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Aberrant: No Good Deed - The Conference Room: PCs and Those Waiting

Jaime Lowery

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All PCs post a profile with publicly known info. (No mechanical sheet stuff)

As well, here's the list of In, and Waiting.


Justin OOC (Iron Rose)

Tomas (Tomas)

Mr. Fox (Caroline)

Logic1 (Siyu)

Courier (Dr. Aeon)

Krul (Kendra)

Stargaizer (Will)

Kyria/Mala (Davian)

On the Waiting List, in order of place

1. Dawn OOC

2. Zombie

3. Rorx

4. Zanzi

5. SkyLion

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Real name- Rianna Connelly


Mass-65 kg



Age- 27

Rianna Connelly is the only daughter of Jason and Mikala Connelly, Founders of Dynamo Technologies, a research lab and weapons defense designer that specializes on making technology capable of handling rogue metahumans. When they passed away in an airplane Crash four years ago, the just-fresh-from-college Rianna found she was named as their successor. Not wanting to give up the Copmany her parents had made, she Flew from Denver to the Company headquarters in the burgeoning city of Southfield, Arizona. Enroute, she herself was involved in a plane crash, where she errupted.

She quickly took over the company and began pouring capital into Metahuman research, leading to several breakthrough defensive technologies. Since then she has branched out and included weapons capable of subduing rogue metahumans. Dozens of protjects are currently ongoing, including vast medical research, and materials research.

Currently her only known abilities are her ability to fly and her increased intelligence, a fact she's lamented publiclly, and one of the public reasons why the company sponsors huge amounts of research on various metahuman powers, to see how they work and function.

Attractive by most standards, she's a regular at a number of social functions, and Always manages to have a handsome metahuman escort. She has a fairly pale complexion, with luxurious long red hair, usually worn in a braid either down her spine or over a shoulder. Her body is the lithe gody of a graceful dancer, and she seems more than capable of running a marathon with ease.

While not Brilliant by metahuman standards, she has an innate grasp of many scientific fields, and of metahuman ability research. This and her incredibly saavy buiness practices have allowed her to turn what was a small research lab into a major player in the technology market globally.

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Legal Name: Tomas Ridley

Date of Birth: 25/10/1992

Date of Eruption: 02/01/2008

Sex: Male

Apparent Age: mid to late teens

Height: 5'8" (last recorded)

Weight: 120lbs (last recorded)

Appearance: An ethereally beautiful young man, pale skin contrasts with tumbling black hair. His features look as though they have never known either a frown or a smile, and his luminous sea green eyes seem ancient in the youthful perfection of his face. He was last seen wearing fine quality, but not ostentatious clothing.

Known Powers: Agents involved in the initial evaluation noted on their reports that they believed Tomas was concealing some or most of his abilities from observers. His departure from the local Dept. of Superhuman Affairs facility was caught on camera, the young man disappearing by means of stepping into a shadow and vanishing. This is his only confirmed display of metahuman ability.

Deptartment of Superhuman Affairs Report: Tomas Ridley was, according to his foster agency records prior to eruption, a highly sensitive boy. Sadly, it appears he also was seriously abused by his foster parents of the last 10 years. It is a safe conclusion that his eruption was sparked by abuse that pushed his node into activation. His foster parents were both found dead in their bedroom in a state of undress. They were both torn into bloody chunks and the wound patterns were consistent with multiple sets of razor-sharp teeth. It was obvious that sexual activity had been taking place just before the time of death.

Whilst at the DoSA offices, Tomas was uncommunicative when questioned on the circumstances of his eruption. He seemed to suffer no remorse over his parents deaths, and had no comment to make to the agents interviewing him. It is possible that this apparent sociopathy was simply numbness after the emotional trauma of his eruption.

Tomas also possessed a high degree of antipathy for tactile contact. His agitation when pressed to allow people to touch him approached dangerous levels. As such, he has not been administered the usual medical tests, as the medical staff were still attempting to talk the young metahuman around when he left.

It is the conclusion of this report that this superhuman be safely brought into care and monitored as soon as possible. His youth and alienation from society make him a prime recruit for Novus or any number of other organisations out there.

Click to reveal.. (OOC Info!)


At the moment of his eruption Tomas' mind, pushed beyond it's limits by the abuse he was undergoing, snapped and retreated far, far into itself. He heard voices there, voices and shapes that took him by the hand as he lay in the cold darkness of his shattered psyche. He realised that the safe, secure darkness he had retreated to was more than just his own mindscape - it was the sum total of all that was dark, vile and wicked in the universe. It was for all intents and purposes Hell. All hells, everywhere. All horror, all pain, all cruel lusts and evil desires were beyond a dark doorway inside his very soul. It/they called itself The Void. And it was his to command. All he had to do... was turn it loose.

He came back from that dark place, rising from the cthonic depths of his soul with friends in tow, friends that burst from every shadow, every patch of darkness in the bedroom. Hissing, screaming Giger-esque nightmares that tore apart his foster parents as slowly as possible. The room was showered with their blood and entrails as Tomas watched and laughed, his voice sweetly musical in the adults' ears as they watched their own bodies being rent asunder. And later, in the DoSA offices, it was easy for him to simply step into The Void and escape their tender care.

He made his way to New York. He had an improved understanding of people, of what motivated them, what combination of carrot and stick could be used to manipulate them. It was child's play, literally, for the young metahuman to get close to those who thought that they ruled the shadows of the City. He has started slowly, not rushing. Right now, Tomas makes a good living as a go-between, a negotiator and Face man for the major crime syndicates. As Darkling, he arranges for people his clients find troublesome to disappear. Those who use his services in either capacity seldom have any cause to complain. They should perhaps look closer in the gift horse's mouth, though. It contains fangs.

Lots of fangs.


A modern-day demon prince, Darkling truly despises and hates humanity. For every indignity he has suffered, humankind shall bleed oceans. For every insult heaped on metahumans worldwide by puling baseline governments, there will be an atrocity so terrible as to make strong men pale. Those superhumans that serve mankind's interests will either be swayed from their path, or go the way of the weaklings that they serve. Being young, Darkling hasn't yet truly decided whether he wants to wipe out humankind or make them slaves to their evolutionary superiors. One day, he dreams of watching the whole human world die screaming, the next he fantasises about humanity living in degradation and filth whilst their rightful masters, the metahumans, have the best of everything.


In addition to a superhuman level of intellect, Tomas has a remarkable way with people, able to sway others without them even realising they've been swayed by another. He is inhumanly beautiful, but has no trouble going unnoticed when it suits him.

His true power is his command over what he sees as The Void, which allows the young metahuman to call forth horrors or wonderous creatures at whim. He can enshroud an area in whispering, hissing darkness or simply step into a shadow and disappear, reappearing elsewhere.

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Publically Known: Absolutely Nothing. There is not even a whispered rumor of her existence.

Known to Associates: Legion moves from body to body as the whim strikes. There does not appear to be any preference in what gender the body is, as long as it is someone worth 'wearing'. Legion often takes a sick pleasure in abusing the body being worn, making it do things it would otherwise never choose to do, claiming that they deserve it for various abuses of others.

Actual Story:

Caroline was an unhappy girl growing up. Born female in a family of ultra-fundamentalist nut-jobs that belonged to an offshoot sect of polygamists she was raised to have no voice of her own and no freewill. At least that's what her parents wished of their cattle-like female children. Caroline broke the mold. With her everything was a fight. She didn't meekly accept her place but constantly antagonized the other family members by questioning her place. She would run away into the woods near her parents home in the hills when she was a bit older only to be found and dragged back in the evening where she received severe beatings.

Eventually when she was 12 her parents found her a husband hoping to get her out of the house and eliminate her influence on their other more docile children. Her wedding night was as horrific as she had imagined, but her husband discovered he didn't care for her willful ways any more than he parents had, it was effecting his own little brood of cattle-children. After two weeks of beatings and mistreatment he finally decided she wasn't worth the headache and returned her to her parents having their 'church' annul the marriage.

Even had the beatings not been severe she would not have been a terribly attractive girl to begin with, but when she was returned to her family they despaired of ever finding her another husband. Worse, the incident had created bad blood between the two families.

Caroline spent the next year three years chained to the wall of the family's basement. What made the matter worse was that her brothers were growing older and often took advantage of their captive sister to 'practice' on. Their parents ignored this and when she confronted them with it they called her a liar and beat her nearly to death.

At age 15 she was married again for the second time. Her parents had called in a favor with a younger man this time, one in his twenties without a family of his own that she could influence. He was convinced that he could tame the wild girl. He was wrong. After 3 years of being locked in a basement being molested by her brothers she had had enough. When the strutting rooster of a young man started out by beating her and ordering her around, (his way of showing her who was boss), she took it all in silence and before the wedding night she went into the kitchen to make her husband a supper. Under her skirt she smuggled a long kitchen knife into the bedroom and used it to make a woman out of the man. He bled to death that night and she slept like a baby for the first time in ages in the pool of blood that he left in the bed.

The next morning she decided it was time to settle all the old scores, but before she was able she was discovered by her father who had come to the house to check up on the young man. He had secretly been worried that something might happen and he was proven correct. The church hushed up the incident and after her parents and siblings gave testimony against her the church declared her possessed. She tried to speak in her own defense but they gagged her and she had to listen in mute fury as her brothers spoke of how she had tried to seduce them, but that with the help of Angels they resisted and rebuked her.

That last inspired the congregation into fits of babbling ecstasy as the elders declared her an abomination and sentenced her to be burned at the stake while an exorcism was performed. The fire was to purify her soul as the demon was separated from her poor body.

The sentence was carried out but instead of dying she erupted and her spirit survived and possessed the minister. Over the next two years she possessed her family and the church members that had condemned her and whose teachings had caused her a lifetime of misery.

She has been abused all her life and she's enjoying being the one with power for a change, she's spent the last couple years dealing out payback to those who personally abused her. Now that she's finished with that, she feels that any world that could produce people that would do such things to someone like her is really fucked up. She wants to see the world made a better place, it needs fixing. And if she can deal a little more payback along the way to people who deserve it then that's all the better.

(In other words the abused has become the abuser, and by fixing the worlds problems she really means the world needs 'Order' kinda the way Emperor Palpatine would envision the concept of Order. It needs a stern hand to guide it and tell it what to do, and punish it when it gets out of line.)

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Name: Siyu

Age: 30

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Appearance: Like all superhumans Siyu is extremely fit. It is as much a part of his nature as it is the product of his martial arts training. Neatly manicured black hair falls gently into his slim, angular face. Dark almond shaped eyes are the focal point of his soft featured visage. Attractive by anyone's standards his well oiled frame is generally covered in a fine quality suit no matter the activity.

Public Information: Yan Siyu is the only son of Yan Jihua and Yan Feng. Being the only son of wealthy textile magnates Siyu had a rather privileged upbringing. As such he can be spotted at some of the finer events and some of the finer venues.

The Yan family is very steeped in Chinese tradition. Yan Feng's family has been involved in the textile industry for as far back as the Yan family lineage can be traced. As such Siyu's education reflects this. He was literally raised to manage as it was always intended and known that he would enter the family business after school. Business runs in the family as much as martial training does. Several members of the Yan family have historically been reported to have been disciples of Shaolin temple. Laypeople all of them. Because of this fact the practice of Kung fu is handed down from generation to generation in the Yan family. It was this training that brought about Siyu's eruption.

While both of his parents are still alive Siyu is very much involved in the business. He is extrememly instrumental in overseeing the day to day operations.

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Name: Doctor Aeon, aka John Smith

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, but he appears to be at least in his mid 50's.

Background: Dr. Aeon simply appeared on the world stage roughly six months ago. Absolutely nothing is known of from before that, including the details of his eruption or even his name. It's rumored that he operates an 'age clinic' where he offers experimental youthening treatments. He appears to be absurdly well funded and is on excellent terms with many of the rich and famous.

Powers: Aeon is believed to have some control over time, perhaps extending to his senses. He is assumed to have an expanded intellect and acquired his medical degree from an accredited institution's nova program.

Appearance: John looks like a cross between 'Father Time' and a Fortune 500 business man. His beard is white but neatly trimmed. What little hair male pattern baldness has left him is totally white. John has excellent social skills and is both handsome and charismatic.


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Name: Kendra Sara Varner

Nova Name: Quasar


The following is the information that can be found about her, someone has erased a lot of information regarding her.

Kendra had a fairly ordinary childhood, except that even as a child she proved exceptionally intelligent, a genus actually. She managed to finish collage with her first degree by the time she was 13, her second by the time she was 15, and her third by the time she was 17. She became a physics professor and researcher, her research was going into fusion, electromagnetic energy, and plasma. She worked for the US government, as well as a professor at collage at 23.

However, at the critical point in one of her research ventures, she was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured by a group of terrorists. After two weeks in their hands, the US government sent a team after her, but rather then rescue her, they were ordered to eliminate her, and when she discovered that, she lost her temper, and erupted at the same moment. A moment later, she eliminated the terrorists and the team that came to eliminate her with her newfound powers. She walked out of that situation covered in blood, and to the sweet sounds of the screams of the terrorists who had tortured her.. as she made their deaths slow and agonizing (she killed the team of US agents cleanly).

Deciding that human governments and bureaucracies were evil twisted things, she came to the conclusion, only a superhuman intelligence, like herself, could insure a fair and just society, she has decided that the world as it is, must be ended, at whatever cost required.

That said, Kendra has a few limits, she will not harm children or torture an innocent, but she is incredibly vengeful, and if someone is harmed indirectly by one of her plans, she doesn’t care if they were innocent or not.

Powers: Quasar, as she has a tendency to call herself, has demonstrated incredible control over electromagnetic forces, predominately with regards to controlling magnetism and electricity. Furthermore, she has demonstrated superhuman levels of intelligence, razor sharp wit and perception. She possesses a number of degrees in scientific, academic and engineering fields, some gained before, some after her eruption. Her agility and beauty seem to be remarkable, but still within human limits.



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Davian Layton

Legal Name: Davian Layton

Date of Birth: 17/06/1984

Date of Eruption: 08/12/2007

Sex: Male

Apparent Age: early twenties

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 180 lbs

Appearance: Davian inherited the fair skin and light blue eyes of his mother and the black hair and athletic build of his father. Well trained and toned from years of globe-hopping to remote areas, Davian's good looks, sense of style, and money have kept him in a media spot-light - whenever they can catch him actually out and about.

Known Powers: Publically Davian is known to be a metahuman, but only speculation on what powers he possesses or why he's never been seen using them exists in public records. With the founding of Lexis Innovations, it's assumed that his metahuman abilities are either scientifically inclined or that the research company is focused on human and metahuman enhancement because of Davian's own deficiencies.

Deptartment of Superhuman Affairs Report: Davian and his parents used their considerable influence to deter investigations into Davian's powers. Money and power do have their privileges.

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William Smith

Name: William Smith

Age: 24 (appears mid twenty-ish)

Birthday: Aug 26th

Weight: 160 (Appears athletic, with lean muscles)

Height: 5'11"

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Skin: Caucasian

Occupation: Waiter at Charlie Palmer Steak


Everything about William's background is open, nothing is hidden. However, there is no note, anywhere about him having any super-human abilities.

William went to high school, had a B average, worked at the local McDonald's, and started attending karate classes.

After he graduated high school, he went to Ohio State University, and got an Engineering Degree. He and his roommate, Josh, became fast friends, and when they graduated, William followed Josh to Washington DC, where he had gotten a job designing for the Navy. They got an apartment, and William found Charlie Palmer Steak and got a job. He also found a local dojo, and continued his training (as he had throughout college), and was even given the responsibility of teaching a young white belt intro class.


William is about as average as young and athletic can be. There is absolutely nothing about him, except possibly the way he acts (if you're his guest), that would make you look or think twice about him... except that little something that somehow makes him perfect in his average-ness.


None on record or displayed (except an exceptional dexterous ability that he accounts to years of martial arts training and practice).

The one and only person who William has told about his new found special abilities is his sensei, who has helped him develop control and given him a place to practice.

Interesting Notes:

There used to be a small time gang that prowled the streets between Charlie Palmer Steak and William's house that hasn't been seen ever since William's dojo started having a faint odor of smoke about it.

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