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Mr Fox

Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character Creation and XP rules

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Creation Rules:

Q6 max starting Quantum.

Higher quantum can be purchased as experience is earned.

Starting Nova Points: 100

Characters may be considered for higher than 100NP starting, but will require Mod approval, and if it significantly goes over 100NPs it will require approval of a majority of the current players.

Second and Third Gen novas are permitted without restriction.

You may use the Strengths and weakness, however, as with all characters submissions, I do reserve the right to veto anything that I do not feel works.

It is not necessary to post your characters publicly, but you must submit characters to me for approval before you are allowed to join the game.

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Experience awards:

25 XP per month of participation.

5 XP per completed story of upto 10,000 words

15 xp per completed story between 10k and 20k words

30 xp per completed story between 20k and 30k words

45 xp per completed story between 30k and 40k words


Special gifts of XP:

Each July 1st everyone receives 25xp in honor of the games anniversary.

Birthday gift - on your birthday each year you may take 25xp

2010 holiday season those in the game at that time were gifted with 25xp

It is up to you to track your XP. Either in your character's Profile thread or via a running PM to me, please track your XP awards and expenditures like this:

01 Aug 2010   XP award for July      25     25
01 Aug 2010   Warp (1st dot)          9     16
01 Aug 2010   Clone (to 3)           14      2
Click to reveal..

Revised the xp awards for story length... having just topped 30k words on a story, I've got to say, that's a lot of hours of writing. Thought it ought to be worth a bit more.

** Surgeon General's Warning **

Studies have shown that extreme spending of XP can cause a syndrome known as Mary Sueism. This can lean to a character becoming boring to read about and play if precautions are not taken to ensure conflict and challenge.

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Please post a [Character Profile]: Name thread that includes a brief description of your character and their background like you would in any game.

However, Please also include the following:

Date: Make this the basic year that your character is based in. This is important for example: Elspeth is in the year 2026 and Terra is in 2010, therefore they can't interact unless something occurs to bring them together in a common timeline.

Timeline: Give basic info on what timeline your character is in. Ie, is this a regular Canon world? What is different from canon? It would be important for people to know for instance that in your timeline, Divis Mal was killed by a coalition of T2M and Elites hired by the UN.

Please keep this up to date since things change over time as a result of fics that you participate in or due to changes occurring in the timeline. This will help both me as the Mod/ST and other players who might wish to interact with you.

Important events: Like the timeline, please make a bullet point list of important events in your character's history so that others wishing to interact with you will have a decent understanding of who your character is and what they have experienced. This is especially important since this is a multiverse game in which each character is capable of experiencing completely different histories.

Example: (Elspeth)

* Infiltrated Sierra Leone and sabotaged the Jarutu government leading to his death and Elspeth's election as Queen.

* Dealt with attempt by military to subvert her command.

* Ongoing issue with Diamond Mining Corporations.

* Ongoing issue with Project Utopia trying to sabotage her rule.

Keeping this up to date will help others who might want to interact with you to know what plots you have open and what is complete. It will also help me to assist you better.

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