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It is VERY challenging for me to get my hands on ALL of the Aberrant/Trinity books in existance. Especially since 2 of the three game stores near me have stoppped stocking any of the two game lines. So I am unsure if stats are even out there for the following characters. If there are, is it possible that link be made tot he location of them or a kind soul to email me them? If they don't have write-ups, can a kind soul post/mail me what would be recommended they have. I need complete stats please.


1. Cestus Pax

2. Divas Mal

3. Ragnarockette

4. Slider (jennifer)

5. Corbin

6. Geryon

7. Any member of T2M.

Thanks laugh

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Do you have the Aberrant Player's Guide? That would make a big difference as to what you would understand.

Also, sorry to say, but none of those individual's have complete write ups. Especially in the case of Caestus and Divas they intentionally were not written up. They are supposed to be the heavy hitters of canon. So if you are running a canon game you need to make sure that those two are always a notch above your PCs. Basically, the best advice I could give would be is give them the stats that best suite them per your needs and expectations.

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Don't really have much information on those guys...

Pax (Load of Kinetic Powers...can flatten a city from orbit, fly a silly speeds and is stronger and more invulerable than anything)

Mal (Signiture power is Plasma Mastery...can cause an inferno about the size of Europe doign 50 odd levels of damage a round if he wants to, add in any other power you wish...there is a suggested stat block somewhere that goes on for a page or two)

Slider (it never says what she can do...most people think she was a teleporter)

Ragnarockette (Worldwide Phase II should have her stats I think???)

Corbin (main rulebook gives the basics)

Geryon (Mega str, Mega Sta, Mega Dex, Shapeshift and chimeric abberation + others???)

The utopia book has a few T2M stats. Try odering from Amazon, there's a link at the top of the page.

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Ranger, you'd think that Ragnarockette would be in Worldwide II wouldn't you? I mean, she is just the damn focus for one of the adventures, but no, I don't believe that she is in it.

For Pax, figure mass physical stats, some mega socials, Elemental Master;Kinetic Force with Mastery tossed on for good measure plus enough extra to make him a god.

Divas' did have Elemental Mastery;Plasma as his base focus but it does say he has gone far beyond any sort of template. One of the authors of the game has stated that he has several dots in any power with the word Quantum in it that he could have at his current Q8 level. It's been pretty much admited that he is less a character as a plot device.

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