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Star Wars: The New Sith Empire - Episode 1: Gathered Hope

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4 Lambda – class shuttles were nothing to snuff one’s nose at; especially if they were loaded with troops. Of course, it might be possible that they only had skeleton crews, or that they had small compliments of elite troops (like the assassin)… though that wasn’t a very comforting thought either.

The best time to deal with troops being ferried by troop transport was while their transport was in space or the outer atmosphere. It was probably too late for that now. But if R2-FX could gain remote access to their systems, he could, possibly, lock their doors. That would keep whoever was in them away from everybody else down here, and if they blasted their way out, then they couldn’t use those ships to escape. It was, for the most part, a win either way. But, in order to do that, he needed access to the communications console. Gaining remote access was difficult enough without having to do it remotely.

So, since he was in the system anyway, he opened the outer door and made his way up to the cockpit. From there he would try and fire up the communications system and do two things. First is to try and send a low powered, directional signal, on open comm frequencies, to those still in the main hall. Everybody deserved to know what was going on (besides, he didn’t have specific comm channels). The message would be in a synthesized human voice (or pre-recorded snippets/bytes) and say “4 Lambda shuttles 5 clicks north. Probable hostiles.”

The second thing that he would do would be to try and gain remote access to the lambda shuttles and lock their outer doors.

His first task was relatively easy. His second, not so much…

Click to reveal..
(R2-FX): Computer Use to gain access to ship

(18:40:44) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 9+16=25.

(18:40:56) (R2-FX): Computer use to access communication systems

(18:41:02) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 3+16=19.

(18:41:18) (R2-FX): Computer Use to send message

(18:41:22) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 9+16=25.

(18:41:38) (R2-FX): Computer Use to remotely access Lambda shuttle(s)

(18:41:41) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 6+16=22.

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[Rs-FX, Computer Use, Sending Com Message, Success!] Everyone still within the main hall suddenly heard their coms open up with R2-FXs message, informing them that the Lambda shuttles had landed and the empire had arrived in force.

"Blast!" One of the more capable individuals blurted out. "We haven't even gotten this Alliance off the ground and they're on to us! We should have known!"

People scrambled for safety, those who hadn't had the chance to flee after the assassin struck. Some ran to hide, some ran out of the main hall and other headed for the hangar bay, not considering the idea of a blockade.

[R2-FX, Computer Use, Access Imperial Ships Remotely, Failure.]R2-FX quickly learned that Imperial vessels were not equipped with remote processing capability after sending out a few shortwave burst transmissions and receiving nothing back.

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Originally Posted By: Dave ST
Uthae glared at Akira. She wasn’t the most pleasant master to begin with, and when things got serious she was even less so. “Come, Akira. And turn off your saber. Common sense would dictate that if there were to be more blaster fire, it would have happened by now. That assassin was alone, but why?”
Akira is satisfied that the masters have drawn conclusions that mirror her own and she shuts off the lightsaber, if a second assassin had been here, he would have struck when Dari and her father were most vulnerable. She replies, “Yes master. Either there wasn’t a second one or we were a successful deterrent.”

Originally Posted By: Dave ST
Master Uthae began walking with Akira and Master Masu-ka towards the main entrance. “We have a leak already? I find that difficult to believe.”
She is confident that her place is best at her master's side to find Joram and accompanies her despite the permission to guard Dari. She will protect Dari if she decides to come with however. She silently considers the issue of a leak, with a crowd this big it's not unreasonable to believe someone talked where the wrong ears overhead. Not everyone knows how to practice silence.

Click to reveal.. (If Akira has her comlink)
OOC: You said the other Jedi didn’t have theirs, but it wasn’t clear if you consider all Akira's possessions as her “gear”. Not sure why she would leave her comlink and chronometer behind, same with her credit chip.
After hearing the incoming message on her comlink, she relays the information calmly, “Master, perhaps we should hurry. Four Imperial shuttles are inbound, only 4 clicks out.”
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Dari glanced at Master Lora, gratitude written on her face as she passed the burden of the Ambassador's dead weight off to the two Jedi.

"Thank you."

Originally Posted By: R2-FX
“4 Lambda shuttles 5 clicks north. Probable hostiles.”

She looked as if she was about to say more, but suddenly the synthesized voice of the droid interjected, announcing the presence of Imperials. Dari could see the effect the words had on the crowd, saw the panic beginning to swell even greater than before. The Jedi present saw a brief flicker of anger cross her features, but she quickly dismissed it with an expression of firm intensity. She gathered her robes in her hands and hurried up to the stage. She glanced around for a brief moment, as if considering. Then she raised her fingers to her lips and let out a sharp, piercing whistle as loud as she could manage. Once she had caught a few people's attention closer to her, she cupped her mouth and yelled, as loud as she could to the frantic crowd.


She took a deep breath then, and this time as she spoke it was loudly - the volume of a yell, though not with the ferociousness of one. Instead her voice was firm, as she did her best to mimic her father the Ambassador's own inspiring presence. Though she didn't necessarily realize it, she was also channeling a little bit of that other father she preferred never to think about - his firm, commanding tone that brooked no argument, and that she had rarely dared to argue with.

"I know everyone is scared, and I understand your desire to leave! However, we have no idea what awaits us beyond this planet's atmosphere. Four Lambda class shuttles could very well be accompanied by a Imperial Cruiser, waiting out there to shoot us down like fish in a barrel. Before anyone leaves this planet, we need to know what we're up against. Now, I know everyone here hadn't made a final decision yet.. and I'm sorry that you've been placed in this situation. But this is our first real opportunity to strike a collective blow - even if it's only a defensive one - against the tyranny of the Sith. This is our first opportunity not to run and hide, but to rally together and work against our common enemy, fighting for our own freedom! My father might have been targeted by an assassin, but they failed, and he lives, and neither he nor I are willing to lay over and surrender because our lives are in danger! What we're fighting for is so much bigger than that! Today was the first active strike against us as a whole - the first strike against our fledgling Alliance. Instead of allowing them to strike fear into our hearts - which I have no doubt was their intention - let us stand united and face it instead!"

Click to reveal..
Activating Inspire Confidence, roll for Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 (Dip) → [10,5] + 2 (Cha) = (17)


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Joram heard the sound of blaster fire and was glad he hadn't ignited his lightsaber yet. He didn't know who it was out there shooting but he was sure he wanted to know more about it. He ran in the direction the gunfire sounded from lightsaber unlit in his hand but ready on the instant if needed. As he got closer to where the sound had come from he slowed and proceeded with a touch more caution.

Then just as he thought he might be getting right up on the assassin, or whoever did the shooting his comm crackled to life blaring out the news that there were 4 Lambda class shuttles.

Joram swore under his breath and clicked the comm to a quieter setting and dove behind a tree and waited a second to see if blaster fire would come ripping through the area where he'd just been standing.

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Her father, were he conscious enough to hear her, would have been proud. Her words didn't just ring with hope and a desire for freedom, they declared, to all present, that if the people of the galaxy were ever going to be free then would have to choose eventually to stand up and free themselves. Talk would only get them so far.

She could feel the empowerment that came with leadership wash over her like an exhilarating sea breeze. A warmth mingled with a cool tingle that came with being at ease knowing her words were just an as effective weapon as any blaster.

A cheer rose up from the crowd as they pumped their fists in defiance of the Sith Empire and immediately began heading off to gather weaponry and armor from their ships (those who had it, anyway) or informing others, who had a small surplus to follow them and outfit themselves for the coming battle.

It had began. The Galactic Alliance would officially state their declaration of independence this evening.

Click to reveal..
Normally the 'Inspire Confidence' class ability doesn't work on such a grand scale, but the rules suck and I like the 'public speaking' aspect of applying it, nice work Dari. While none of those affected gain the usual benefits, Dari has changed their initial moral from 'flee' to 'fight'.


After the initial shots were fired no more were heard and the muzzle flashes ceased. Cautiously Joram continued his search for the assassin until, not more than a one hundred yards after he heard the shots fired, he discovered a man sitting at the base of one of the massive jungle trees, a blaster shot has scored his blast vest and he'd already began applying a bacta gel to disinfect the wound.

He grunted in pain until suddenly his heavy blaster whipped up and point at the young Jedi. Joram recognized him, it was Ranner from the temple. "Ugh," he lowered the blaster. "Damnit, kid. Scared the hell outta me. You after he bitch too? I was having a smoke when she nearly landed on me outside the temple." He winced as he continued to patch himself up. "I gave chase, but look where it got me. I winged her though, it should have slowed her down."

He pointed down the way as he lazily and painfully made his way back up to his feet. "I'll be alright kid," he looked to Joram's lightsaber and added, "and no, I don't need any of your hokey religious healing either. I've been shot before and made it through okay, this is no different. If you hurry you might get to her before she meets up with those shuttles... me, I'm heading to my ship and getting the hell off this planet."

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{OOC: ON my way to bed, so I posted this quick first. If she cannot do this, I can always delete it tomorrow.}

Akira, seeing that there are a few moments of spare time while things are getting organized, decides some prudence might be necessary. Despite being armed with her lightsaber, she feels it is better to be prepared for anything. She dashes to their ship and grabs her gear, strapping on the blaster pistol, butt forward on her right hip for her left hand to draw. She puts the utility belt around her waist. She grabs her day pack on her way out the door, pulling the comlink out and then sliding her arms into the straps, one by one. She has the comlink in her ear by the time she makes it back to Master Leavae.

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"How clever." The sarcastic voice was one Ranner recognized, as Layel stepped out of the shadows. His electro-binoculars were away, but his heavy blaster was in hand, albeit pointed to the ground.

Disinterested in the cowardly Ranner, Layel glanced at the Jedi.

"In case you haven't heard, the Imps have landed in force, kid. I passed the word back to Biirsk and his company at the Temple, but they're going to need help, and I have no interest in letting you get shot up, so it's high time you got your ass back to the place with me."

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He was torn between running to find a shuttle of Imperial's to fight and regrouping at the temple.

He took about five seconds to center himself and go through the Jedi code. There is no emotion... This wasn't about the surge of anger at the assassin. The assassin didn't matter, what mattered was the gathering of potential rebels. It was time to defend, not attack. Later would be the time to attack.

"Right. Lets go!" He followed the other man back toward the temple.

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The thought of not stealing the ship and flying it into combat never passed through R2-FX’s behaviorial algorithims. The only question that he processed was whether to go after the shuttles or the assassin first. The fight vs. the assassin would be easier for him, since he had a ship, but the fight against the shuttles would be much tougher for the biologicals that followed the assassin. So, to him, it made logical sense to go after the shuttles, cutting off both reinforcements as well as escape, and let the biologicals go after the assassin.

But first things first, he had to get the ship up and running. All of his plans hinged on him actually having the ship running and the weapons online.

This was a different type of slicing though. For almost everything else, he tried to ease his way into the system, making as few disruptions as possible, making it as difficult as possible to find out that he’d ever been in the system. With this though, right now, he didn’t care. People would probably find him still in the ship, the ship would be returned in a different position (possibly with some battle damage), and there wouldn’t be as many of the consumable weapons left (if any). Subtlty wasn’t an issue; so he went after the security system hard and fast. He didn’t really care how he got in, just that he did.

Click to reveal..
(R2-FX): Computer Use

(15:02:25) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

18+16=34 (hopefully that's enough)

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It was tough, but the droid managed to bypass the ships on board intrusion counter measures. Within moments all the lights clicked on on the console and the soft whisper of engines powering up hummed through out the starship.

Eight concussion missiles were nestled snug in their beds, waiting to be fired at Imperial shuttles. Now all R2-FX had to do was get the ship into position for a clear firing solution...

Click to reveal..
R2-FXs actions are finished until the battle begins. Once we get word from Dari, we'll begin.
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It took Dari several of the next few precious minutes to help organize the beginning of the defensive. Most people hadn't come prepared to fight, and there were several who needed to retrieve their weapons and armor from their ships, Dari included. Once everyone had disbursed to do so, and Dari had sought out several of the more experienced military leaders to request their presence for a quick council after they'd gotten themselves prepared, Dani hurried back to the ship. She boarded it from the ramp left open by the Jedi who had carried her father on board.

Her first stop was in her tiny but private quarters, where she quickly stripped off the elegant but impractical diplomats robes. Then she pulled on a regular traveling outfit and her practical, knee-high boots. A utility belt and holster for her heavy blaster pistol followed, along with a pair of leather gloves. She checked the safety on the small sporting blaster before tucking it into her belt at the small of her back, and clicked her comlink onto the belt. Last but not least, she picked up the durable electrostaff that those who had seen her in any sort of combat knew she favored, giving the power meter a cursory check to make sure the energy cell was mostly full, and flipping it on and off briefly to ensure it wasn't malfunctioning in any way. This whole process was routine to the Chandrilian noblewoman - more routine than anything involving nobility, for she had been equipping herself for this style of battle far longer than she had been equipping herself for the battles of words and ideas - and so the process took only the space of a couple minute or two.

I prefer the other type.. far less bloodshed. Too bad all our disputes can't be resolved in such a manner.

Once she was ready, she made her way back towards the ship's exit. But at the last minute, she stopped briefly to look in on her father, staying only long enough to check on his state, and to give his hand a gentle squeeze.

"I wish you could be watching this. We're finally starting to pull together."

Click to reveal..
Assuming her father is still unconscious, she'll give him a soft kiss on the forehead, and then hurry out to meet with the strategists. If he is awake, I'll leave the rest of that interaction in Dave's capable hands, and *THEN* she'll hurry out to meet with the strategists. laugh Either way, Dari's good to go.
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The Battle of Massassi

It hadn't been long, only a few moments, since R2-FX had fled the Great Hall to the hangar and Joram had hastily ran off after the assassin. The Jedi Master Tieso Lora was seeing to the injuries Dari's father had suffered at the hands of the assassin, too old for battle the master had found his niche in instructing others and treating the wounded.

Several men and women, some who'd never held a blaster before, stood at the ready within the Great Hall while Birrsk and his mercenaries formed the line along the northern wall, taking cover beneath rubble and preparing to hold off the Imperials as long as they could. They were all dead and they knew it, but if it was their time then they'd go out swinging.

A thin blanket of mist covered the ground in the late evening formed by the sticky heat of the jungle planet. All manner of insects and animals chirped and moaned into the night air casting an eerie audible shadow over the already nervous 'rebels'. A few blasters rattled nervously in the resonance of the jungle's natives.

Joram and Layel came from the jungle only to met with a front line of blasters at the ready. Joram received a scowl from his master that let him know they'd be having words later. It would appear he and Akira were in the same boat when it came to staying on their master's good side lately.

They met up with Akira and went to the Great Hall where Dari was awaiting them, trying to calm the people and give them a quick 'Blasters 101' lesson. It was a nightmare, some of these people were already dead and Dari knew it. "Lady Telana," Master Uthae greeted her. "The front perimeter is set but they lack numbers." The scarred veteran of a woman knew a great deal about the situation the people now found themselves in. "We remaining Jedi will hold the line out side, but our flank is exposed, you and yours here must hold the Great Hall."

"Akira, you will assist Lady Telana with this task." She looked deep into her padawan's eyes. "Trust the Force and remember all that I've taught you and you'll do fine. Mind your thoughts and keep your focus."

Joram's own master set her hand gently on his shoulder. She was always sweeter and kinder than most the others. "Assist Akira. Remember Joram, you are not alone. We all fight with you, so no recklessness, okay? Be strong and may the Force be with you."

With that the two Masters accepted simple nods of acknowledgment and turned about face and exited the Great Hall to take their place out at the front lines.

No sooner did they leave that they could hear the battle begin outside. Stormtroopers rushed the walls in force peppering the walls with a horizontal rain of blaster fire. Birrsk and his men returned the favor in kind, showering down hot death in a variety of flavors accented with assorted vulgarities that questioned the other army's lineage.

A low rumble echoed through the great hall, then another and another... finally the Detonite charges blew and the doors to the Great Hall fell open. Smoke and dust obscured their vision from their vantage point behind cover but soon enough the blaster fire that launched through the haze declared the Imperial's arrival. The 'rebels' returned fire, as best they could hope to, and in that instant the battle for galactic freedom had begun...

Click to reveal..
Dari, Layel, Joram and Akira are in the Great Hall having it out with the Imperials that flanked the temple. There is plenty of cover, so if you need it assume you have it to hide behind.

R2-FX is in the hangar stealing Layel's ship... (this makes me chuckle just typing it)

The order of the battle is:

Joram - 24

R2-FX - 21

Dari - 16

Akira - 15

Layel - 14

Imperials and Rebels - End of the Round.

You have 48 hours to post an action, if you do not your PC is assumed to have gone Full Defense and you can not act again until your initiative is back up.

Range: The enemies are not in melee range, you will have to use a full round action (and provoke 1 attack of opportunity, due to their numbers) to close the distance.

Each Stormtrooper has a Defense of 11, 12WP and DR 5. You're not sure how many there are because they just keep pouring through the smoke and dust from the explosion.

Oh... and assume you have all your gear.

As always if you need to know something, ask...

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R2-FX brought the Swamp Wraith up on its’ repulsors, navigating it out of the hanger and in the direction of the shuttles. He wanted to get as close to the shuttles as he could, so the missiles would have their best chance of hitting their targets, with no interference or warning. He also wanted to stay as far away as possible, so as to avoid detection. With 4 shuttles and only 8 missiles, it would be hard enough to take out these (probably) military transports without them raising their shields.

So he decided that he’s light the thrusters here, at the temple, and then coast on the repulsors the rest of the way. It’d take a bit longer this way, but that’d give him time to do a couple of other things while he’s getting into position.

But first things first. R2-FX rechecked the sensors, to make sure he had the correct and exact heading and distance that he needed to proceed on. He also thought that it would be a good idea to check if the shuttles were transmitting IFF transponder codes.

Once he double checked that, he positioned the Swamp Wraith maybe a meter above the canopy and hit the thrusters.

Click to reveal..
He’s going to take 2 rounds to move the 6 squares to just barely point blank (2 squares away from the shuttles). 4 squares this round, and he’ll move 2 more next round.

In the ‘Heroes as crew’ section, it lists a sensor operator, and gives their actions as move actions. I don’t know if checking location and IFF codes would fall under a move action. If it does, then that’s his first move action.

Second Move action is to pilot the ship.

If this doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll edit accordingly.

(R2-FX): computer use

(21:12:57) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 20.

(21:13:04) (R2-FX): pilot

(21:13:08) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 1.

(21:13:31) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 10. (this is to confirm the botch/recover… in case you need it)

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This was not the kind of battle Joram would have preferred, but it was what the Sith had forced on him. He nodded to Akira and dodged from cover to cover to close the distance and avoid as much fire as possible while ready to send bolts winging back toward their sender if he was good enough. Centering himself he pressed the power button on his saber and began his move.

Click to reveal..

Joram is moving forward to engage the enemy. I don't know if he can use the ability to redirect the bolt from that Attack of Opportunity or not, if he can then he'll try. The other option is to take more than one round to move into position. I don't know this system well enough, but in 3.5 you could use tumble to get into or out of combat while avoiding AoO if I remember right. Is that possible here?

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As the unnerving rumbles echoed through the chamber, Dari took a deep breath to steady herself. She had her heavy blaster pistol out and at the ready, as well as her electrostaff in her other hand. As the sound of blaster fire filled the air, she nodded reassuringly to the people surrounding her. She knew many of them might not survive this battle, but she knew in her heart they were all making the right decision, despite the risks.

Not one to shirk the battle by any means, Dari glanced briefly out from behind the cover provided by one of the many upturned benches that had been stacked to form barricades. Her eyes flickered briefly through the crowd of Imperials, seeking out any of the lieutenants or commanding officers.

Click to reveal..
Spot Check: 1d20+1 → [8,1] = (9)/Fail


Not really spotting any leadership amongst the blaster bolts and smokiness of the detonator blasts, Dari fired a couple times into the midst of Imperials before retreating to cover, hoping to take down someone, leadership or not.

Click to reveal..
Blaster Fire: 1d20+6 → [5,6] = (11)


Oh boy, I hope this isn't the start of one of *those* battles.. LOL.

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When the doors blew, Akira was calmly waiting, contemplating the chaos that threatened to disrupt her harmony, the galaxy is turning around as if on a great wheel as history appears to be repeating itself yet again, well Master this is the cycle of life, may the Force guide my hand this day.

As Joram moves forward she replies, “I am right with you.” She leaps into action advancing towards the troopers that threaten from the blown doors of the temple, her pony tail whipping from side to side with her rapid movement. As she moves, with the grace of a nimble panther, the blue blade of her saber flashes to life and she draws her blaster pistol from across her body. She closes the distance, stopping at some cover halfway between where she started and the closest troopers. She snaps off a shot at the closest trooper while she crouches in the combat stance that Master Leavae had taught her, ready to use her lightsaber to deflect and redirect any incoming blaster fire.

Click to reveal.. (ACTION SHOT)
Looks a little angry, but she is just focused. wink


Click to reveal.. (ACTIONS)
Free Actions: Speak, activate lightsaber, Quick Draw Blaster pistol

Move Action: 10m normal movement

Standard Action: Ranged Attack at closest Trooper DL-22 Blaster Shot at 10m (1d20+8=24, 3d6+1=16)

Activating Deflect (Defense +1 and Attack -4), up to 3 attacks can be redirected.

Akira’s Defense is 21 (Normal 18 + 2 Lightsaber Defense +1 Deflect Defense) plus any cover that she might have found halfway. If there is none, so be it.

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There were a lot of stormtroopers, but Layel was just as experienced as they were, and in this fog and smoke, commanders were essential. Darting forward to another spread line of chairs, his eyes casually picked out the colored armor of a lieutenant.

Raising his blaster carbine, it spoke, and within scant moments, the stormtrooper leader was blown dead to the ground, the bolt having penetrated his eye-hole and retaining enough force to continue onwards to the brain.

Click to reveal..


Free Action to Spot Leaders:16+4=20, Success

Move Action: 10m closer, taking in some cover. I'm guessing most cover here will be one-quarter.

Point-Blank Shot now effective.

Attack Action w/Blaster Carbine:20+7+1=28, Basic Hit, and Crit Threat

Threat Test: 19, Crit Hit

According to the likely non-heroic status of the leader, this means an auto kill. POW! smile

Defense Modified to: 19 (Base 17 + 1/4 Cover Bonus of 2)

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Stormtroopers poured through the blasted open double doors in a sea of white and black, red bolts flew forward pocking and sparking up small flames as they struck their targets. Cover and rebels alike fell victim to their wild blaster fire.

Joram, lightsaber at the ready, advanced on their foes shielding himself from their fire with a series of twirling hums and acrobatic whirls of the glowing blue blade. One by one the bolts were deflected back into the sea of Stormtroopers, one bolt slammed into chest plate of it's firer knocking foot soldier to the floor...

Click to reveal..
Joram, deflected 3/3 out of three shots, one actually had 'return to sender' on it.

Joram has has removed one of his enemies, 2 more remain.

The smoke was too thick as Dari peeked fro mcover to detect a member of the units' commanding force. She ducked her head into cover s a volley of bolts pocked and chipped away at the duraplast bench she was using for cover...

One was as good as any as she squeezed the trigger on her blaster. The bolts hit mostly stone and debris until one lone trooper poked his head up from cover to reposition himself for the next wave of the assault... Dari's blaster shot marred up his breast plate with a pretty black scorch mark and he fell behind the cover, lost to the smoke.

Click to reveal..
Dari hit and dropped a trooper. She has 2 out of 3 of her enemies left to contend with.

Her blade whirled with and audible hum and occasional 'pew' as one by one she defected every shot sent at her on her approach. She halted only monetarily to line up a shot... as one of the Stormtroopers took his bead on Joram's approach she fired a blaster shot and caught him right in the side, sending him falling to the floor in pain.

Click to reveal..
Akira dropped 1 out of the 3 Stormtroopers assigned to her. She happened to remove the one setting up to take his AoO on Joram's approach.

Two-Weapon penalties apply when using blaster/lightsaber techniques in combat. Her blaster is at -2 to hit and although she still gets her defense bonus, she redirects at -6.

"Jedi!" A Stormtrooper hollard over the blaster fire to his commander. "Sir they have Jed-" He looked around, from left, to right... "Uh, sir?"

Then he looked down. "Uh, oh." He dove for cover, his white armor getting marred up in the slide. "Snipers! They have snipers!"

Suddenly a volley of blaster fire riddled the cover Layel was using. He didn't even move or flinch, simply used the moment to go over the battlefield in his mind and line up his next shot. These thugs were playing at war, but he was a soldier this was what he lived for.

Click to reveal..
Layel was untouched by blaster fire, but now has three Stormtroopers peppering him with shots...

The engines had more kick them than he thought. As R2-FX throttled the engines forward the starboard stabilizer caught the high part of the canopy and ground its way at an angle chopping off the tops of several trees. The particle shields protected most of the hull from serious damage but R2-FX made his approach at a rather embarrassing angle...

"Sir..." One of the shuttle operators spoke up from his seat inside the cockpit of the Lambda shuttle. "We have an incoming ship. One of the rebel crafts has left the hangar... poorly I might add."

"The blockade will stop them." The captain arrogantly replied.

"They're not fleeing sir," the sensor operator said calmly. "They're coming right for us."

"What?! Oh, these rebels have some horns alright, I'll give them that. Send up shuttle two and four to investigate and dispose of the rebel scum."

Slowly two of the Lamba shuttles rose up to 'greet' R2-FX's approach vector. Their dorsal stabilizers crept slowly up over the canopy's horizon until they were even with R2-FX's approach.

"Weapons are powering up sir." The the gunner on Shuttle 2 said. "No life signs detected."

"Pity." The Captain of 2 grinned evily. "On my my mark, Captain, obliterate the rebel craft. Ensign, double front the shields, just in case."

"Aye sir."

It the still quiet of the Yavin night the Swamp Wraith suddenly found itself in a very dangerous stand-off...

Click to reveal..
They are using IFF transponders, but it will not do FX any good. They pretty much know he's not a friendly at this point (and why would a friendly unit be flying out of the temple hangar?), especially since there's no life signs aboard the ship.

2 of the 4 shuttles have rose up to 'greet' you. Their weapons have powered up, their shields are double fronted. They will open fire next round...

You are in quite a fix FX.

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Joram would have been pleased at the redirected blaster bolt that took down his attacker, but he was too focused on the battle for such thoughts. This was meditation for him, the dodge and weave and strike in endless repetition and pattern, and it was a form of peace to him, ironic as that might seem. Before battle there might be nerves, and after battle there might be reaction, but during battle there was only movement. He did spare a very brief thought of regret for ending the man's life but there were too many enemies for non-lethal force.

Seeing his opportunity he deftly flicked his lightsaber blade out and speared the trooper nearest him.

Click to reveal..

I don't have the book with me so I'm not even sure what battle mind does for me mechanically and I don't know what kind of action it takes to activate. If it's a move action he will activate it then attack. Please adjust my numbers below accordingly if it makes any difference.

(17:34:21) (Joram): Battle mind (if he has time for it in the round)

(17:34:27) ChatBot: (Joram) rolls 1d20 and gets 10.

For a total of 19 to activate.

(17:34:36) (Joram): Lightsaber attack:

(17:34:42) ChatBot: (Joram) rolls 1d20 and gets 9.

For a total of 17 to hit.

17:37:19) ChatBot: (Joram) rolls 3d8 and gets 6,3,7.

Damage total: 16

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R2-FX hoped that whoever it was that owned this ship wasn't extremely attached to it. Of course, he hoped to bring it back in one piece... but that was more out of self preservation than anything else.

The two shuttles were expecting a frontal assault, so he decided to try something that they weren't expecting. Punching the throttle up to full, R2-FX and the Swamp Wraith blew past the two shuttles to their unprotected rears.

Then he tried to turn completely around, so he could ionize the heck out of one of those shuttles. Unfortunately, that didn't work too well. He wasn't even able to make a 90 degree turn, just jerk it to the right somewhat.

That was ok though, because the dual laser cannons were on turrets. So he turned the cannons on one of the shuttles and fired.

Click to reveal..
(R2-FX): pilot

(21:50:09) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 6.

6(roll)+10(pilot)-4(lack of feat)=12, DC20 180deg, fail by 8, turn 45deg

((21:50:19) (R2-FX): attack

(21:50:25) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 13.

13(roll)+5(ranged)-4(lack of feat)+2(synergy bonus)+5(equipment bonus)=21

(23:07:49) (R2-FX): damage

(23:07:54) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 5d10 and gets 8,9,7,9,5.


I think everything is good here. If not let me know.

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Still maintaining her cover for now, Dari peered around the upturned bench again, this time taking aim at one of a few stormtroopers who were advancing on their position. She wanted to keep them as far away from her group of not-very experienced combatants as possible, and the best way to do that was not only to take down the ones approaching. Hopefully the bodies would deter too many of the troopers from heading in that direction. As she aimed, she motioned to one of the other people next to her, indicating the troopers he should try to fire at as well. Then she nodded reassuringly to him, and the two of them fired on the armor-clad troopers at the same time before pulling back.

Click to reveal..
Roll for blaster shot: 1d20+6 → [10,6] = (16).


The instruction to the other shooter is mainly for RP-filler, but if there's also some kind of noble/leader thing I should roll, let me know. I didn't see anything, and like I said I mainly did it for cinematics. But I'm kinda exhausted after a pub crawl for a friend's 21st, LOL. Not that I drank much.. but I'm still very tired.

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Layel smirked, amused at the idiocies of the Empire's supposedly elite stormtroopers. They must have cut back on the training budgets. Casually and calmly setting his carbine to fire more, he discharged a storm of blaster shots upon the stormtroopers targeting him.

Click to reveal..

Free Action: Switching carbine to Multifire.

Full Attack Action: Multifiring on the stormtroopers shooting at me.

Two attacks: +4 and +2 (including Point-Blank Shot)

Shot 1: 9+4= 13

Shot 2: 20+2= 22, Crit Threat


Crit Test: 15+2=17, Crit Hit (Shot 2)


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Akira jumps over the bench she was using for cover and closes in near Joram, trying to position herself to allow him to flank his next target. Her blue blade is humming and weaving in her defense, ready to deflect any incoming fire back at its shooter. She takes a glance at the troopers before her, seeing if there are any officers that need to be taken out when she goes on the offensive.

Click to reveal.. (ACTIONS)
Move Action: Regular movement, jump was just RP embellishment.

Free Action: Spot check (probably should be blind roll by GM), if it's allowed.

She still is using DD & DA.

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Their numbers seemed endless; for ever stormtrooper that fell it seemed like several more came through the door. The Galactic Alliance was cornered and they were fighting like it. The more that came through the door, the larger the pile of bodies became.

Joram & Akira

The two Jedi fought together, defending one another from the onslaught of the Imperial forces. Joram's blade sizzled as it bore through the stormtroopers armor killing him instantly as Akira came and joined him at his side.

The blaster bolts continued to flay all over and Joram found himself hard pressed to dodge them all. One came deadly close to him, searing through his robes and nearly catching him on fire. He did notice a weakness in the enemies defenses and exploited it, sending a blaster bolt back at its owner...

Akira fared slightly better, although the onslaught of blaster fire was getting to be more than the two Jedi could handle. The more she defended herself and Joram the more it took it's toll. The bolts just seemed to come from all directions, despite her focus. Eventually one hit against her blade and it was sent flying back at the stormtrooper who fired it only to be followed by a second one that slammed against her blade, sending her off-ballance for the slight moment.

"Sirs, A modulated voice spoke up nearby. "It's confirmed, there are Jedi present."

We'll handle them. Replied a deep, slow voice in return. Leave them, deal with the 'Alliance'..."

"Yes, sir."

From the smoke the doorway walked two men dressed like Imperial Officers: black uniforms, rank insignias on their left breast, polished black boots. In place of the standard Officer's Hat however they wore dark black hoods that draped like mantles over their shoulders.

Each carried a lightsaber in their hand, extinguished, but ready for use. They pulled back their hoods in unison and jaundiced yellow eyes glared at the two Jedi. Suddenly Joram and Akira felt doubtful and afraid. The Dark Side presence of the two men washed over them... this was the Dark Side and its power was incredible.

"Surrender, Jedi, and your 'allies' deaths shall be swift, we assure you." Spoke one of them.

Click to reveal..
Joram - One of the Stormtroopers rolled a '1' on his attack, so the Defelct Attack was 'free'. A second stormtrooper scored a hit for 16 points of damage.

Joram's Battlemind will need to be activated on this upcoming round as his move action. I don't mind keeping the roll fro mthe previous round to save time, so if you choose to activate it it will cost 5VP.

Akira was hit once and her Deflect Defense barely saved her from a second hit. She managed to redirect an attack, even with her -6 penalty, killing a storm trooper. She took 17 damage.

Joram - 44VP/60VP

Akira - 38VP/55VP

The Dark Disciples have arrived...

Move: Advance 5m.

Attack: Dark Side skill use Fear.

Disciple 1 (Akira): Skill roll 25 (-8 Penalty).

Disciple 2 (Joram): Skill Roll 29 (-8 Penalty).

Both Joram and Akira are suffering a -8 Force penalty to skill checks (including Force Skills) and attack rolls. You can only break this effect by accepting a Dark Side point, or eliminating your enemy.

You are not longer being attacked by stormtroopers, it's just you two, and the Disciples...


Casually Layel shifted his head to one side as blaster fire tore into his cover. He knew what those rifles could do and he knew how much power they had behind each blast. It was time to move, and when he leapt from cover to dive behind something more suitable, a bolt caught his armor. It was just a graze, thankfully, but he hit the ground with a stinging sensation that just made him hate these troopers even more...

Click to reveal..
Layel was hit for 7 points of damage.

Layel - 48VP/55VP


The blaster shot pocked another troopers armor and he fell to the ground, sliding across the stone floor. The troopers fired back in force shattering her cover and forcing her to relocate. As she slid behind cover (closer to Layel) chips of debris from blaster fire pelted her all over leaving small cuts and tears in her clothing. An Alliance soldier grabbed her and helped drag her behind the cover. "Are we having fun yet m'lady?"

He grinned and popped up from cover long enough to peg a stormtrooper square in the chest.

Click to reveal..
Dari killed a stormtrooper but was hit by another. She takes 12 damage and has on more stormtrooper attacking her.

Dari - 35VP/47VP


The Swamp Wraith's laser cannons fired rapidly, tearing into the rear thruster of the Lambda shuttle. Fire and metal exploded into black smoke and the ship rocked as one thruster gave out completely.

Quickly they recovered and veered about face after moving ahead to challenge the Swamp Wraith. The hovered close together, a tactic that would prevent R2-FX from slipping past them without causing a collision in the future, and within moments the two ships fired upon the heavy freighter.

Click to reveal..


Pilot (move action) - [success] Move one square, about face 180 degrees.

Pilot (attack action) - [Failure] Grant +2 bonus to gunner's attack roll

Co-Pilot (move action) - [success] Grant +2 bonus to gunner's attack roll.

Co-Pilot (attack action) - [success] Firing Twin Laser Cannons (16 damage to shields after applying DR)

Swamp Wraith - 36 Shield Points Remaining, 150 Hull Points remaining.

Sensor Operator (move action) - [success] Grant +2 to Gunner's attack roll.

Sensor Operator (attack action) [success] Grant +2 to ship's defense.

Engineer (move action) - [success] Rerouted power.

Engineer (attack action) - [success] Increased the power of 1 weapon.

Gunner 1 (attack action) - [success] Fired Blaster Cannons 86 damage to the shields after DR. 35 Damage to the Hull after DR.

Swamp Wraith - 0 Shield Points Remaining, 115 Hull Points remaining.

Gunner 2 (attack action) - Firing Blaster Cannons - Missed.


Pilot (move action) - [success] Move one square, about face 180 degrees.

Pilot (attack action) - [success] Grant +2 bonus to gunner's attack roll

Co-Pilot (move action) - [Failure] Grant +2 bonus to gunner's attack roll.

Co-Pilot (attack action) - Firing Twin Laser Cannons, missed.

Sensor Operator (move action) - [success] Grant +2 to Gunner's attack roll.

Sensor Operator (attack action) [success] Grant +2 to ship's defense.

Engineer (move action) - [success] Rerouted power.

Engineer (attack action) - [success] Increased the power of 1 weapon.

Gunner 1 (attack action) - [success] Fired Blaster Cannons 75 damage to the Hull after DR.

Swamp Wraith - 0 Shield Points Remaining, 40 Hull Points remaining.

Gunner 2 (attack action) - Firing Blaster Cannons, missed.

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Layel grimaced at the stormtrooper who singed him and fired back, having reset the carbine to single shot. The trooper flew back and collapsed to the floor like a white children's toy.

Then grinning, he surveyed the field... and his smile vanished as he saw the newcomers to the battle.

He slid back behind cover. "Damn it," he swore to no one in particular, "the Sith are throwing everything at us, even themselves!"

Click to reveal..

Free action to switch back to single shot

Standard action: blast the remaining stormie, including Point-Blank Range

Attack Roll: Success


Crit threat: Crit hit


And move action to spot the disciples, presuming same DC.

Spot roll: Success


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The shuttles pulled closer together, so close that R2-FX couldn’t fly between them, and within moments the two ships fired upon the Swamp Wraith. Their crimson bolts flew wildly around the purloined ship. The first shot that hit splashed harmlessly against the shields, the second dropped the shields and bored into the hull. The last shot that hit did some serious damage to the ship, barely leaving it in the sky.

In the following moments, many an action algorithm was processed, and of all of them, two floated to the surface. He could either abandon ship, leaving it to careen off on its’ course until the shuttles destroyed it, or he could turn the ship around and fly it right into those sons of sith shuttles and try and take one down with him… and try to abandon ship before the subsequent explosion.

Self preservation dictated the former… valor dictated the latter.

So the little droid, above the vast and trackless forests of the fourth moon of Yavin turned the ship. He brought the Swamp Wraith around in as graceful an arc as he could (fearing that attempting to do a snap turn like before would either fail or destroy the ship), lined up the shuttles and, for the last time ever, the Swamp Wraith's engines were called upon to push the ship as fast as it could go.

The sudden acceleration didn’t leave but moments for the droid pilot to make his escape, but try he did…

Click to reveal..
Action 1: long, looping turn around to line up with side of damaged shuttle (don’t know if it requires a roll, but I rolled anyway)

Action 2: Ramming damaged shuttle, perpendicular (don’t know all the dice involved, but I figured you could have some fun with that. If they’re close enough, might one bump/hit the other from the force of the impact?)

Action 2a: Whichever is closer, the back or the escape pod, that’s what he’s going for. In case he needs a dex to jump in/off I rolled it, or if he can’t make it you can use it for a reflex save, right?

(R2-FX): Pilot

(19:05:00) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 6.

(19:05:05) (R2-FX): Pilot

(19:05:10) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 14.

(19:07:06) (R2-FX): Dex/Reflex

(19:07:12) ChatBot: (R2-FX) rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

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Originally Posted By: Layel Haete
"Damn it," he swore to no one in particular, "the Sith are throwing everything at us, even themselves!"

Dari glanced at Layel in surprise, then glanced around their defenses long enough to get a brief look at what he was talking about. With a soft, muttered swear, the noblewoman dropped her blaster and grabbed her staff.

"Keep it up guys, you're doing great."

And with that she stood up, swinging her staff sharply at a storm-trooper that had managed to get a touch too close to the Rebels' cover.

Click to reveal..
Rolling for Electrostaff attack: 1d20+6 → [11,6] = (17)
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As the wave of fear washes over her, Akira feels like curling up into a little ball and hiding, but only for the briefest of moments. In her head she automatically cites the mantra, there is no emotion; there is peace. But the Jedi teaching cannot dissipate the clutch of the fear in her gut.

She clenches her teeth and forces herself to concentrate and activate some Force Powers of her own. She is moderately successful, despite the icy fear that strangles her. She gasps and says to Joram softly, “Let’s take them one at a time.” She takes a step to better position herself relative to Joram so the Sith Disciples cannot flank them.

Click to reveal.. (ACTIONS)
Move Action: Battlemind (1d20-1=18)

+3 to Attacks, Costs 5VP

Standard Action: Enhance Dexterity (1d20-3=14)


Free Action: 2-meter step

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The fear washed over him as the two hooded men revealed themselves. This is what he had trained for since childhood, he was prepared for this. But how could you really prepare for the reality of these waves of Dark Side energy washing over you? There was no way, the reality was the fear, the training and preparation was what vanished in the face of these two terrible and powerful force users. Joram wanted to flee, he wanted to fall to his knees and beg mercy. Another part of him wanted to charge and cram his lightsaber down their throats for making him feel this way. He was torn between the two desires, but as in everything else in his life the Jedi code guided him. There is no emotion. That didn't mean there really wasn't emotion, it meant you had to 'act' not based on the fleeting emotions of the moment but as if there were no emotion. So that's what he did.

He stood his ground next to Akira and neither gave into the desire to flee nor the rage that he felt at these men for making him fear so much. The fear was crippling and he was surprised his knees weren't knocking together with it, but he stood his ground and waited for the two men to come to them and focsed on trying to enter his battlemind. How effortless the battle had seemed only seconds before, now it was an effort indeed to focus.

Click to reveal..

Joram will attempt the battle mind. Roll made in previous post, don't know if it will be successful with the -8 though.

Joram will not go to them, he'll wait for them to come to him.

If they are within striking range he will attack with his lightsaber standing side-by-side/back-to-back with Akira. If not he will spend the round getting into the proper state of mind (battle mind).

(18:07:28) ChatBot: (Joram) logs into the Chat.

(18:07:44) ChatBot: (Joram) rolls 1d20 and gets 14.

With the -8 to skills that is a 14 to hit. Unless the battle mind goes into effect first in which case I'm not sure what that would do to the roll.

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Joram & Akira

The two Jedi remained resolute in the face of their enemies. This was the power of the Dark Side, fear, anger, hatred, all these emotions seemed to radiate off the two hooded figures like a fashionable mantle of security.

“Very well, Jedi.” One said finally as the sizzling hiss of their lightsabers ignited into intimidating crimson blades. “You’ve sealed their fate! Now, die!”

Somehwere nearby…

Master Sen Udo-Mal touched his fingers gently to his temple and closed his eyes. He could feel his Padawans in danger but knew there was nothing he could offer to help them except his words. “Remember my children,” his voice echoed softly in their minds, touching their thoughts through the Force. ”Courage is not the absence of fear, rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The Force stands with you, and a powerful ally it is.”

The Disciples came at them swiftly and although Master Udo-Mal’s words did not bolster their defenses but, knowing he was with them, guiding them, was at least something. Their crimson blades slammed into the guardian’s blue light, crackling and hissing as they glided down along the edges. The more the Disciples tried the less effort the two Jedi put into their own defense, evil turned in on itself and despite the mind numbing fear they suffered from the two Jedi kept a nearly impregnable wall of colored blades stopping every attack that came at them.

Click to reveal..

Move Action: Closed the distance.

Attack Action: Disciple 1 attacks Joram… Miss!

Move Action: Closed the distance.

Attack Action: Disciple 2 attacks Akira… Miss!


Layel ducked behind cover as Dari ran off into the fray. His barrier held strong as stormtroopers peppered it with blaster fire until he heard something that grabbed a hold of his attention.

The cylinder fell not far from him, bouncing off a bench and sliding along the ground before it came to a halt spinning along its edge. His eyes opened wide as he swiftly relocated…

The explosion rocked the main hall, throwing benches and rebels alike in all directions. It caught the attention of everyone, announcing that these guys were playing for keeps. Layel caught the explosion and rolled with it, covering his face and letting the concussion roll him. His back slammed against a pillar and he slid down clothes and armor seared and scorched from the heat of the blast.

Click to reveal..
Frag Grenade! Layel took 13 from the explosion.

Layel - 35VP/55VP


Leaping over her cover, she dashed swiftly through the smoke and debris. One stortrooper got in her way and as he trained his rifle up to blast her swept her electro staff under one of his legs, pulling him to the ground. A swift second later it swirld over her hed and came slamming down into his armor sending purple electrical current coursing through his body at a voltage that was fatal.

Without hesitation she continued to move towards the Dark Disciples…

Click to reveal..
Dari finished that trooper she was handling with her staff. She can attack disciples next round (a move action to close the remaining distance, then an attack.)

Dari - 35VP/47VP


The Swamp Wraith lurched forward, grinding and whirring to the best of it’s ability considering the level of damage it’d suffered. R2-FX sent the ship on a course for the shuttle and swiftly it attempted to avoid the on coming scrap pile but it wasn’t swift enough. Metal crunched and bent in a twisted symphony that was accustomed to a wailing spirit.

Explosions shook the sky as both the Swamp Wraith and the Shuttle lost their main drives and slowly drifted back down to the planet’s surface…

Click to reveal..
The damaged Lambda shuttle was destroyed. Both ships are heading down to the planet’s surface on a crash course.

R2-FX took 31 points of Vitality damage in the collision, and is still in the cockpit. He can attempt to move towards the escape pod in the following round.

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Joram felt bolstered by the Master's force presence. It didn't make his blade any swifter or more deadly, nor did it make his knees stop wanting to shake in fear, but combined with the first flurry of blows non of which landed, he felt more resolved.

He had defended against a determined attack by the Sith, the thing he'd most secretly feared through his entire life and he'd faced it now. It was time to attack. He stood his ground but instead of merely defending he swung his blade in a quick series of blows aimed at creating an opening in the Sith's defenses. The timing was off however and it didn't appear that the opening would happen just yet.

Click to reveal..

(14:06:24) ChatBot: (Joram) rolls 1d20 and gets 5.

Total of 5. A miss. (Unless his Battle mind went off this round and made some difference, but even then I doubt it would be enough.

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The screeching of metal and the explosions of... explosive stuff, filled the air. The two ships made their way to the ground, and the shuttle was destroyed, but it wasn't exactly what R2-FX had expected...

...of course, seeing as how he was still in the cockpit, that was a good thing.

Nothing more could be done for or with this ship, so he rolled as quickly as he could to the cockpit escape pod, got inside, and started the sequence for ejection.

He could only hope that he vacated the ship before it exploded for good or before it got so close to the ground that the ejection destroyed the escape pod...

...and there's always the hope that the remaining 4 Lambda shuttles will miss its ejection.

Click to reveal..
Move action, move to the escape pod.

Other action, eject escape pod.

I tried to leave it open enough that you can still say whether or not he gets out this round; needless to say I'm hoping that he will.

Vitality 9/40

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Feeling the Jedi Master’s presence reminds Akira that she must not give in to her fear. Despite the grip it maintains on her, she uses her skill in the Force to increase her concentration on the deadly dance of blades before her and improves her combat prowess a little more.

The disciple facing her swings his blade in at her waist from her left, she cross parries and holds his blade off. As he pulls his blade back to strike again, she shifts her weight to her left foot and pivots backs with her right. She deftly crouches as the disciples’ return swing passes over her, slicing the air where he head had been. While her opponent recovers from his missed swing, it leaves a split second opening. Akira lunges back in close, her blade flicking out to catch the other Disciple in his unprotected side. Her wrist twisting the blade back around to parry her disciple’s next thrust.

Click to reveal.. (ACTIONS)
Move Action: Battlemind (1d20-1=17)

Result +3 to Attack, costs 5 VP.

Standard Action: Lightsaber (1d20+3=19, 3d8=14), Includes +3 from Battlemind. Attacking Disciple 1

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Layel faced the rattling of the grenade as a bit of a shock, and so when he took cover from behind the pillar, firing a burst at the stormtroopers, and then switching on instinct to snap a couple at the Sith.... It was more than a little embarrasing, aim-wise.

Click to reveal..

Switching to Multifire

Targeting the stormtroopers with one shot, then the Disciples

(There's Point-Blank shot and shooting into melee without penalty)




5+4= 9... Miss the Stormies


3+2 = 5... Miss even worse.

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Almost as if they were being rewarded for their faith in the Force, the two Jedi were suddenly presented with unexpected assistance. It was a very different Dari Telana who stepped up to face the Sith alongside the Jedi apprentices, so different looking in her somewhat torn clothing and flecked with small red cuts that Akira and Joram almost didn't recognize her. It was either the purple tattoos that symbolized Chandrillian royalty that gave her away.. or the resolute expression on her face. It was hard to tell which was more distinctive. What they also didn't expect was the long, staff-like weapon the noblewoman was wielding, the tip crackling with purple electricity that reminded them of a crude imitation of their own weapons. It wasn't an unpleasant surprise, however - to either of them with any knowledge of civilian weaponry, the electrostaff was known to be one of the only lightsaber-resistant weapons in the galaxy.. short of another lightsaber, that is.

She didn't waste any time with pleasantries, however. This version of Dari Telana chose to introduce herself to the Sith combatant that Joram was facing with a swift swing of the staff she was wielding, business end first. After all, some situations called for a more forceful style of diplomacy.

Click to reveal..
Rolling for Melee attack/Electrostaff: 1d20+6 → [8,6] = (14)


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Joram & Akira & Dari

The Disciple grinned and easily parried Joram's attack that echoed a hiss from their blades as they crossed. The Disciple raised up his boot and kicked Joram in the stomach, separating them for enough time to launch a full attack of his own. The shock from Dari's staff into his side caused him to cry out in pain and he shot her a look of pure hatred, vowing to handle the upstart after he was finished with these pathetic Jedi...

Anger and rage filled the darksiders attack and he violently lashed out with a wild swing, intent on taking Joarm's head from his shoulders. A wide, fierce crimson arc hummed with violent satisfaction. Joram, scared nearly out of his wits by the sheer skill and ferocity of his opponent (false as it was due to the Force's influence), reacted swiftly. His blue blade came up and clashed with the red in a violent flash of white. Seeing his opportunity he swayed around, spinning his body to his opponent's flank, finishing it with a slash from his own lightsaber...

The darksiders eyes opened wide... the pain was searing and his legs no longer responded to his commands. A moment later his torso slid from his hips.

Akira launched a powerful offensive against her opponent. One by one each and every attack grew more and more difficult for him to parry or evade. He staggered away from her, panting slightly. She was better than he anticipated, and that just would not do now that it was three on one...

A twisted aura surrounded the Disciple as he called on the Dark Side of the Force. The air grew colder and the luminance faded slightly as his mere presence seemed to abolish light.

With a clench of his fist Akira felt the pull of the Force around her body but the power of the Dark Side it was too strong for her to resist and in an instant she was scooped up off her feet raised into the air. Higher and higher she was pulled upwards with the massive chamber of the Great Hall until she came to a rest some sixteen meters above the floor, held in place only by the Disciples will alone. "I'll deal with you in a moment, child." He hissed at Akira before turning his attention on Joram and Dari.

With impossibly fast reflexes he lashed out at the two heroes. his red blade swirling past Dari defenses so fast she had nearly no time to react. Luckily she swayed and parried the lightsaber attack before it scorched her flesh or removed a limb. Spinning on his heel, much like Joram did a moment ago to to dispatch his partner the Disciple spun about and slammed his saber into the Jedi Guardian's... the blades locked and Joram could feel the fear leaving him and the calmness of the Jedi returning.

Click to reveal..

Dark Disciple takes 14 damage from Akira's attack.

Disciple - 27VP/16WP

Disciple 1 calls on the Dark Side!

Move Action: Move Object (lift a living being). Akira failed her saving throw (rolled an 11) and is lifted 16 meters into the air. She is now 8 meters away from the battle and 16 meters in the air.

Attack Action: Disciple 1 attacks Dari, hit! Dari suffers 11 points of Vitality damage!

Dari - 24VP/47VP

Dark Disciple uses Heroic Surge!

Attack Action: Disciple 1 attacks Joram, hit! Joram suffers 13 points of Vitality damage!

Joram - 31VP/60VP

Attack Action: Disciple 2 attacks Joram, rolled a '1'.

Joram was permitted a counter-attack, he scored a critical hit and inflicted 17 Wound Damage, killing the Disciple.


When Layel poked his head out from cover and fired the troopers locked onto his position. "There he is!" one shouted. "Blast him!"

A hail of blaster fire pocked up his cover once more but he didn't seat it. With a grin he calmly waited for them to leave him an opening.

Click to reveal..
4 Stormtroopers attacked Layel... 4 Storm troopers missed...

Ugh... even 250 years later the fuggers can't aim.

Layel - 35VP/55VP


The Swamp Wraith was breaking apart... swiftly the Astromech droid moved through the ship to the escape pod, not far from the cockpit. Once inside he strapped in and a little mechanical arm slammed the eject button launching it into the sky just moment before both ships exploded as their hyperdrive cores went critical.

Debris was scattered across miles but FX's escape was concealed by the explosion...

Click to reveal..
You made it... pray Layel never finds out if was you. LOL

FX will land not far from the temple, but for all intents and purposes I think he's out of the remainder of this fight. smile


From where he stood Maste rSen Udo-Mal watched the battle outside the temple. Tending to the injuries of the wounded was slowly starting to tax him but he remained stalwart in his duties. Master Lora was tending to the injuries of Dari's father, the Ambassador aboard their ship in the hangar so he was left alone in the temples long abandoned infirmity.

Soldiers groaned in pain as nobles did their best to help Master Udo-Mal until the door slid open and everyone looked up, ready to fend off a small army of Imperials...

It was only Ranner, with another soldier carried on his shoulder helping the man into the room. The blaster mark the tore through his armor was still very much visible and he had barely made it in on his own steam. They both lurched forward and Master Udo-Mal caught Ranner while another 'nurse' caught the other man.

"You'll be alright friend, I've got you." Master Udo-Mal said calmly.

"Please... Master Jedi..." Ranner stammered out, weaked from his injuries. "Before I die... just one request... just... one."

The Cerean Master looked at the suffering man and nodded compassionately. "It is a sad loss for the galaxy, you've all fought so bravely. I shall do what I can, son. Your deeds will not be forgotten"

Ranner, clinging to the master's robes tried to choke out his next statement but the blood in his lungs seemed to keep him from doing so. Finally there was a screeching hiss as a red blade bore through his chest. Ranner's lightsaber, cleaverly concealed in his sleeve went unoticed by the Jedi Master.

"Die." He said, calmly. The ruse was no longer needed and he quit faking his injuries. He loooked deep into Master Udo-Mal's eyes and for a moment the Cearean could see the demon the lived behind them. "No more, no less."

He stood as Master Udo-mal feel over to the floor, lifeless. Panic ensued as everyone ran for the door. Ranner raised his hand and the door slid closed making a 'thunk' sound as it locked. His red blade hummed as men and women gathered to the locked door, pounding on it as terror gripped them.

"My apologies, ladies and gentlemen," He bowed politely. "But there can be no witnesses..."

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Layel's rattling disappeared with the failed shots of the stormtroopers, and he raised his carbine to retort. One burst of quick fire sent the troopers down or taking cover, and then again, he turned a brief focus to the now one disciple, sending two shots at his head.

Click to reveal..

Treating the stormies to one attack of Multifire


Second attack for the other disciple


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It only took Joram a split second to decide. Should he attack the Sith or try to rescue Akira, or where they the same thing? The fear was fading away now and he felt his old confidence flooding back in, and with it the desire to attack this monster that could so unman him with fear. But that was the emotional response and in the Force there is no emotion. Can't act from anger or the Sith wins...

Besides, there were others focusing on the Sith now and he had the feeling Akira was about to have a long fall. He set himself to defend attacks that came his way, but he hoped to catch his fellow Padawan when she fell. He prepared to stretch out and catch her with the force.

Click to reveal..

(10:52:59) ChatBot: (Joram) rolls 1d20 and gets 2.

Sucktastic roll, sorry Akira.

2 + 6 (move object) +2 (battle mind) = 10

I'm not sure if battle mind factors in on this or not, but included it. Also would there be any bonus if Akira is 'willing'?

Attack roll:

(13:27:12) ChatBot: (Joram_Jedi) rolls 1d20 and gets 1.

Son of a bitch...

1 + 8 + 2 = 11 Miss.

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Unlike Joram, Dari had no mystical Force powers to assist Akira. She felt a knot of fear settle in her stomach as the disciple lifted the Jedi - seemingly effortlessly - up into the air. It was the first time she had really seen any of them demonstrate their abilities in the heat of battle.

But Dari had been afraid before. She'd been afraid when she'd found out her mother was dead. She'd been afraid the first time Depp Tarkin had pressed a blaster into her hand, and told her that learning how to shoot it might mean the difference between life and death. She'd been afraid the first time she felt the slight jolt of electricity run through her body as Depp had struck her with the electrostaff he'd decided to teach her how to use, just so she'd know how it felt. Dari had been taught a long time ago that fear had to be pushed aside.. and so she did. She ignored the Jedi apprentice dangling several feet above them that she could do nothing for at the moment, hoping that Akira's Jedi comrade could do something to help her. Instead, she focused her fear, channeling it into the strike she aimed at the second Sith as she reminded herself that one of them had gone down already - that they weren't unbeatable, no matter how much they might seem it in the heat of combat.

Click to reveal..
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