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Somebody say "party"? There's nothin' better than a good party. Except bacon. Bacon 'n beans. Say, you know what tastes even better than bacon?

Someone else's bacon. Now that's downright dee-licious.

Quorrrk String the blaggard up! tokk-tokk

Oh hush, you. You'll get bacon as well.

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I have ta say, Miss Jennings, that the good Mister Cooper seems to be of a predisposition to go off at half-kock. I'll be sure to tread careful. Any man talkin' about such matters around a lady is sure to be suspect.

tokk Kockdown! Kockdown! qurk

Oh, that's just darned great. He's got a new favorite word. At least it's better than-


Well, mostly better.

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*uses his mastery of the time purview and his 'Tick Tock' birthright to push time ahead exactly twelve hours.*

My giant clockwork friend here says the deadline has come and gone Mister Snake. When is it then, that I can expect your correspondence? All this waiting does terrible things to my throngs of followers who are holding their breaths...some have even passed out!

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The following PCs have been submitted and will be considered for the game. If you aren't on here I didn't have your PC, in full, by the deadline.

Chrysanthemum Hammersmith

Cora Magnolia Greene

Hadicall Cerauno

Nicolas Reid


Killian Gallagher

Daena Saighead

Liv Jennings

Craig Rogers

Kentucky Cooper

Luke Njorling

Patricia Bronnelly

Once I finish reviewing the last submission I will determine which PCs to accept and let you all know. Thank you for your patience, it shouldn't be too much longer.

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OK. Here's the deal ...

After considerable thought, and given the number of submissions and general quality thereof, I've decided to attempt to run this game with two bands of scions. Obviously this will take more work on my part, but in order to ensure that I can focus on story and less on rules I will be pushing back on you all to be more accountable for knowing the rules and workings for skills and combat.

I'm still sorting out which PCs will be in and what how the PCs will be split up for the first story arc. I hope to have that all worked out tomorrow and have both kick off threads started as quickly as possible.

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12 submissions

10 players

5 scions each in 2 bands

and 2 starting threads

I'll get these posted up today as quickly as I can.

A Fistful of Scions:

  • Luke Njorling
  • Daena Saighead
  • Liv Jennings 
  • Craig Rogers
  • Kentucky Cooper

For A Few Scions More:

  • Cora Magnolia Greene
  • Hadicall Cerauno
  • Chrysanthemum Hammersmith
  • Killian Gallagher 
  • Cherry
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posts posted

some of you are in close proximity others not, I left things fair open ended for you all to do what you like, if Fate needs to push to bring you together Fate will do so but in the meantime you can either write yourself into contact with each other or explore the setting.

Questions? Comments?

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Thank you Had. Poor Jim had to wait awhile on those, I was being especially finicky. laugh

And OMG... *saves the picture of the gun because she bought that exact nerf gun especially for the nerf wars they hold at a particular convention every year and now she ABSOLUTELY wants to paint it like that...*

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  • 2 weeks later...

You're welcome to have conversation with Chrys, I only posted an update because it seemed you two were going to go grab dinner. I was trying to make sure nobody was waiting for me to move you along.

If you would rather move into the plot that can be arranged.

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Either way is cool me. I just got a bit lost, that's all. If you wanna start something, I'm okay with that, I just don't want to speak for Max whose character seems to be 'partied' with mine at the moment. If he'd like to hold on the plot and do some RP between the two PCs I'm okay with that too.

The fault is mine, I just sorta got lost in the shuffle, no biggie.

I was told that Hadi and Chrys are not in the same room/area as Cherry and the others, is this correct and if so can someone help me get my bearings with where everyone is located?

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That is correct. For the time being you two are separate from the other 3 PCs, that will change once I start to push more heavily on the plot. In the meantime if you want to socialize that is fine, if not just let me know and I will give you more ploty things to do.


The same goes for the rest of you all. Some of you have been given ploty stuff others not. At this point I have the characters into small sub groups (1b) or scattered but in the same area (1a) I'll let you guys direct me in terms of how quickly to move the plot stuff along. If you need me to back off some I can do that. Just don't ask me to back off and then not post wink

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