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Game of Thrones: A Cold Wind Blows - Character Profiles

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Maester Darrik Hyrnos

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue


Social Rank and Class: Maester

Affiliation: Citadel, assigned to House Mallister

A clever and somewhat exotic young man. A pity to some that he's not noble born, but then, the maesters aren't defined by class. It's said he was born in Pentos, one of the Free Cities, and caught the interest of a visiting senior Maester. The rest of it prior to his assignment and arrival at House Mallister can be assumed to be study at the Citadel.

Of course, it's been two years since he came, and a few of the other Riverlands houses have muttered about how much power he has there now. True, he's amazingly clever, but they say he has the ear of Lord Mallister more than he should. He seems almost indispensable to the House, as if Mallister's new rise was Hyrnos' work.

Darrik even has some tendrils in House Tully, maesters always help each other out it seems. Given enough time, how far could he go?

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Bannon Storm; Bannon of Bronzegate


Gender: Male

Age: 16

Hair: Black

Eyes: Sable-Brown

Height: 7'4" (OOC: Not yet at his full growth)

Weight: 390lbs

Social Rank: Sellsword

Affiliation: None

Description: A massive man, even tall men have to crane their necks to address his face. He stands cleanly at seven feet in height, his shoulders are an armspan across, and his biceps are as big around as most well-built men's thighs and steel-hard. His hands are large enough to grasp a man's head as though it were a large apple. He moves, and speaks, with a steady, solid pace, and has a voice that possesses a quiet boom even when he is trying to hush his tone. Sable-brown eyes are framed by long, shaggy black hair and a black beard. A smaller man with his features might be considered handsome in a rugged fashion, but Bannon is simply imposing.

In manner he is uncommonly bold for a smallfolk, meeting the eyes of any who speak to him and showing little deference to his betters, though he is not outrightly disrespectful of those above his station.

Rumors and Facts

His first act in this world was to kill his own mother in childbirth, due to his great size. After that he was raised by his grandfather, the smith of Bronzegate. The word around Bronzegate, according to merchants, is that the boy was the product of a rape by a giant, a relic of some bygone age that lives in the wooded hills of that land.

Rumors of his cursed nature abound. He is said to go into terrible indiscriminate rages that sweep aside friend and foe alike. Even his grandfather, who was kind enough to raise a rape's bastard, has suffered at the hands of this brute.

He's said to have been as big as most men by his 12th year.

By the time he was sixteen summers old, he was the fistfighting champion of his area.

Whispers from traders who know state that Bannon has a vile temper and a bone-crushing right cross. Why, a man insulted his mother when Bannon was fifteen and still he cannot speak properly.

OOC Note: The name 'Storm' indicates that he is a bastard from the Stormlands.

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Lady Morgaine Darry

Gender: Female l_4857aab9d41b48a5baf012d637e9d219.jpg

Age: 18

Hair: Black

Eyes: Ice Blue

Social Rank: Lady


Lady Morgaine has wisely distanced herself from her house as much as possible after the disappearance of her father, who was devoutly loyal to Aerys II. She throws her lot in mostly as a maid-of-honor to the Martell princess, Nymeria, and does her best to stay out of the limelight at court as much as possible.


Morgaine is a beautiful young woman, with long wavy black hair and striking ice-blue eyes. Her lips are often curved into a sardonic twist, as if she seems to find the world around her amusing or - more likely - ironic. But she's generally sweet of tongue and temperament, and knows how to say the right thing in order to get people to leave her be.

History and Rumors:

Morgaine was the only and unexpected child of Willem and Marcella Darry, Marcella having been thought to be barren until she became pregnant in her later years. House Darry of Darry is a noble house from the Riverlands. Historically it had been one of the more prominent and powerful houses of the Trident, tracing their rule to the days the Andals cast down the First Men. They were proved Targaryen loyalists, supporting king Daeron over the Black Dragon and later defending King Aerys against Robert and their liege lord Tully until the bitter end. The defeat of the Targaryens costed the Darrys half of their lands, most of their wealth, and almost all their power.

Morgaine had been sent to House Martell of Dorn for fosterage at the age of eight, after the death of her mother. Her father was the master-at-arms for King Aerys, and after his wife's death it was simpler to just have his daughter sent for fosterage with someone who would raise her properly. Willem Darry disappeared with the queen Rhaella and Aerys's son, Viserys, and no one knows whether he is alive or dead.

If the Lady Morgaine is indeed like the rest of the Darry family, and an avid supporter of the Targaryen line, she does a very effective job of hiding it. She does her best to fit in and keep quiet in the new Baratheon court.

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Lady Allyria Dayne, The Maiden of Starfall

Gender: Female ehbsyv.jpg

Age: 16

Hair: Silver-blond

Eyes: Mismatched; one violet, the other vibrant green

Social Rank: 3, Heir to House Dayne

Affiliation: House Dayne and House Martell, to which her House is sworn

Description: A stunning young woman who has just reached her majority, slender and shapely, Allyria possesses the same long, silvery hair and beauty of her late sister, Ashara, if not all her social tact. Her mismatched eyes, one of amethyst, the other, emerald, are arresting and direct, her natural grace fluid and captivating, drawing the eye, though she seems unaware - or unwanting - of the attention. Though she seems to play the part of the noblewoman that she is, well, she often seems to want to be elsewhere. There is an edge of wildness to her that she can't quite conceal completely, a bit of dishevelment lingering from activities not usually engaged in by noblewomen.

She is fierce, temperamental, and vibrant, willing to speak with most anyone, as long as they don't mention anything about marriage. All potential suitors are dismissed, with varying amounts of civility, as, for her, they all seem wanting. She both fears and is intrigued by the notion of love - she has seen what can come of it.

History: Allyria was in Braavos when the Rebellion broke, and made it back to Starfall, just as Eddard Stark returned, Dawn sheathed in his arms. With the death of her brother Arthur, the Sword of the Morning, and her older sister Ashara, due to a broken heart and a leap from the Palestone Sword, Allyria has become heir to a House rich in honour, and the fabled Valyrian greatsword, Dawn. This, along with her own great beauty, has made her highly sought as a bride, something she doesn't seem to favour at the moment.


Still young and relatively inexperienced, Allyria's liege Doran Martell has yet to confirm her as the head of House Dayne. Given the choice between being provided with a husband - not of her choosing - and joining Princess Nymeria at King's Landing as her companion, with the chance to prove herself worthy to ruling House Dayne, it was an easy choice; Nymeria and her lady-in-waiting, Morgaine Darry, were boon companions met in the Water Gardens. With the help of High Maester Lorian, Allyria is learning the responsibilities that she never thought would fall to her.

And she is learning the difficulties between duty to one's House and duty to one's Heart, as was exemplified during the Rebellion.


Ashara Dayne did not leap from the Palestone Sword of a broken heart, she was pushed, making Allyria the Heir to House Dayne.

Allyria has not yet been confirmed as the Head of House Dayne, because Prince Doran would prefer a man to lead the wealthy House, rich in honour.

Allyria has been sent to court, seeking a husband worthy enough of her, and a man worthy enough to wield Dawn, the Valyrian Greatsword of the Daynes.

The honour of House Dayne being unimpeachable, Allyria has been sent to court on Prince Doran's behalf, to make sure an 'accident' does not befall the new royals while his sister, Princess Nymeria, is in attendance.

Lady Allyria is notoriously uninterested in the charms of men, and is believed to know the ladies in the Dornish entourage far too well, including sharing the bed of Princess Nymeria herself.

Lady secretly trains with the sword, and intends to wield Dawn in her own right.

While residing in Braavos during the Rebellion, Lady Allyria attended its illustrious Guild of Courtesans, returning with that sensual sway to her stride, and a Braavosi Swordmaster as her Captain of the Guard. Can you imagine what else she learned?

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Princess Nymeria Nymeros Martell, The Bloom of Twilight

Aishwarya_Rai_in_dulhan_dress_SL48P.jpgGender: Female
Age: 12
Hair: Dark Brown with Red highlights
Eyes: Hazel
Social Rank: 4, Member of House Martell, heir to the throne of Dorne
Affiliation: House Martell

Description: Nymeria is a vivacious young woman of Rhoynish looks and temperament. She's always dressed in the most up-to-date fashions, seems to know everyone at least by name and reputation, and is one of the most eligible woman of marrying age in Westeros. She inherited her mother's looks and shares a temperament with her wild brother Oberyn, the Viper of Dorne; she's known to be kind and beautiful, the epitome of a regal Princess from stories and legends.

Nymeria was the unexpected final child of the former Princess of Dorne and her consort; born well after her elder siblings, she was doted on by the queen and formed a close bond with her closest brother, Oberyn. Oberyn decided that when Nym was about twelve that she and his eldest daughter, who was about the same age as the princess, should learn to fight for themselves in true Dornish fashion. His daughter took to weaponry and combat like the sand snake she would become known as; Nym, on the other hand, had several trips to the Maester and after nearly slicing three fingers off through sheer clumsiness, her father forbade her brother from trying any more.

GUFT-aish-abhi.jpg "At least I can marry her off," was the teasing but somewhat serious reply of her royal father. Irked that her clumsiness with sharp pointy objects had lowered her reputation and esteem with her father and brother, Nym turned her charm and wit towards a far deadlier game - politics. The part of her spirit that she shared with Oberyn more than her eldest brother Doran, however, prompted her to include a study of poisons along with her regimen of history, heraldry, and high court scheming. In the year or so after her father's comment, he found himeself in a chess match with an unknown opponent, quite literally. They would leave chess pieces and a board placement as notes after a particular court movement; the resistance to the king was never dangerous and more than intriguing. He eventually set up the chess board in his study. The match culminated in a final court ball; Nym herself was on hand to play the final move.

UmraoJaanAishwarya1.jpg She was still teased for her ineptitude with weaponry and combat in general, though mostly now only by Oberyn. With the death of her parents by the end of the Robbert's Rebellion, her brothers both know her value as courtier at King's Landing and as a bargaining chip through marriage for Dorne and for House Martell. She was sent to King's Landing in an attempt to secure a marriage with the new King; when Robbert married Cersei instead she was left to be a spy for Doran and Oberyn. She brought with her two ladies-in-waiting, Lady Morgaine Darry and Lady Allyria Dayne.

She is a beautiful, soft-spoken, and engaging young woman every bit aware of her place in life and how a woman in Westeros gains and loses power. Unlike her Lannister counterpart, she does not resent the realities of her position. She despises the people and events that led to death of her sister and her niece and nephew, but she places that blame squarely on the shoulders of the men that committed those crimes and the men that masterminded. On the count of Cersei Baratheon, she has yet to make a decision. The queen could be an invaluable ally, or just as murderous and guilty as the rest of her family. Not one to overly wallow in the past, Nym is already making the connections and acquisitions necessary to secure House Martell and herself in this new Westeros.

Princess Nymeria is in King's Landing as a hostage against any aggression Prince Doran might try against the newly crowned King Baretheon.

Prince Doran sent Nymeria to King's Landing to keep his brother from having too much influence over her. You know what Lord Oberyn's bastard daughters are like.....

Princess Nymeria was sent away by Prince Doran because she disagreed with him over the war, despite the death of her sister, niece, and nephew.

The previous Princess of Dorne's consort was not Nymeria's father, but since she was born to the Princess of Dorne, she's not considered a bastard. The Dorne and their wild women....

Princess Nymeria is one of King Baratheon's lovers and rivals the Queen in power at court.

Pictures -
Princess Nymeria at Sunspar
Princess Nymeria and Prince Oberyn at Sunspar
Princess Nymeria
Princess Nymeria at King's Landing
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