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Aberrant: No Good Deed - Setting Background

Jaime Lowery

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So, to help flesh this world out and help you guys, I'm compiling notes on the game world, and continually adding info. Place a request in OOC Talk, if you want something specific fleshed out that I haven't already.

When I get access to the notes today, I'll start giving you some tidbits.

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When you look at the power and slowly increasing numbers of super-humans, the likelihood that they really should bother with the second half of that appellation is nil. Are they a separate species? Yes, according to Novus. This semi-loose network of super-humans believes super-humans to be an independent and superior species to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and that super-humans, that is those part of Novus, are the proper rulers of the planet.

Novus' members are hidden within a cell structure (with the exception of recruiters), reporting to their leaders. The organization has three goals. Unlock the secrets of super-humanity in order to allow reproduction of those traits naturally. Bring more supers into the fold. Strike against those human or super who deny these natural rights.

Novus is hard to find, but internationally is considered a terrorist organization and is hated and dealt with accordingly.

One of their notable propaganda wings, shockingly popular among some disaffected is a radio program run by the Voice of Novus, identity unknown by Interpol.

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