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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Inactive] Father Abraham


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Appearance: Abraham almost looks like the quintessential cardboard cut-out of a priest. Standing a little over 6 foot and slender he has short cropped black hair and a somewhat narrow face. There looks to be a little bit of muscle to him and little fat which shows a man who does not give in to excessive eating and keeps him self in somewhat good shape. Not really handsome by any standard but still someone you can look at and appreciate when he stands before you.

History: All you can ever get out of Abraham is that his life truly started with the zombies. Any attempt to learn of him before that and he simply says that man is dead and gone although it is quite clear he was a actual priest trained by the church. Since the world changed he is happy enough to tell how he has wandered always seeking what ever survivors he can find and helping them in any way possible.

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