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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [Character Profile]: Joe Smith/Zhu

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Name: Joe Smith

Nova Name: Zhu

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Concept: Avatar Spin-off

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Nature: Paragon


Joe was born to two fairly insignificant novas. His Chinese mother could create and control light, and his American father could create and control darkness/shadow. Early on he took a strong interest in his mother's Chinese heritage and quickly rose through the ranks at his local martial arts academy. His more overt powers manifested during high school, but his parents convinced him to keep them under wraps until he graduated.

After high school Joe joined Project Utopia, honed his skills, saved his money and took a few college level classes.

Once he felt his skill level was high enough, and his bank account was fat enough, he went out into the middle of the Atlantic and literally created his own island. The island was big enough for him to build his own private Martial Arts Academy as well as a small accompanying town (bar, hospital, dock, grocery store, etc.)

After he built his island, he took the nova name Zhu (master in Chinese) and went on a world tour, advertising 'you can be taught martial arts by a nova master!' Needless to say, there was a large response, and he now has a waiting list a couple of years long.

During his touring, he happened to come across four special students. They were special for two reasons: first, each could create/control one of the four elements, and

second, each wanted to learn. These four students became Zhu's best, most loyal and most trusted students. In fact, now they actually are in charge of all of the day to day activities and the non-delegated teaching duties.



Zhu has no official standing in any organization except Project Utopia, where he is a former member.


Zhu can create and control all four of the historic elements: earth, air, fire and water. He is also superhumanly strong, dexterous, tough and perceptive. Plus, when he wants, he is able to inflict slashing/cutting damage with his bare hands (as opposed to simply bruising people).


Joe Smith is a fairly strong-minded individual. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. Zhu is very similar, except that he's used to having people follow him on his way to getting what he wants to get or doing what he wants to do.

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Experience Table
Date		Item 				Rank 	Gain/Spent	Balance
7/31/10     Character created                    -        +0 XP           0 XP
9/3/10      Aug XP                               1        +25 XP          25 XP
9/3/10      M-Sta                                3        -10 XP          15 XP
9/3/10      Rapid Strike (M-Dex)                 1        -5 XP           10 XP
9/3/10      Durability  (M-Sta)                  1        -5 XP           5 XP
9/3/10      Claws                                2        -3 XP           2 XP
9/17/10     -Orientation-                        -        +5 XP           7 XP
10/3/10     Sept XP                              2        +25 XP          32 XP
9/3/10      M-Dex                                3/4      -25 XP          7 XP
9/3/10      M-Wits                               1        -6 XP           1 XP
9/3/10      Multitasking                         1        -0 XP           1 XP
9/3/10      MA Specality (Multiple Opponents)    1        -1 XP           0 XP
9/3/10      Oct XP                               3        +25 XP          25 XP
1/1/11      New Year XP                          4        +25 XP          50 XP
2/24/11     Mastery (all 4 EM Powers)            1        -36 XP          14 XP
2/24/11     MWits                                2        -5 XP           9 XP
2/28/11     -Third Party-                        -        +5 XP           14 XP
3/5/11      Armor                                1/2      -11 XP          3 XP
3/5/11      Q-Pool                               +1(31)   -3 XP           0 XP

Name: Joe Smith
Age: 27 Weight: 170 Height: 5'11"
Eyes: Green(natural) Hair: Black Skin: Caucasian
Concept: Leader Nature: Paragon
Gen: 2nd (Taint Resistant, no taint traits at gen, start @ Q2, no more than 5 taint, no taint from node or Q)

Primary: Physical: Str: 3+1=4 (well built) Dex: 4+1=5 (nimble) Sta: 3+1=4 (Enduring)
Secondary: Mental: Per: 3+1=4 (Observant) Int: 2+1=3 Wits: 3
Tertiary: Social: App: 2+1=3 Man: 2 Cha: 2

Athletics: 2+2=4
Drive: 2
Martial Arts: 3+2=5 (Multiple Opponents)
Melee: 0+3=3
Stealth: 1
Endurance: (4)
Resistance: (4)
Awareness: 2
Academics: 0+3=3
Computer: 2
Engineering: 2
Linguistics: 2 (Latin & Chinese)
Science: 3
Rapport: 2
Streetwise: 0+3=3
Subterfuge: 1
Command: 0+5=5
Etiquette: 1

Attunement: 1
Contacts: 0+2=2
Eufiber: 0+5=5
Followers: 0+4=4 (Black Belt Martial Arts students)
Influence: 0+2=2
Node: 2+3=5
Resources: 4 (Martial Arts Academy on private island)
(1bp + 3np)

Nova Powers:
M-Str: 1 (Precision)(can decide how much dmg to apply after dice have been rolled)
M-Dex: 4 (Quickness, Rapid Strike)(1qp = 1xtra phy action -2init, add M-Dex to strike)
M-Sta: 3 (Resiliency, Durability)(M-Sta Soaks doubled, 1qp=Roll M-Sta/sux=kinetic Ldmg->Bdmg)
M-Per: 1 (Blindfighting)(1qp/scene, ignore penalties for fighting blind, awareness to locate invis char)
M-Wits: 2 (Multitasking)(1qp = roll wits +1diff multi-action pen = 1/2)
Claws: 2 (Quantum Field)
Mastered Elemental Mastery (Earth) : 3 (Wall, Imprison, Sculpt, Elemental Shield)
Mastered Elemental Mastery (Water/Ice): 3 (Lethal Blast, Imprison, Shield, Elemental Shield)
Mastered Elemental Mastery (Air): 3 (Enhance/Diminish, Propel, Shield, Elemental Shield)
Mastered Elemental Mastery (Fire): 3 (Lethal Blast, Storm, Alter Temperature, Elemental Shield)
Armor (MA trained damage resistant body, Super-heavy): 2 (3qp=+4B/L, +rnk to hit, -3init, -2walk, -5run/sprint, -1dex pools)
(free extra from q6 on all the EM+Claws=Reduced Q cost)

Quantum: 2+1+3=6 (7fp + 15np)
Quantum Pool: 31/31
Willpower: 6/6 (3np)
Initiative: 13
Walk: 7m
Run: 21m
Sprint: 47m
Taint: 0
Soak: 4+(3x2=6)+6= 16B /2+(2x2=4)+6= 12L

Merits: Taint Resistant (2nd Gen) (maxed taint only on double botch, rapid recovery taint only on botch)
Internal Compass (1) (find north with aware or navi roll, retrace steps +1diff)
Time Sense (1) (estimate time and elapsed time within 1 or 2 minutes)
High Pain Tolerance (3) (wound penalties reduced by 1)
Quantum Recovery (2) (recover 2 xtra qp/hr)

Health Levels: [Healthy] Bruised 0 Bruised 0 Hurt 0 Injured 0 Wounded 0 Maimed 0 Crippled 0 Icap

xp: 0/0
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