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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [Character Profile]: Elspeth

Mr Fox

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Nova Name: Ivory Princess, also known as the 'Uncrowned Queen.'

Elspeth was born into luxury. She was raised in comfort. She was indoctrinated into Teras.

Her parents were two of the second generation nova children Bounty raised in her compound. Like the ancient god-kings of Egypt they were raised to believe that it was the natural order to rule humanity and be more than mortal. Unlike the ancient Pharaoh's they really were more than human and rulership came naturally, but tragically like their ancient predecessors, they proved to be all too mortal. Her father was Conn, and her mother Aine, and they bonded early and left the compound when they reached maturity. Little is known of their early lives since Bounty's compound was kept a closely guarded secret or of what they did before they arrived in Sierra Leone.

Once there the pair made it their mission to correct the mess the monkeys had made. Between them they were extremely successful in putting down the military dictatorship instituted in 1999. Mtumba's iron fist rule and tendency to execute hundreds of dissidents at a time had made him feared but also loathed by the general populace. Despite their foreign origins, Conn and Aine were welcomed as heroes and were installed as King and Queen by a vast majority vote. They became known as the Ivory King and Ivory Queen because of their pale white skin. They were well liked by the people.

At the birth of Elspeth the entire kingdom rejoiced and in only a few short years the royal family had turned the country around and it was on its way to being one of the most prosperous of the West African nations. Unfortunately, not all of Mtumba's Lieutenants were eliminated and Jarutu the most senior surviving military officer of the old regime plotted in silence until he felt the time was ripe. With the aid of the DeBeers corporation, Jarutu was able to hire a team of Elites to attack the royal family and help him reestablish the old military dictatorship. The coup partially succeeded and Conn and Aine were killed, but the Ivory Princess was away visiting the Ptwsan-Wi at her home. Although Jarutu succeeded in placing the kingdom under his control, he did fail in his second objective which was to seize the wealth of the royal family which had recently been moved to swiss accounts from the local banks in order to more readily broker international business ventures. Despite the outrageous human rights violations of the new Jarutu dictatorship Utopia has used it's influence to have the government recognized and avoid media attention to the situation in the kingdom. When asked to comment a Project spokesman said only, "Jarutu is the legitimate successor to the previous government. The so called 'Kingship' of the Teragen terrorists Conn and Aine was never recognized by the United Nations. While there will no doubt be some growing pains as General Jarutu reestablishes order, we wish him well in his efforts and hope that he will re-institute general elections as quickly as possible. Project Utopia will of course be willing to assist in this should he call on us."

Other less politically correct commentators note that it must be a great relief to Utopia to have a very successful pair of known Teragen members dethroned, even if it means the killing of thousands in reprisals by the new government against royalist sympathizers.

In the two years since the coup, no elections have been called and an estimated eleven thousand have died in internal violence as Gen. Jarutu has consolidated his hold on the nation. The economy has also come to a near standstill and poverty and starvation have resulted in another 32 thousand deaths, yet still Utopia stand aside and refuse to act against the Jarutu dictatorship. The General also spends a large percentage of the wealth he is acquiring from the nations mineral wealth in maintaining a stable of Elites to act as bodyguards and enforcers. Elspeth, the Ivory Princess, has vowed to free the people of Sierra Leone from their bondage to the Jarutu monkey, but has not yet made any visible moves against him. It can be noted however, that many royalist groups still exist within the country and that they are well armed and supplied. Meanwhile, Elspeth continues to live in exile and has not approached the UN, Utopia or any other baseline run organization to press her claim to the throne, nor has she even spoken publicly about the situation. Interestingly, she was recently seen at an event held by the British royal family, and greeted as 'Princess'. Political commentators were quick to point out that how the British Monarchy greets a guest has no political significance and does not indicate the support of the UK, or EU for a deposed Teragen Princess from a third-world nation.


Just weeks after her thirteenth birthday, Elspeth infiltrated Jarutu's corrupt government and sowed such discord that he was both embarrassed in front of the world media and had lost his most ardent supporters, (these were the most evil men in his employ who had committed unspeakable crimes on the people of Sierra Leone).

Unfortunately, Elspeth was eventually captured by the Elite hired to protect Jarutu. They brought her face to face with the murderer of her parents and stripped her of her power and ability to protect herself. The tyrant had intended to marry her to legitimize his rule, but he made the mistake of letting her speak, and even without her nova charm she was able to humiliate him in front of his followers to the point he attempted to kill her. Her noble defiance swayed the heart of two of the four elites who held her immobile and helpless. The one who was draining her of all quantum released his control and the gunshots that should have ended her life merely wounded her. In the end she used her telekinesis to force Jarutu to turn the gun on himself.

Since then Elspeth has struggled to pull her nation together and repair the damages done under the military junta. She has faces several challenges already including an unofficial food embargo encouraged by Project Utopia, an attempt by her military commanders to subvert her authority, and a smear campaign by Utopia suggesting that she has abused her people and forced them into positions of slave labor.

Despite these victories there are still a number of challenges on the horizon. The diamond cartels have possession of the two richest diamond bearing mines in the country and international political pressures have prevented her from kicking them out of the country despite the fact that they are using the local residents as slave labor. Utopia is determined to see her fail as leader of a sovereign nation and seem to be willing to go to nearly any lengths to make that happen. Last but not least both her intelligence and prophetic gifts tell her that a war is coming between baselines and novas and that it will have horrible consequences.

Despite these terrible responsibilities, the now 15 year old monarch does occasionally find time to experience a little life. As a ruler, even her hobbies tend to support her goals. Over the last two years she has spent a great deal of time (as much as she could afford) mastering her Warp abilities and explores deep space looking for a new world to take her people away to for safety. With her mastery of space has recently come a much deeper understanding of time. She can now move into parallel realities and perform minor manipulations of the flow of time which she is exploring with the eagerness of youth.

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Birth Name: Elspeth

Full name: Elspeth Queen

Concept: Queen born to rule

Theme: Perfection of the human form

Allegiance: Atlantis


Advanced Medicine - represents detailed knowledge of advanced genetics, biology, and specifically the genetic of offshoots of the human race, such as Novas, Psions, Mages, etc....

Advanced Tech - represents detailed knowledge of technology that Elspeth has encountered on her travels to Alertnate Earths in advance of our own current level of tech. Examples would include an FTL drive, or nanotech.


Nova Tech - represents detailed knowledge of technology that uses or requires quantum energy to funtion. Examples would include a death ray that only works in the hands of a nova, or a quantum distruptor that creates a field that suppresses nova abilities.

Magic Knowledge - Magic knowledge only applies to the Alternate Earth's where magic exists. Magic is actually Quantum Energy, it is just manipulated in a different way than normal.


Magic - The ability to use magic can only be granted through either genetic modification (extremely difficult and requiring Medicine 5 and Advanced Medicine 5), or temporarily through the use of Quantum Authority: Quantum Duplication (a level 4 power, and also requires that the nova has a Mage on hand to duplicate), or permanently through the use of Quantum Supremacy: Quantum Transformation. The ability to use magic, only applies on those worlds where the quantum energy exists in a more tangible form known as Mana. Also, because of it's versitility Magic would be considered a level 4 power.

Elspeth now has one permanent clone at the expense of a permanent willpower point.

Note: Elspeth has Q10 and is effectively retired with the title of "Mary Sue - Queen of Atlantis"

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XP Total banked: 352

Elspeth has spent one permanent willpower point to make one of her clones permanent.

Experience Costs

Trait Increase Cost

Attribute current rating x 4

Ability current rating x 2

Background current rating x 2

Mega-Attribute current rating x 5

Quantum Power (Level 1) current rating x 3

Quantum Power (Level 2) current rating x 5

Quantum Power (Level 3) current rating x 7

Quantum Power (Level 4) current rating x 9

Quantum Power (Level 5) current rating x 11

Quantum Power (Level 6) current rating x 13

Willpower current rating

Quantum current rating x 8

Quantum Pool 3 per dot

Initiative current rating

New Trait Cost:

Ability 3

Specialty (max. three per Ability) 1

Background 2

Enhancement 5

Mega-Attribute 6

Quantum Power (Level 1) 3

Quantum Power (Level 2) 6

Quantum Power (Level 3) 9

Quantum Power (Level 4) 12

Quantum Power (Level 5) 15

Quantum Power (Level 6) 18

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