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This is the PC Character Sheet thread. There are a few things I need to point out:

1. All characters will be reformatted into the same style 'stat-block' once they are posted for easy reading and reference. No one seems able to agree on a universal method of posting characters and this prevents the thread from looking sloppy. It also assists us/me in knowing exactly where to look on each sheet to reference information I might need.

2. While your character remains your intellectual property, I reserve the right to edit sheets as needed by the changing state of play. I always try and make it a note to inform others when I've edited a sheet.

3. You are responsible for keeping your sheet up to date, not me. If you continuously fail to update and your PC is still 5th Level after others have long since become 8th Level, that's your problem and no one else. You can not suddenly remember to 'Level Up' your PC in the middle of a mission or combat or any other time, without explicit permission from me.

That said, post your approved character below.

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R2-FX (Originally R2-Z5)

Tracked Astromech Droid

Scoundrel 1 / Tech Specialist 4

Experience: 12,950 / 15,000

Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex)

Defense: 16 (+1 Tech Specialist, +2 Scoundrel, +2 Dexterity, +1 Size)

Speed: 8m

VP/WP: 40/12

Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+4 (+3 Base, +2 Str, -1 Size)

Full Attack: (Not including modifiers for Size)

  • Melee: +5 Electroshock Probe (2d6 Ion, Stun DC 15 to organics)
  • Melee: +5 Laser Cutting Torch (1d8/20)
  • Ranged: +5 Blaster Pistol (3d6/20, range 10m)

Special Qualities:

Tech Specialist:

  • Skill Emphasis: Computer (Tech Spec. 1)
  • Research (Add Tech Spec Level to any Knowledge Check when using databases) (Tech Spec 2)
  • Instant Mastery, Craft: Electronics (+4 Ranks in an Intelligence-Based Skill which he posseses no Ranks in) (Tech Spec 3)
  • Tech Specialty: Computer Specialist (+1 to Computer Skill checks) (Tech Spec 4)


  • Illicit Barter (+5 Competency Bonus to buy/sell illicit/illegal goods) (Scoundrel 1)


Fortitude +3 (+1 Tech Spec, +2 Con)

Reflex +6 (+2 Tech Spec, +2 Scoundrel, +2 Dex)

Will +5 (+2 Tech Spec, +1 Wis, +2 Iron Will)

+2 Equipment bonus on Fortitude saves to resist rust.

Size: Small

Abilities: Str 14(+2), Dex 14(+2), Con 14(+2), Int 18(+4), Wis 12(+1), Cha 12(+1)

Skills: (Only Ranked skills. Cross-Class & 0 Rank skills not included)

Appraise: +8 (+4 Ranks, +4 Int)

Astrogate: +12 (+8 Ranks, +4 Int)

Bluff: +5 (+4 Ranks, +1 Cha)

Computer Use: +16 (+8 Ranks, +4 Int, +3 Skill Emphasis, +1 Computer Specialist)

Craft (electronics): +8 (+4 Ranks, +4 Int)

Demolitions: +12 (+8 Ranks, +4 Int)

Disable Device: +9 (+5 Ranks, +4 Int)

Forgery: +8 (+4 Ranks, +4 Int)

Gamble: +5 (+5 Ranks, +1 Wis)

Gather Information: +5 (+1 Ranks, +4 Int)

Listen: +7 (+4 Ranks, +1 Wis, +2 Equipment)

Move Silently: +6 (+4 Ranks, +2 Dex)

Pilot: +10 (+8 Ranks, +2 Dex)

Profession (espionage): +2 (+1 Ranks, +1 Wis)

Repair: +13 (+5 Ranks, +4 Int, +4 Equipment)

Search: +11 (+5 Ranks, +4 Int, +2 Equipment)

Spot: +7 (+4 Ranks, +1 Wis, +2 Equipment)


Level Feats:

  • Iron Will (+2 Synergy Bonus to Will saves) (Level 1)
  • Persistent Personality (Cha check to restore lost levels after memory wipe) (Level 3)

Bonus Feats:

  • Two-Weapon Fighting (Droid)
  • Skill Emphasis (Tech Specialist 1)
  • Weapon Group Proficiency (Simple Weapons, Blaster Pistols)

Plot Feats:

  • "You Broke It, You Bought It"

    Description: Most free droids tend to learn by doing and learning to fly a ship is no exception. After reviewing the log data from his attempt to battle the Sith Forces on Yavin in a space transport he had no idea how to operate R2-FX has come to realize exactly where things went wrong during the battle. Hey, sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right, right? At least it only took him crashing one ship to get the hang of it...

    Effect: R2-FX is considered to have the feat Starship Operation: Space Transports.

Languages: Speak Binary, Speak Basic (u), Sith (u), Neimoidian (u), Huttese (u), Bothese (u)

Force Points: This character may not gain Force Points.

Dark Side Points: 0

Reputation: +1

Equipment: 630cr

Droid Accessories:

Heuristic Processor (allows droid to use skill untrained providing the skill may be used untrained)

Improved Sensor Pkg. (+2 equipment bonus to Listen, Search and Spot checks)

IR Vision (Darkvision 30m)

Diagnostics Package (+4 equipment bonus on repair checks)

Holographic Recording Unit

Tool Kit mounted on 3 tool mounts

Telescopic Appendage

Magnetic Feet

Scomp Link

Locked Access (Disable Device DC 25 to shut down the droid manually)

Rust Inhibitor (+2 on Fort to resist Rust)

360 Vision (+2 equipment bonus to Spot checks when determining surprise)

Telescopic Vision (-1 penalty on spot checks per 40m, instead of 4m)

ElectroShock Probe (touch weapon, 2d6 to mechanical/stun biological)

Welding laser/Cutting Torch (+2 equip bonus repair / 1d8 melee weapon)

Repulsorlift Unit

Weapon Mount with Blaster Pistol

Credits: 3,330"7

xp log

2,950 - Episode 1 & The Battle of Massassi


Click to reveal.. (character pic)


The attachments are the Character Pic as well as his Insignia, which he used long ago and has since 'forgotten', but which he will hopefully soon remember/rediscover/redesign.



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Name: Layel Haete

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Race: Human

Hair: Brown, but heavily obscured by blue dye.

Eyes: Black

Skin: Light

Height: 5'9

Weight: 188 lb.

Layel Haete

Human Male

Soldier 5

Experience 12,850 / 15,000

Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex)

Defense: 17 (+5 Soldier, +2 Dexterity)

Speed: 10m

VP/WP: 55/13 (DR 2, Blast Helmet & Vest)

Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+7 (+5 Base, +2 Str)

Full Attack: (Not including modifiers for Size)

  • Melee: +7 Vibroblade (2d6+2/20)
  • Ranged: +7 Blaster Carbine (3d8/19-20, Rng: 20m, Ammo: 50)
  • Ranged: +7 Heavy Blaster (3d8/20, Rng: 8m, Ammo: 50)

Special Qualities:

  • Special Qualities are for pleebs w/out a ton of bonus feats.


Fortitude +5 (+4 Soldier, +1 Con)

Reflex +3 (+1 Soldier, +2 Dex)

Will +4 (+2 Soldier, +2 Wis)

Size: Medium

Abilities: Str 14(+2), Dex 14(+2), Con 13(+1), Int 12(+1), Wis 14(+2), Cha 10(+0)

Skills: (Only Ranked skills. Cross-Class & 0 Rank skills not included)

Demolitions: +11 (+7 Ranks, +1 Int, +3 Skill Emphasis)

Intimidation: +5 (+5 Ranks)

Knowledge (Tactics): +6 (+5 Ranks, +1 Int)

Listen: +4 (+2 Ranks, +2 Wis, Cross-Class)

Move Silently: +5 (+3 Ranks, +2 Dex, Cross Class)

Pilot: +7 (+5 Ranks, +2 Dex)

Profession (saboteur): +8 (+6 Ranks, +2 Wis)

Spot: +8 (+4 Ranks, +2 Wis, +2 Equipment)

Treat Injury: +8 (+6 Ranks, +2 Wis)


Level Feats:

  • Quick Draw (Draw a weapon as a Free Action) (Level 1)
  • Starship Operation: Transport (No penalty on Pilot checks or attack rolls when operating starships of the assigned types) (Level 3)

Bonus Feats:

  • Bonus Feat (2nd Level): Point-Blank Shot (+1 competence bonus to attack and damage rolls on enemies within 10m)
  • Bonus Feat (3rd Level): Precise Shot (You can used ranges or thrown attacks against enemies in melee w/out incurring the -4 penalty to your attack roll)
  • Bonus Feat (4th Level): Skill Emphasis: Demolitions +3 to your 'make shit go boom' skill rolls.

Plot Feats:

  • None at this time.

Languages: Basic (Speak and Read/Write), Huttese (Speak)

Force Points: 4

Dark Side Points: 2

Reputation: +1

Equipment: Blaster Carbine, Heavy Blaster, Blast helmet and vest, Vibro-blade, Detonite x2 w/timers, Med-kit, Comlink, Electro-binoculars, 7 power packs

Credits: 3,900"7


Layel Haete was born on the jungle swamp planet of Gehenna, a planet noted for its rare softwoods, species and other natural resources hat suited the wealthy and influential. The planet also had a major criminal community, which no doubt had a great influence on him growing up. He turned out to be a young man with a talent for blowing things up, which he parlayed into a major career as an expert mercenary and saboteur for various clients across the stars.

Though the small and currently weak Galatic Alliance is grateful for his joining, and though there is no doubt he genuinely hates the Sith Empire, there have been quiet rumors about why he has joined. All inquiries have been ignored, glossed over, or growled off, leading to the most popular rumor being that Layel is an ex-Sith soldier who's seen the light.

Click to reveal.. (DEEP DARK SECRET)
His life and destiny changed though at Rendallen. At Rendallen, Sith agents hired him to effectively bring down the rebellious planet, whose generally pacifist race proceeded to rebel against the rule of Lord Governor Vraklis. The key to eliminating the resistance was to bring down the power generator of the shield that protected the capital city, the linchpin of the rebels.

Layel did so with efficiency, and regretted it rather soon. The city was made an example of with an uncivilized sack, looting, rape and murder, Layel being an eyewitness before the Sith military sent him off with a big credit reward. He spent it all on expensive alcohol and wines, getting himself drunk in a dozens of bars. Wallowing in guilt, it took him a time before he cleaned up, and eyes brutally torn open to the evil of the Sith, quietly searched for and signed up into the Galactic Alliance he heard rumors about.

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Name: Dari Telana (Raene Tarwin) l_d357dad42b174e80bc3cf94391d7c766.jpg

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Race: Human

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Skin: Light

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 122 lb.

Dari Telana (Raene Tarwin)

Human Female

Soldier 3 / Noble 2

Experience 10,000 / 15,000

Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex)

Defense: 17 (+4 Soldier, +1 Noble, +2 Dexterity)

Speed: 10m

VP/WP: 47/12 (DR 2, Blast Helmet & Vest)

Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+5 (+5 Base, +1 Str)

Full Attack: (Not including modifiers for Size)

  • Melee: +6 Electrostaff (2d6+1/20)
  • Electrostaff w/Two Weapon Fighting +4/+4 (2d6+1/2d6+1/20)
  • Ranged: +6 Heavy Blaster Pistol (3d8/20, Rng: 8m, Ammo: 50)
  • Ranged: +6 Sporting Blaster (3d4/20, Rng: 8m, Ammo: 100)

Special Qualities:

  • Bonus Class Skill: Move Silently
  • Favor +1 (Allows Dari to call in favors from her contacts a number times equal to her Noble Levels/2)
  • Inspire Confidence (Grats a +2 morale bonue to saving throws and +1 to attack & damage rolls)


Fortitude +4 (+3 Soldier, +1 Con)

Reflex +5 (+1 Soldier, +2 Noble, +2 Dex)

Will +5 (+1 Soldier, +3 Noble, +1 Wis)

Size: Medium

Abilities: Str 12(+1), Dex 15(+2), Con 12(+1), Int 12(+1), Wis 12(+1), Cha 14(+2)

Skills: (Only Ranked skills. Cross-Class & 0 Rank skills not included)

Astrogate: +6 (5 Ranks, +1 Int)

Computer Use: +4 (3 Ranks, +1 Int)

Demolitions: +4 (3 Ranks, +1 Int)

Diplomacy: +7 (5 Ranks, +2 Cha)

Disguise: +4 (2 Ranks, +2 Cha)

Knowledge (Alien Species): +5 (4 Ranks, +1 Int)

Move Silently: 6 (4 Ranks, +2 Dex)

Pilot: +6 (5 Ranks, +2 Dex)

Repair: +5 (4 Ranks, +1 Int)

Sense Motive: 3 (2 Ranks, +1 Wis)

Treat Injury: 5 (4 Ranks, +1 Wis)


Level Feats:

  • Weapon Finesse (Electrostaff) (apply Dex bonus to attack rolls) (Level 1)
  • Two-Weapon Fighting (Level 3)

Bonus Feats:

  • Bonus Feat (2nd Level): Combat Reflexes
  • Bonus Feat (3rd Level): Dodge

Plot Feats:

  • Daddy's Girl (Dari was never trained in Vibro Weapons like most soldiers. To continue the family tradition, Dari was trained in the use of the Electrostaff like the one her father used.)

Languages: Basic (Speak and Read/Write), Huttese (Speak), Sith (Speak.Read/Write), Rodian (speak)

Force Points: 5

Dark Side Points: 0

Reputation: +2 (+1 Noble, +1 Soldier)

Equipment: Diplomat's Clothing, Medical Kit, Medpac (1), Energy Cells (10), Comlink, Glow Rod

Credits: 2015"7


Dari Telana is the adopted daughter of Zon Telana, Chandrilian Noble. She resides in Hanna City with her father, though she is known to be a bit of a recluse, and is seldom seen in public. She and her father travel often on various diplomatic and humanitarian missions to alleviate the suffering caused by the Sith Empire, something the people of Chandrila are deeply - and very quietly, so as not to attract the attention of the Imperials - proud of. Dari was adopted at the age of seventeen, nearly an adult, and it is whispered amongst Chandrilians that her family was the victim of some horrible Imperial-related tragedy.

Click to reveal.. (Dari's True Background)
Raene Tarwin was raised mostly by her mother, Calla Tarwin, on her home planet of Chandrila. Once a pleasant, serene planet that encouraged independent thought and political debate during the glory days preceding the Rebellion against Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire, Chandrila managed to escape mostly unscathed, unlike it's similar sister Core planet of Alderaan. But like the rest of the galaxy, it fell to Sith Imperial control during the war. The people who live there try to keep those traditions alive, but now they have to keep their thoughts and debates secret from the Empire.

It was, perhaps, this fair and moral upbringing that made Raene's adjustment difficult. At the age of ten, her mother was found dead from a blaster shot to the head. Raene's father, a wealthy space merchant named Depp Tarwin, was sent for. She was fostered with a family friend for several months until his arrival, at which point he took her with him to begin her formal education into the world of business, despite an offer by her mother's best friend to keep the girl with her and her husband until she was older. The reason, of course, is that her father was no real space merchant - but a bounty hunter. He had never told his wife - a woman he had fallen in love with, despite his selfish nature - about his true profession, and now it had come back to haunt him. An old enemy, someone he had claimed for a bounty and sent off to the unforgiving mercy of a Hutt lord, had managed to escape, and in retribution tracked down Tarwin's family and killed his wife as a message. He didn't trust him not to do the same to his daughter, and so he determined that she would stay with him from then on.

Raene, shocked at first about her father's true profession, did her best to please him. She started learning the basics of spacefaring life.. piloting, astrogation, and the like. She even proved to be a quick study at languages, picking up both Huttese and Rodian fairly quickly. But the more involved she got in her father's world, the more exposed she was to the evilness that plagued the universe, and the more disturbed she became at her father's willingness to profit off of it. One day, when Raene was sixteen years old, her father accepted a job to hunt down a man by the name of Zon Telana. Rumor was that this man - a noble who hailed from Raene's native homeworld of Chandrila - was working to stir up dissent against the Sith Empire, and as retribution the Empire had hired Tarwin to track him down and bring him in. Hearing that there was someone out there willing to stand up to the Sith, and knowing her father was mercenary enough to hand him over to them without blinking was more than Raene could take. She waited until her father was off-ship, meeting with someone about their next bounty, and released Telana. Together, the two of them marked the inside of the ship with blaster fire to make it look as if there had been a fight, and then they bought passage off-planet with a cargo ship and escaped.

Zon brought Raene back to Chandrila, to Hanna City where he lived. There he kept her hidden for a year, working to create a false trail in case Depp tried to track his daughter, while Raene worked hard to learn the mannerisms and basics of noble life, dyeing her hair and marking herself with the tattoos of nobility in order to further disguise her identity. Eventually Zon, who was himself childless, quietly introduced Raene to society as his adopted daughter, Dari Telana. She's been with him since, learning the intricacies of diplomacy, and secretly working with Zon as one of the earliest members of the New Galactic Alliance.

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Name: Akira Anasazi

Click to reveal.. (Picture)

Race: Human, female

Class: Jedi Guardian-5

Experience: 12900 (Next level @ 15000)

Initiative: +3 (Dex)

Defense: 18 (+5 Class; +3 Dex)

Speed: 10m

VP/WP: 55/12 WP

Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +5


Lightsaber (+8 Attack (+6 2-wpn); 3d8 Dmg; 19-20/x2 Crit)

DL-22 Blaster Pistol (+8 Attack; 3d6+1; 10m Range; 50 Shots)

Snap Baton (+5 Attack (+3 2-wpn); 1d6+1 Dmg,x2)

Z2 Stun Baton (+5 Attack (+3 2-wpn); Fort DC15 or DC18+1d6 dmg; 20 or 5 uses)

MSW-9 Molecular Stilleto (+3 Attack(offhand) 1d6 dmg, 19-20/x2 crit)

CS-12 Stun Master (+3 Attack(offhand); Fort DC18)

Special Qualities:

Force Sensitive

Deflect (Defense+1)(JG-1st)

Deflect (Attack-4) (JG-3rd)

Improved Lightsaber Damage (3d8) (JG-5th)

Saving Throws:

Fort: +5 (Base 4/Con +1)

Refl: +7 (Base 4/Dex +3)

Will: +4 (Base 3/Wis +1)

Size: Medium


Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 17 (+2)

Con: 12 (+1)

Int: 14 (+2)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 12 (+1)

Skills: (28 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 56 Total)

(X)Appraise: +2 (Int)

(X)Astrogate: -

©Balance: +3 (Dex)

(X)Bluff: +1 (Cha)

©Climb: +0 (Str)

©Computer Use: +2 (Int)

©Craft(Lightsaber): +5 (Int + 3 ranks)

(X)Demolitions: -

(X)Diplomacy: +1 (Cha)

(X)Disable Device: -

(X)Disguise: +1 (Cha)

(X)Entertain: +1 (Cha)

(X)Escape Artist: +3 (Dex)

(X)Forgery: +2 (Int)

(X)Gamble: +1 (Wis)

(X)Gather Info: +1 (Cha)

(X)Handle Animal: -

(X)Hide: +3 (Dex)

©Intimidate: +1 (Cha)

(X)Jump: +0 (Str)

©Knowledge: -

(X)Listen: +1 (Wis)

(X)Move Silently: +3 (Dex)

©Pilot: -

©Profession: -

(X)Repair: -

(X)Ride: +3 (Dex)

(X)Search: +2 (Int)

(X)Sense Motive: +1 (Wis)

(X)Sleight of Hand: +4 (Dex + 1 rank, cc)

(X)Spot: +1 (Wis)

(X)Survival: +1 (Wis)

(X)Swim: +0 (Str)

(X)Treat Injury: +1 (Wis)

©Tumble: +8 (Dex + 5 ranks)

Force Skills:

Affect mind: +1 (Cha)

Battlemind: +7 (Con + 6 ranks)

Drain Energy(DS): +1 (Con)

Empathy: +1 (Wis)

Enhance Ability: +5 (Con + 4 ranks)

Enhance Senses: +5 (Wis + 4 ranks)

Farseeing: -

Fear(DS): +1 (Wis)

Force Defense: +9 (Cha + 8 ranks)

Force Grip(DS): +2 (Int)

Force Lightning(DS): +2 (Int)

Force Stealth: +1 (Cha)

Force Strike: +2 (Int)

Friendship: -

Heal Another(LS): +5 (Wis + 4 ranks)

Heal Self: +9 (Cha + 8 ranks)

Illusion: +5 (Cha + 4 ranks)

Move Object: +2 (Int)

See Force: +5 (Wis + 4 ranks)

Telepathy: +1 (Wis)


Weapon Group Proficiency (Blaster Pistols)

Weapon Group Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)

Two-weapon Fighting (Gen-1st)

Quick Draw (Gen-1st)

Force Control (FU-1st)

Weapon Finesse: Lightsaber (Bonus JG-2nd)

Force Alter (FU-3rd)

Lightsaber Defense (Gen-3rd)

Force Sense (FU-4th)

Languages: Basic, Binary (UO), Shyriiwook(UO)

Force Points:

Dark Side Points:

Reputation Bonus: +2

Hand: Ambidextrous

Equipment: Total Weight=21.45kg (Car Cap: 16.5/33/50)

Lightsaber (Blue blade) (1kg/free)

Lightsaber (Red blade) (1kg)

Blastech DL-22 Blaster Pistol w/license & holster (1.5kg/550cr)

C1 Personal Comlink (.1kg/200cr)

All Temperature Cloak (+2 Fort SV, weather) (1.5kg/100cr)

Day Pack (1kg/10cr)

Utility Belt (2kg/100cr)

Toolkit cover to conceal Lightsaber (.2kg/100cr)

Mastercraft (+1) Medpac (1.2kg/200cr)

Pocket Scrambler (.5kg/400cr)

2 Power Packs (.2kg/50cr)

2 Lightsaber Energy Cells (-/200cr)

Z2 Stun Baton (1.8kg/700cr)

Snap Baton (1kg/100cr)

CS-12 Stun Master (1.1kg/700cr)

MSW-9 Molecular Stilleto with concealed sheath (.8kg/750cr)

Vennoc-x Chronometer (.1kg/50cr)

Ration Pack (4 days) (.4kg/20cr)

A99 Aqua Breather (.2kg/350cr)

PX-7 Heat Sensor (+1 Search/Spot) (.25kg/250cr)

Credit Chip (.1kg/100cr)

Spare Clothes & Toiletries in Day Pack (2kg)

Extra clothes & Toiletries in Duffel bag (5kg/370cr)

Money Left: 4900cr


Petite woman with long straight brown hair and blue eyes. Somewhat attractive. Dressed functional attire.

Age: 21; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Blue; Skin: Light; Height: 1.55m(5' 1"); Weight: 48kg (106 lbs)


After initial Jedi training she was sent out among the outer rim helping and advising people with ties to the Galactic Alliance and aiding others in the struggle. Now with the Sith on the rise, she has been keeping a lower profile while trying to determine who needs her services the most. Most of her career has been spent away from the core worlds and thus she has not been as well known compared to other Jedi. She wasn't as directly involved with much of the fighting during the last few years, working more behind the scenes rather than on the front lines of the conflict. She has been training under her master Leavae Uthae, the Weapon Master for the Order, trying her best to be a good pupil with martial prowess.

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Joram Dar

A native of Yavin IV, born to Jedi parents all Joram has ever wanted to do was restore the order and return rule to the people. While others he has grown up with have focused on diplomacy and inciting rebellion Joram has focused his studies on martial training. He understands that before there can be peace and Republic, there must be fighting and death. Despite the way that sounds he is not falling from the Jedi path, he always does everything in his power to settle matters in a non-lethal fashion and has so far been extremely careful not to stray toward the dark side. Unfortunately, he believes that destruction must come before rebuilding is possible and he is prepared to shoulder his share. His master, (fill in NPC name here), has some misgivings about Joram's heavy focus on the martial skills, but has so far been pleased by his strict adherence to the Jedi code.

Joram Dar

Human Male

Jedi Guardian 5

Experience 10,000 / 15,000

Initiative: +5 (+1 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)

Defense: 16 (+5 Jedi Guardian, +1 Dexterity)

Speed: 10m

VP/WP: 60/14

Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+7 (+5 Base, +2 Str)

Full Attack: (Not including modifiers for Size)

  • Melee: +8 Lightsaber (3d8+2/19-20)
  • Ranged: +6 Blaster Pistol (3d6/20, Rng: 10m, Ammo: 100)

Special Qualities:

  • Deflect, Defense +1 (1st Level)
  • Deflect, Attack -4 (2nd Level)
  • Increased Lightsaber Damage (+1d8) (5th Level)


Fortitude +6 (+4 Jedi Guardian, +2 Con)

Reflex +5 (+4 Jedi Guardian, +1 Dex)

Will +4 (+3 Jedi Guardian, +1 Wis)

Size: Medium

Abilities: Str 14(+2), Dex 13(+1), Con 14(+2), Int 12(+1), Wis 12(+1), Cha 12(+1)

Skills: (Only Ranked skills. Cross-Class & 0 Rank skills not included)

Balance: +3 (+2 Ranks, +1 Dex)

Climb: +4 (+2 Ranks, +2 Str)

Craft (Lightsaber): +5 (+4 Ranks, +1 Int)

Hide: +2 (+1 Ranks, +1 Dex, Cross-Class)

Knowledge (Jedi Lore): +6 (+5 Ranks, +1 Int)

Knowledge (Technology): +3 (+2 Ranks, +1 Int)

Move Silently: +2 (+1 Ranks, +1 Dex, Cross-Class)

Pilot +6 (+5 Ranks, +1 Dex, Cross-Class)

Sense Motive (+1 Ranks, +1 Wis, Cross-Class)

Survival: +2 (+1 Ranks, +1 Wis)

Tumble: +4 (+3 Ranks, +1 Dex)

Force Skills:

Battlemind: +9 (+5 Ranks, +2 Con, +2 Mettle)

Enhance Ability +4 (+2 Ranks, +2 Con)

Force Defense: +5 (+2 Ranks, +1 Cha, +2 Mettle)

Heal Another: +2 ( +1 Ranks, +1 Wis)

Heal Self: +2 (+1 Ranks, +1 Cha)

Move Object: +6 (+5 Ranks, +1 Int)

See Force: +4 (+3 Ranks, +1 Wis)


Level Feats:

  • Improved Initiative (+4 circumstance bonus on initiative checks) (Level 1)
  • Weapon Focus: lightsaber (+1 to attack rolls w/lightsaber) (Level 1)
  • Lightsaber Defense (+2 Dodge Bonus to defense when using an activated lightsaber) (Level 3)

Bonus Feats:

  • Force Sensitive (Jedi Guardian 1st)
  • Force Training: Control (Jedi Guardian 1st)
  • Bonus Feat: Mettle (Jedi Guardian 2nd)
  • Force Training: Alter (Jedi Guardian 3rd)
  • Force Training: Sense (Jedi Guardian 4th)

Plot Feats:

  • None at this time.

Languages: Basic (Speak and Read/Write), Sith (Speak)

Force Points: 5

Dark Side Points: 0

Reputation: +2

Equipment: lightsaber (blue, danite crystal), Jedi robes

Credits: 6,500"7

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