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World of Darkness: Glimpses of Darkness - [Profile] Lilian Archer


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Name: Lilian "One-Arrow" Archer

Gender: Female

Age: 20


Lilian Marie Archer is a mixed blood white/American Indian and it shows. Her skin has a healthy bronze tone to it, from the sun and her heritage. Her hair is only a few shades darker brown, and normally either hangs straight to the small of her back and over her eyes, or if she takes the time, in a number of braids and tails. She dresses in clothes that are well past their prime, and often seem to be just hanging on. Threadbare jeans with frayed hems, ripped t-shirts and tanks, and she has a fondness for vests matched only by her dislike of shoes.


Lily is deceptively laid back. She's moved to action by a complicated equilibrium between things happening that she doesn't like and her own ennui. As such, she can seem unpredictable; sitting and enduring unpleasantness for minutes at a time, before suddenly exploding into corrective action...and then settling back down to quietness. She's pleasant, if sometimes coming off as a bit bland, and social...but fairly introspective. A great deal of the time she gives the impression of never really paying full attention to what's going on around her, and this impression is often accurate.


Wurkin' on it...

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Before she was born, Lily's father Thomas Archer looked around the reservation and saw what was to his eyes a fading, pathetic way of life. He left, worked through college, met a woman, and finally got all the things Americans are supposed to have. A decent job, a family, a car, a house. Lily grew up taking those things for granted, and took a teenager's jaded interest in the reservation and the tribe. Mindful of her dad's disdain for those things, and thinking it was all a bit weird anyway, she didn't really dig deep into her heritage...but she did enjoy visiting her uncle, who was a 'medicine man,' but outside that was pretty cool. He was the one that gave her the Indian 'nickname' One-Arrow, after being impressed by her performance shooting arrows at makeshift targets. He liked telling her stories from the tribe, and even though they were all kind of retarded fairy tale type stories, they were still fun to listen to...or maybe he made them fun. While she listened to them, she didn't feel self-conscious about being half Indian. Kids at school would give her a rough time about that sometimes, making fun of it. She didn't put up with that. By the time she was in high school, she was doing well in the track meets, and every so often getting in trouble for scuffling with other kids between classes. Boys, girls, didn't matter to her. She spent most of her allowance on karate classes...justified to her dad as being for self defense.

Then high school was over, and Lily was adrift. Pressured to do college from her father, her uncle told her there'd be a place on the reservation for her if she wanted to come stay for awhile. She didn't know what she wanted. She and some of her friends put a band together that did a few gigs with her as drummer, then died quietly out as they got jobs or went to school. She did some community college work in criminal justice, private investigation, even enrolled in the police academy before changing her mind and quitting.

That marked the beginning of a deep rift in the relationship between Lily and her father. Her repeated failure to stick to a plan in her life exhausted his patience and willingness to help. She finally fell into bounty hunting...a fairly dirty profession that nonetheless did some business snatching bail jumpers in the southwestern states of Arizona, New Mexico and some of Texas as they tried to make it south into Mexico.

Lily found that she had some talent for the art of thief-taking, though it couldn't be said that she really enjoyed it. After cuts were distributed and fees and expenses deducted, the pay was shit. The hours were crap. And most jobs either ended in bitter failure, or moments of nail-biting, potentially deadly danger. On top of it all, no one thanked them except the bail bond company, who'd get their money back when the defendent was hauled in front of a judge.

It wasn't all bad though. She liked the travel. The people she met were colorful and interesting, albeit often a bit disturbing. There were moments of genuine thrills, like finding an essential clue to someone's whereabouts, or sneaking around back while your partner distracted them at the front.

Like it or not though, Lily was stuck with it. Her education wasn't good enough to look for much else in security related fields, and her background didn't qualify her for much else. Though she didn't think much of bounty hunting's pension plan, she wasn't sure what else she could do besides wait for opportunity to knock.

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