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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Hana Rothschild


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Real Name: Hana Rothschild

Nicknames: Kid

Occupations: Pre-teen angst machine

Place of birth: Hilo, Hawaii

Apparent Age: Twelve or thirteen

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: None surviving

Eruption: Fighting for her life

Height: 5 ft. 1 in.

Weight: 102 lbs.

Eyes: Very dark blue

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: Small scar just over her left knee

Strength/Skills: Clever and quick, a bit of a prodigy child with athletics and arts

Known Powers:

Nothing is known of Hana’s powers at this time.


Dark hair spills messily down to Hana's shoulders like black silk. Her complexion is smooth and flawless and tanned a light golden brown. She is slight and small and lithesome, with coltish limbs and slender girlish curves. But Hana's eyes are her most arresting feature. Colored like the stormy blue of the sea at midnight, ageless and eerie where the rest of her is a picture of innocence.

Though Hana is an achingly pretty young teen who is clearly trying to achieve the rakish look of a tough tomboy, it's hard to judge her as anything other than cute. Her efforts to come off jaded and brooding instead make her seem adorably sulky, and her cultivated air of brittle woundedness invites a hug and a cup of cocoa more than it does admiration or respect.

Hana is determined to survive at any cost. She has been scarred by the death of her parents and her little brother, but she has pushed them to the back of her mind, unwilling to confront the memory that haunts her dreams. She is almost as tough as she tries to act, and resents being dismissed as a child. She is not quick to trust others and is usually quiet and reserved around strangers.

While she can seem taciturn and demure at first, Hana is quick to speak her mind when it counts and tends to stand firm in her convictions. She fears the darkness inside her more than the darkness outside, and is very reluctant to use her powers.


Hana spent most of her life in Hawaii. Her father Todd, an American serviceman and brother to Betina's mother, was stationed in Hilo when Hana's mother Keiko was studying at college. They had two children, Hana and her little brother Jake, and though Todd was of modest means, Keiko's father owned his own restaurant, Nami, and his grandchildren were happily spoiled.

The interracial couple was not a family favorite among most of Keiko's traditionalist relatives however, and in the year before Z-Day, Todd and Keiko decided to move to California so they could be closer to his side of the family in Texas.

The family had embarked on a road-trip, driving south to Texas and then up north to Oklahoma to visit one of Todd’s uncles. They had planned to swing back through Nevada on the way home, but it never came to pass.

Z Day struck and Hana’s carefree youth ended with the horrible deaths of her loved ones. She saw her father try to defend her family from the zombies. She saw him fall. And rise again. When he came for her, Hana reached into some dark part of herself she'd never known she had and let it free. Her powers had awoken...

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