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Aberrant RPG - Limitations and Extras for MegaAttributes


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One thing I found lacking in the MegaAttributes system was the inability to build "prodigies" or "idiot savants." These would be characters who have an otherwise normal rating in an Attribute except for a specific circumstance, specifically an Enhancement coming into play.

Example: My character, Crossroads, is fairly smart but not a Mega-genius. However, his brain is very efficient and able to process normally despite his rather large (5) Node. So, I created the Limitation: Enhancement only.

Here's how it works. A character may designate any Megaattribute Enhancement only. If he does so, he pays only 1 Nova pt. per dot of the MegA at character creation. After character creation, the player can buy further dots of the MegA as if it were a Level 1 power.

The drawback is that the character cannot use his MegA except within the bounds of the Enhancement. So, Crossroads can only use his 3 points of MegaInt to resist Taint and has to struggle through calculus equations just like other people.

MegaAtt Extra: Enhancement Linked.

After coming up with the above Limit, I thought of a corresponding Extra. Essentially, this Extra means that each time a player raises a MegA, he gains an Enhancement without need to purchase it separately and thus has as many Enhancements as he does dots in a particular MegA.

The drawback is that this Extra raises the cost of MegAs from 3 NovPts per dot to 5 NovPts per dot at character creation (the same as a lvl 3 power). Also, after character creation, a player MUST buy an Enhancement (at the regular price of 5 XP, each time he raises his MegA[Note that the price for raising the MegA after Char. creation is as normal for the MegA in question.

NOTE: This Limit and Extra effectively cancel each other out at char creation. A player taking them both for a MegA buys each dot at standard cost (3 NvPts per dot).

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