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Aberrant: No Good Deed - Character Creation Rules and Other Game Info

Jaime Lowery

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Everything is handled by the book except for the following:

40 Nova Points at the start.

Quantum points will be handled differently in this setting than in the core rule book. Characters may have a starting Quantum of up to Q3 for no cost, but a score of Q4 or Q5 must be purchased with bonus or nova points. Characters created with a Quantum score lower than Q3 will receive extra bonus points (not nova points) which may be spent on attributes, abilities, specialties, or backgrounds. Five bonus points will be allotted to a character who is created with Q2, or ten bonus points for a character who is created with Q1.

Quantum scores will be limited to no greater than Q5 at time of creation.

Merits and Flaws are usable.

Eufiber does not exist, ergo cannot be taken.

PM sheets to this account, and they will be private between ST and player.

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Fictions and Evil Plans (Plot threads) are the avenues of roleplay in this game. I advise you do both to give us all a better experience, but plot participation is pretty much mandatory for those involved.

Fictions give 1-3 xp based on length, character and quality.

Evil Plans give 5-10 xp, based on role-playing, achievement, and participation.

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Rolls are by Invisible Castle or Beta Chat (but using BC will require the date and time stamp included) in spoiler boxes.

Also: Please be courteous OOC, and separate IC from OOC. Therefore, no offense taken from IC conduct, and no meta-gaming.

Be aware that as villains, there will be backstabbing. Be reasonable, and don't ruin the entire game.

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