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Jess OOC

Gotta have some limits...

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OK. So yeah, there's a lot of cool new games. And yeah, I've been sorely tempted. But see, I'm kind of a busy girl...

* Assistant editor for an academic journal.

* Alderwoman, 3rd Ward, City of Centralia.

** Chair, Public Safety Committee for same.

* Boone County Democratic Central Committee.

* The Camarilla:

** Venue ST for Forsaken, MO-017-D.

** Domain Coordinator, same.

** Asst. Master ST for Rules for the whole sodding club.

* Moderator for the SoapBox on ArsTechnica.

* Member of the Boule for Hellenion.

* American Legion.

* TransAction Committee, University of Missouri

...and whatever else I'm forgetting.

Basically, I've got a rather full plate. So, I'm limiting myself here at RPG-Post to the following:

* Moderator, WoD:A

* Moderator, MCoH

* Player, WoD:A (Sarah O'Neally)

* Player, WoD:Dalton (Sylvia Dorn)

* Player, MCoH (Ptehehincalasanwin)

* Player, NPrime 2020 (Timeslip)

* Player, WoD:BoP (werewolf character, to be determined)

If I don't set these limits on myself, I'm going to have to get Timeslip to drag a few more of me from alternate timelines to handle the workload.

- Jess (or one of her clones; we're losing track)

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Damn girl. You have more hats than Paris Hilton! Understandable that you need to cut back a little here.

I'll sure miss the presence of The Crusader in Mutie High, though...

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Dammit. Knew I forgot one. Still will be playing Sylvia Dorn (if that game ever picks up again).

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