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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [Character Profile]: Charlie Cole/Air Rat

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Name: Charlie Cole

Nova Name: Air Rat

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Concept: Former gang member turned Elite, young success

Height: 6'0

Weight: 200 lb.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Nature: Survivor


Pre-Eruption, Charlie was a teenager in the low-income neighborhoods of Kansas City. As with a fair amount of young men stuck in bad circumstances of area, he joined a gang, and had little umbrage with the decision. Then, his gang, the Firerats, ran into more than they could handle in a shootout.

All but Charlie and his remaining comrade and friend, Carl Henderson died. By luck the two pals were not conclusively identified by witnesses or police, and so escaped legal troubles. Of course, Charlie was a emotional wreck for the next few days. For the next six months, he worked a few jobs, depressed and sour.

Then the pain got to him, and during one guilty moment, he erupted. In truth, this did not solve his issues, but fighting was all he had, and for one moment, feeling the wind whirl around him in his apartment, he was contented and resolved to acknowledge that the guys were watching him from afar from then on.

Charlie signed up with DeVries, and once 18, he became a trained Elite. The next several years showed he was a powerful soldier and a hit on and off the field as 'Air Rat.' He has developed his own celebrity status to a limited extent, and the various enemies he has faced off against fear him.

Lately though, given the Teragen's increasing strength... Charlie is worried. Rumor has it that Utopia is going to contract out to Elites to finish off the Terats once and for all. Charlie disagrees with the Teragen, and he wouldn't mind if indiscriminate and ruthless ones of their ilk (Geryon and co.) would perish painfully in battle.

But taking a major target sign onto his check can get a tad excessive, even for Elites.


Charlie is known to the world as the DeVries elite (and N! ranked #19) Air Rat. Though the normal use of masks and elite identities insulate Charlie Cole from the full impact of his own significant stardom, he has the full backing given by DeVries to only its best, plus a well invested and licensing-infused paycheck. Charlie often utilizes this impossible wealth on low-key trips to soothing locales to recover after the strain of missions, as well as some charitable donations. He does also ensure that Carl Henderson has well enough to live on.


Charlie is super-humanly quick witted to a high extent and so dexterous to a level that most novas can never match. He also can fly extremely fast and has complete mastery over air and wibd itself. Supported by superhuman toughness and impossibly impressive training in the arts of war, it's rare an opponent that can survive facing him, let alone match his level of power.

He also goes equipped with the best DeVries has, usually including a maser gun, whip sword, and carbon-wire garrote.


Charlie is a caring person to those associated with him, and follows the elite culture as much as he appropriately can. On the other hand, the battlefield is a rough place, and he can be ruthless and willing to go all-out should the situation call for it. He hates getting innocents killed, but has come to terms with the fact sometimes it can't be avoided. He respects baselines as much as novas, and he finds the concept of novas being able to build a society without baselines a crock. In general, the Teragen he finds either repulsive in their monstrosity, unrealistic, or simply not what he agrees with.


Other than maintaining the life he's currently leading, not much is in Charlie's plans. However, unbeknown to him, Project Utopia has highlighted him as an excellent independent agent of Terat elimination. Things will get more interesting after that...

Date: 2010

Timeline: Alternate


Click to reveal..

- 2010 - January 19, Geyron is killed in battle with Air Rat, as the Elite protects Tampa mayor-elect John Simmons.

- 2010 - January 27, Air Rat kills Terat El Guardián on contract for the Colombian government, he regrets it after evidence surfaces that El Guardián was a very decent man, targeted only for Teragen beliefs.

- 2010 - Febuary 1, Terra and Air Rat meet and speak with one another

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Strength: 5 (Brawler)

Dexterity: 5 (Nimble)

Stamina: 5 (Resilient)

Intelligence: 2

Wits: 5 (Jaded)

Perception: 5 (Gut Feeling)

Charisma: 2

Manipulation: 2

Appearance: 2


Martial Arts 5

Firearms 5

Stealth 5

Melee 5

Awareness 5

Athletics 5

Intimidation 5

Streetwise 5

Rapport 3

Resistance 3*

Endurance 3*

Tactics 4


Dormancy 2

Resources 5

Node 2

Contacts 5

Backing (DeVries) 5

Influence 3

Quantum Stats

Quantum: 6

Quantum Pool: 36 QP

Taint: 3

Mega-Dexterity 5 (Catfooted)

Mega-Stamina 2 (Adaptability, Hardbody)

Mega-Wits 3 (Quickness, Enhanced Initiative, Multi-tasking)

Mega-Perception 1 (Quantum Attunement)

Mega-Strength 1 (Crush)

Powers: Elemental Mastery 5 [Air] (Extra: Mastery One)

- Blast

- Imprison

- Shield

- Sphere

- Storm

Flight 5

Intuition 1

Psychic Shield 1

Weather Manipulation 1

- Weather Alteration

Other Traits

Willpower: 8

Initiative: 19

Movement: 7m, 22m, 37m

Soak: 7B/3L (17B/13L with Shield)

Health Levels: Bruised x2 (-0), Hurt (-1), Injured (-1), Wounded (-2), Maimed (-3), Crippled, (-4), Incapacitated, Dead

Equipment: Maser Gun, Carbon-fiber garrote, whipsword

BP Log:

+2 Quantum - 14

+1 Initiative - 1

NP Log:

+2 Quantum - 10

Elemental Mastery 5- 25

Mega-Dexterity 5 - 15

+9 Attribute dots - 3

+24 Ability dots- 4

Mega Stamina 1- 3

Mega Wits 3- 9

2 Enhancements - 6

5 WP dots - 5

Flight 5 - 15

15 Background dots - 3

4 Quantum points - 2

Experience Table
Date		Item 				Rank 	Gain/Spent	Balance
7/28/10     XP For The Week                      -       +7 XP           7 XP
7/28/10     Mega-Stamina 2                       -       -5 XP           2 XP   
8/1/2010    XP For The Week                      -       +25 XP          27 XP
8/5/2010    Psychic Shield                       1       -3 XP           24 XP 
8/8/2010    Quantum Increase (tainted)           6       -20 XP          4 XP   
8/8/2010    Intuition                            1       -3 XP           1 XP
9/2/2010    XP For August                        -       +25 XP          26 XP
9/2/2010    Mega-Strength                        1       -6 XP           20 XP
9/2/2010    Mega-Perception                      1       -6 XP           14 XP
9/2/2010    Hardbody Enhancement                 -       -5 XP           9 XP
9/2/2010    Weather Manipulation                 1       -9 XP           0 XP
10/3/2010   XP For September                     -       +25 XP          25 XP
10/3/2010   EM Extra: Mastery One                -       -23 XP          2 XP
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