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Aberrant: Wild Card - Assignment #3 - Ten Cent Tour


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Describe your character's current living area, be it a room, apartment, dorm, house, cardboard box, whatever. Be as detailed as possible, but I don't just want a list either, this must still be a story of some sort.

This is an exercise to try and get you into your character's head..do they have garage sale furniture, IKEA, or shop exclusively at Seldon's? What zine's are around the house? Clothing? Carpet? Food in the fridge? Is there even food in the fridge? Books? Do they have inherited items from family? [half the furniture in my house is inherited; GF Clock, old buffet, antique secretary's desk etc.] What dust catchers do they have, are there stories behind them? Wall color...I could go on forever.

Make it fun, maybe your character is packing or unpacking from a move or their place was broken into and you are doing an inventory for insurance or police report.

Reward: At any point in the game, you can request to have an item described in your story. How you get it, or for how long is up to me, but you will have it for at least one 'use'.

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