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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter Seven Interlude: Master and Servant

Justin OOC

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"You cannot win." Everyone was racing to protect the Skeleton Key, one of the very last in existence. Entire armies raged in combat over the Key that would save or destroy reality. In the thick of it was the Bearer of the Blade, Guardian and Steward of Clan Amaha. She fought against Durigan, an Ancient demon of immense power. Mistakenly the portal to Bazzagoth had been opened, and The Demon Lord wasted no time entering this world with his army and trying to claim dominion.

Centuries before Durigan had been A human warrior, but his lust for power led him to make a pact with ancient evil forces. The Shamans of the time banished him after a long and brutal battle, culminating in the amputation of his right hand. His hand it is said, became the weapon, the Witchblade.

Feeding on Durigan's lust for battle and beautiful women, the Blade bonds only with women who are great warriors or whom tragedy has irrevocably scarred. It gives them amazing combat prowess, but nearly drives them and with lust, both sensual and combat related.

The Kage recovered the weapon and The Amaha would be tasked with it's keeping, With one of their members always being ordained to bear the dark weapon they couldn't destroy.

Natsuki Amaha, th current bearer of the weapon looked down at the Children of the Amaha, many no more than five, including her own daughters, Masane and Isane. The bracelet on her wrist almost seemed to yearn for her daughter even now, as it yearned for blood and battle.

"All of you stay back, I'm going to go fight now."


"Be strong Masane, Isane. It's up to you to keep everyone together."

She closed the door and the black armor enveloped her as her eyes became yellow and hair a bloody scarlet. She launched into the demonic hordes, quickly slaking her bloodlust with the ichor of her deomic foes. She was surrounded many times, wheren her hair arced out, spearing a dozen demons as she landed, her blade bisecting another.

Blood and Gore coated her, Finally lead by the blade, or by her own intent she found Durigan. The Demon smiled recognizing his handiwork. Their battle was a spectacle to behold, as he uprooted entire buildings to toss at her, which she slashed to ribbons. Thier impacts left craters on the ground and knocked down trees all around. Unfortunately the Witchblade was failing. Durigan held her aloft, one hand on her right arm, the other choking her as everyone watched.

Natsuki saw the look on their faces, she saw her daughter Masane crying over the corpse of her sister Isane and decided that the law meant nothing if everyone died. She smiled even as blood flowed from her mouth, "Bankai." Red-white light enveloped everything, and th explosion flattened two nearby buildings. Encased in Brilliant white armor, Natsuki stood and began her assault, even as red energy arced around her. She drove Durigan back, finally into a dimensional trap the Priest had set for him, exiling him to another dimension. She looked back to Isane and Masane her hand reaching out to them one last time, before the red energy engulfed her.

There was a brilliant flash and when things returned to normal, A crystalline statue remained of their champion, the witchblade still affixed to its wrist. Cracks began to form, even as Masane watched, crying. The statue shattered, and the grey-black bracelet bounced three times, until it landed by the young Masane. Thinking it her mother's Treasure, she picked it up, and the witchblade claimed its new host.

Amane awoke with a start, her cheeks wet, remembering the past, it was a wound she'd never get over. Her mother and sister, her very future stolen from her in seconds. She considered the bracelet n her arm and frowned. "I was taught to embrace my Fate, and for so long I did. Now, I only want to change it. Why?"

A knock at the door provided the answer. Of course He'd seen the dream too. Her Master, the Young man on whom responsibility weighed heavily. Kai was there when she opened the door and his arms enveloped her in an unsolicited embrace. She'd never forget his words.

"Masane, there is Destiny and Fate, do you know the difference? Destiny cannot be changed. Fate we determine with our own Will. You may have been Destined to bear this burden, but Through fate you don't shoulder it alone, I am with you, we all are with you. I cannot give you the time you spent carrying it alone, but I can free you from it, and carry the burden with you."

She looked at him, nearly on the verge of crying. "Don't dissolve our contract Master, for now we'll need it. I have to protect you."

He nods once. "If that is your wish Masane, so be it. Just know that I'm not just your master, I'm your friend too. If it weren't for you, none of us would be as strong as we are. Never think I've forgotten you, or about you. You know me better than anyone, just as I know you." He kissed her forhead, going as far as he was willing to go, but not as far as he wished to go. "You aren't just a servant to me, you're the only person I know I can always trust."


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