kun Do, with a smattering of others). She's pretty decent with a bow and a competent outdoorswoman.

Personality: A high-spirited, competitive girl, very physically oriented, but a gracious loser, as long as you weren't cheating. She's popular and rich, and enjoys being so without rubbing it in anyone's face. She's aware she's pretty - if not to the fullest extent - and is proud of it, but is still annoyed by all the crass attention she garners, and is starting to lose her teenaged interest in boys - it's always sex and boobs with them. She's a nice person, if perhaps a little too quick to defend someone, whether they want her to or not, and tries with failing success to curtail her 'big sister knows best' vibe.

As the leader of Teen Tomorrow Europe, she had matured greatly, grown decisive and confident, with a commanding presence.


Sonja was always a tomboy, taller and stronger than nearly anyone in her class, who excelled at sports. Whereas her younger sister Oneca dwelled on the death of their youngest sister, Saja, Sonja grieved and moved on, pushing herself even harder.

When she was thirteen, during a championship junior football game - which she was in as the star receiver, despite the protest of the boys - she seriously injured one of the opposing defensive players. Now, she had always been one of the tallest, in not the tallest, person in her class, stronger than any of the boys and more developed than any of girls, but still, when the guy tried to tackle her, Sonja knocked him back twenty yards into the uprights, breaking his back.

After that incident, there were inquiries and it was found that Sonja had an active X-gene. Well, there was a moderate uproar, and Sonja had most of her sports awards taken away as well as getting expelled from the exclusive private school. Surprising, the boy whose back she broke never held a grudge against her, though his parents did.

This was when Sonja's mother decided to explain some things, which she hadn't expected she'd have to. Asa Yngveldurdottir-Bahaar revealed that she was one of the Skjalmo, a small group of mutants native to Iceland, "Think of us as Scandinavian Amazons" she explained. The Skjalmo generally possessed high physical attributes, just above human limits, but a rare few possessed even greater capabilities, like it seemed Sonja did. Most of the Skjalmo stayed in a remote area of Iceland, but some, like herself, preferred to live out in the world. And that was where she met her father.

She hadn't mentioned any of this earlier, because frankly, the X-gene expression did not always pass to the daughters, and appeared even less frequently when the mate wasn't a native or if the Skjalmo was far from her native territory. Now, Asa didn't want to send her daughter to the ass end of Iceland, after all, she had left that place herself, so looking around with the considerable resources her husband, Rahim, possessed, she contacted the Lawrence Hunt Academy.

Sonja has been enrolled there since she was fourteen. Now she's sixteen and a sophomore. She's still a tomboy, but has developed into a popular young woman as well, with typical teenaged girl pursuits... mostly. However, despite all the boasts to the contrary, no guy can honestly claim to have been her boyfriend - though that doesn't stop them from trying. There always seems to be one hovering around her, in the hopes that she'll finally give in.

There are two pools betting on her - one on which boy with finally get to second base with her, and the other on when she's going to grow another cup size.


Things were going well enough for the gorgeous girl frequently called Super-Barbie, despite Oneca attending LHA with her, until one winter night, when the Dreadnought Program was initiated. The Giant Mutant-Killing Robot blew up her silver BMW before turning its massive arm-cannon on her, her sister, and two friends. Together, they brought it down, and contacting Weft back LHA, they prevailed upon her to open a warp for them, so they could bring back the arm as evidence, avoid leading any other Dreadnoughts to the Academy, and tell Director Drumm what happened.

But for Sonja and her friend Daniel, the Warp took them much further than anyone had ever expected...


Strength: 8 (Athletic, Well-Built)

Might: 5

Dexterity: 8 (Fast, Graceful)

Athletics: 5

Archery: 2

Drive: 1

Martial Arts: 5

Melee: 2

Ride: 1

Stealth: 1

Stamina: 8 (Energetic, Stubborn)

Endurance: 5

Resistance: 5

Perception: 8 (Gut Feeling, Intuitive)

Awareness: 3

Investigation: 3

Intelligence: 8 (Bright, Excellent Memory)

Academics: 2

Engineering: 2

Linguistics: 2

Medicine: 2

Science: 2

Survival: 2

Wits: 8 (Iron Nerves, Unfazeable)

Arts: 1

Rapport: 3

Tactics: 4

Appearance: 8 (Imposing, Statuesque)

Intimidation: 3

Style: 3

Manipulation: 8 (Inspiring, Persuasive)

Diplomacy: 3

Subterfuge: 3

Charisma: 8 (Charming, Magnetic)

Command: 4

Etiquette: 3

Perform: 3


Allies: 1 (Daniel 'Hotstreak' Allard)

Attunement: 1

Genome/Node: 5

Backing 3 (Teen Tomorrow)

Resources 3

Quantum: 8

Quantum Pool: 36

Taint: 0 (and not capable of gaining any)

Temporary Taint: 0

Willpower: 10


Bruised: OOOOO OO


Injured: OOOOO OOO

Wounded: OOOOO OOO


Crippled: O

Incapacitated: O



Stamina: 16/8

Mega-Stamina: 14/10

Armor: 60/60

Base Total: 90/78 (+12 versus Crushing Attacks)

Initiative: +31





Distinctive Looks - Very tall, almost impossible figure that is both Barbie-like and very athletic, intensely purple eyes, and metallic silver-white hair (-1bp; As Aberration)

Large (Unusually tall and large, effectively like the Huge merit, without the bonuses)

Eufiber Rejection (-2bp)

No Node (Cannot detect other sources of Quantum, nor absorb Quantum points from large sources of Quantum energy, nor attempt Rapid Recovery; solely determines how much Quantum per turn can be spent, and Quantum Recovery)



Sexy (+2 Dice to seduce or influence another through sexuality)

Enchanting Voice

Natural Leader

Taint Resistance (Free as a True 3rd Gen, sort of)


Mega-Strength: 7 - Powerful Legs (Each dot of Mega-Strength double Jumping Distance; add dots of Mega-Strength to Dexterity to determine speed), Precision, Stunning Fist

Mega-Dexterity: 7 - Physical Prodigy, Enhanced Movement, Silent Running (Reduces Difficulties to Stealth due to movement by 1/dot of Mega-Dex and adds 1 die to Stealth rolls per dot; can choose whether to cause sonic-booms or not with Hyper-Running), Rapid Strike, Fast Tasks

Mega-Stamina: 7 - Convalescence, Healing Factor x1 (Automatically heal one health level per rank, prerequisites: Convalescence, Regeneration), Regeneration, Resilience x2, Robust x4 (Adds a number of Maimed Health Levels equal to M-Sta, each additional rank adds the same to the preceding level of Health Levels, up to Hurt)

Mega-Appearance: 7 - Awe-Inspiring, Divine Visage

Mega-Perception: 3 - That Creepy Feeling, Electromagnetic Vision, Parabolic Hearing

Mega-Wits: 3 - Multitasking

Mega-Intelligence: 3 - Linguistic Genius, Discerning Mind, Tactical Prodigy

Mega-Manipulation: 4 - Clarity

Mega-Charisma: 4 - Commanding Presence


Skadi's Swiftness 2 (Level 3 Hyperrunning; Reduced Quantum Cost, Mastery I)

Effect/Description: When Sonja tries, she can really move, a veritable blur of female flesh, like snow blowing in the wind across the frozen North. [increases Multiplier for calculating movement by 12/dot, 1000kph/dot out of combat; when moving at speed, difficulty to hit Sonja increases by +2/dot]

Jötunn's Might

  • Armor 4 (Level 4; Impervious, Mastery I, Mastery II)
  • Body Modifications (Hyperstrong Skeleton x2)
  • Effect/Description: Beneath silky skin stronger than steel, Sonja's muscles coil with the power of the primordial giants of Norse Legend, anchored to bones that possess the strength of mountains, that even Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, had trouble breaking. (+15/+15 Soak per dot, +12 soak versus crushing attacks, +6 Dice of damage in hand-to-hand)

    Vidar's Vengeful Strike 1 (Level 2 Claws; Armor Piercing, Mastery I)
    Effect/Description: Like the God of Vengeance himself, none can resist Sonja's mighty blows, which can crumple the strongest materials and toughest novas.

    In The Goddess' Image

    • Ecological Supremacy 1 (Level 5)
    • Quantum Supremacy 1 (Level 5)
    • Effect/Description: A veritable goddess, Sonja can bestow divine gifts on her followers and those around her, even to remaking them into a shadow of her image.
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