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World of Darkness: Balance of Power - Meta 1D[Mage]: Most Powerful Tool, Library Card

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(Any spells you had put up for a scene in the starting thread have ended. Daily spells still going.)

The first stop for the research group was a small local library. Everyone was reminded that for starters they would need to collect legends, myths, and lore about werewolves. Specifically, anything that might help the mages track down the werewolves would be helpful, or anything that might suggest their motives in these acts. After they moved in and either memorized or collected all the information the library had they moved on to another one. It didn't take long for a large collection of writings to be collected to be sifted through and compared.

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Int + Academics or Occult, which ever is higher. Give your selves a +2 for research aids. If anyone has any specialties or merits they would like to apply or spells please PM me.
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Tinea moves through the libraries with spidery grace, moving unerringly to the right spots and selecting books with quick, practiced grasps. She murmurs to herself as she looks, biting her lip and shaking her head...only to brighten a moment later with a fierce glow of triumph in her eyes.

Once her books are back at the table, she brushes through each one's index, and starts to discard them. Each time, she whittles her initial stack down to the two or three most essential, most pertinent books. Those she flips open and starts taking notes from.

In the end, the dozens of initial picks are refined and compressed into several pages of densely packed handwriting and doodles in her steno pad.

(Int 4 + Aca 3 (occult is same) +2 = 9 dice. Result: 10,8,8,2,2,3,6,9,9.)


10 pop: 3


Successes: 5

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