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Game of Thrones: A Cold Wind Blows - Character Creation Rules

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Currently the limit is one character per player.

*Grumble Grumble* I put in the system but never put how many points, you get 28.

Characters will use the point by system described below:

Ability Score Cost

Less then 8 -1 per point

8 0

9 1

10 2

11 3

12 4

13 5

14 6

15 8

16 10

17 13

18 16

Only one stat is allowed to go below 8 and no stat is allowed below 6.

Note on Cross-Classing - For those of you use to D20 there is a very important not about cross-classing in game of thrones, do it! This game has no penalties what so ever and the classes are meant to be shuffled about to make just the kind of character you want.

Class requirements - Please make sure you pay attention, some classes have gender requirements and some have others. For example you must actually be a noble to take the noble class and if you are a noble your first level is in the noble class no exception.

Defect limits - As of right now I will only grant up to 7 BP for defects. You can have as many defects as you want (though if it is excessive I will work with you to see if any can be gotten rid of) but only the first 7 points count. Also any BP not spent at character creation are lost, you will be awarded BP along the way but you can not hold on to the ones here.

Equipment - If you wish for any equipment that is non standard get with me and we will talk. Most commoners for example do not have full plate armor sitting around but that doesn't mean you couldn't have stolen some or acquired some from a dead knight.

Unless you have already spoken with me make your character level one and then we will figure out with your background how high to take it before you come in to play.

That should be it for now let me know if you have any questions.

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A few questions have been raised about character creation.

1. If you multiclass in to multiple classes that give you the same feat there is a option to substitute for another feat. Simply bring what you want to me and I will say yes or no.

2. Taking a minor house affiliation that is not in the book. Under the background feats there are a few that have multiple houses and regions listed under them. These feats are: Able Body, Giant's Blood, Gold Breeder, Keen Mind, Noble Spirit, Silver Tongue, and Tradesmen. If you would like one of these feats to be a house affiliation feat for you then simply speak to me.

3. Bonus Points are used to buy feats and skills. Under no circumstance can you use them to buy abilities.

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